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  1. Re: List Your CO Nemesises! Afterburn is now taking on the nefarious Silent Skull, who truth be told sort of scares the bejesus out of me.
  2. Interested in knowing how many hours/ week everyone is putting in on the game? I'm probably in for about 15/ week and I'm at level 16 with my main character after 10 days or so.
  3. Re: Champions Online Board Social Group - Post Here to Join What would the social group do/ entail?
  4. Re: Friday Gaming That's my schedule too. Look me up @Cglied. My two characters are Afterburn (lvl 20) and Coldfront (lvl 7).
  5. Re: List Your CO Heroes! Did you also give him cold powers? If so, you are a total rip off artist and I demand that you put space between "Cold" and "Front"... oh wait. Nevermid. Good name Mojo! You are repped.
  6. Re: List Your CO Heroes! I've got two: Coldfront Afterburn
  7. Re: Lifetime Subscription Stupid responsibilities.
  8. Re: Help naming my character for Champions MMO Avatar & Cyberian.
  9. Re: Lifetime Subscription I'm really on the fence on this one. This would be my first MMORPG and while I think I could do 6 months, is it likely for me to stay in for well over a year?
  10. Re: Captain America and Cast Yeah, but Bucky has a habit of doing just that.
  11. Re: Captain America and Cast I saw the overalls and see your logic there, but I'd still give Cap a 15- on PER rolls. That's just me. Correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not a rules-guy, but if he was using those levels to help with another skill at that moment (i.e. acrobatics or combat driving) wouldn't they be unavailable? I'd also add a couple points of LS, as he's immune to some poisons and diseases.
  12. Re: Captain America and Cast I like the build. A couple of comments/ questions: * INT of 13 seems low to me * His perception should be upped from 12- * Tactics of 12- seems light * I'm guessing that's a placeholder on Powers or am I wrong? If I am shouldn't he have missile deflection and and an EB for his Shield? * To save you the point Brooklyn is part of NYC, AK for NYC should cover you there
  13. Re: Power Level of a the Mafia I'd have no problem agreeing that the Russian mob would be as powerful as superhero. Even one built on 500 points.
  14. Re: What's in the moon? A race of space demons frozen in ice. That or a Banana Republic and an Orange Julius stand.
  15. Re: Watchmen: A GM's tale...or why we set campaign limits Nothing to add. Just want to point out that yet again, I am where posts go to die.
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