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  1. Re: Mega Men I have to admit that this was a fun game to play in. By the way, I'm one of eternal sage's RP group regulars... and do still have some artwork for the game, some finished, some on hold for now. The important thing is that the whole idea of a mech-based campaign was interesting and you found some unique ways to make otherwise lame robot masters more interesting. For those of you reading on, during one encounter our party faced "Junk Man" a robot master who otherwise goes without much note in most MegaMan fan's hearts. The concept was interesting... what is junk to a robot? "Parts..." For humanoids like us it was like being in a graveyard and in essence Junk Man took on the persona of a Mechanical Necromancer of sorts. The point is that its how you apply your storytelling and how you involve your players that makes a game like this interesting. Thinking outside the box as usual... that's our GM. =D
  2. Re: Steampunk Campaign Ideas There was one game that I found that gave me heaping mounds of inspiration for the realm that my current gaming group is working on. If anyone has ever played the game Siberia, then you're in for a treat. The game is an old-school style point and click adventure. Siberia had many underlying themes such as modernism, commercialization, and the notion of "do machines have feelings or a soul?" hidden underneath its trappings. While the game itself isn't entirely steampunk its automatons and rustic feel were a great inspiration point that I thought I'd share with everyone.
  3. Re: Steampunk Campaign Ideas Right you are Sage. I have to admit that this a big hurdle to cross, and few people take the much needed time to create a world. I found that the only problems I found in other settings that exist (think settings like Eberon) get started on the right foot, but it refuses to make the whole leap and admit that it really is Steampunk at heart.
  4. Re: Steampunk Campaign Ideas I think the key to pulling off any setting well is to know what elements truly belong in it. Research is probably the biggest key to success. I spent about a month already just digging up things that I thought were appropriate for the realm and seeing if they should be incorporated to into the world. The first thing to think about when writing a Steampunk setting is to define what it means to you. To me Steampunk setting involved the incorporation of Fantasy and Technology in cooperation with one another. This meant more than just guns and magic being mushed together. After a friend of mind added some much needed input and research of our own we decided to go for a Victorian world with literal steam driven engines similar to those found in the era of the British Industrial revolution. The important common themes we both came up with every time we sat down and thought about Steampunk were easy to define: Industrialism Imperialism Capitalism Democracy Urbanization Mass Transportation Magical and/or Non-Magical Communication(telegraphs, and postals systems) Duality of Nature vs. Technology and the list goes on... I thought I'd throw this post out to help anyone that was struggling with getting started because I know how frustrating and tedious it can be to write a new setting sometimes. Hope you all enjoy. I'll be posting more as I finish the setting I'm working on so I'm hoping to get some feedback as I add more to the realm.
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