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  1. Re: PBEM - RDU: The Mavericks - Example & Discussion LOL! I don't think that after that session, there is any doubt why I play Amber. (For those not in-the-know, my character had the dice turn completely against him in the final climactic battle of the dragons mini-campaign. So, what should have been the big exciting battle was over in a couple turns as I rolled failure after failure.)
  2. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  3. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I wasn't referring at all to Greymankle's pic. That's his commission and his wishes should be respected. I was replying to the response about an earlier pic and the putting dibs on a pic. I guess that's the confusion that comes when I only catch up on the boards once every couple of weeks.....it gets a little confusing which one I am talking about. I wasn't referring to the use of the Hades pic in Mutants and Masterminds either. Neil was just saying that he was wanting to use the Hades pic at some point for his own NPC, not in Mutants and Masterminds. I agree that certain pics would completely become hands off after being used, particularly a long-running pc like Chango. There are sometimes that the picture gets to closely identified with the character. However, Neil uses a lot of pics that end up being one-use bad guys who may not even survive their first encounters with the PCs. Theres no reason a picture like that couldn't end up showing up in a game by Greymankle later as a different character.
  4. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. As I just said to Neil regarding Storn's Hades pic which I am using for my character, Archon in Necessary Evil, there is no reason why a pic can't be used again in another campaign as another NPC. Different world, different person.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... PC#1: She has mind control. PC#2: Doesn't all women? Me: Yeah, it's bought with a Focus....Obvious....usually Inaccessible.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Damn, Neil. You beat me to it. I guess, I'll share some recent quotes from my Buffy game, "Gillian the Vampire Slayer", instead. Episode 1.11 "Why is there a whole bunch of ice in the freezer?" -- GM, speaking for George "It's demon ice, don't ask." -- Andrew Episode 1.12 "I've got magic, I've got saving the world, I've got school.... My plate's full!" -- Amy to Gillian Episode 1.13 "(Dorian, the Vampire's) evil." -- Jarrod "He's not evil." -- Carla "He said he was evil." -- GM "Oh, I guess he's evil then." -- Carla "Are we a network show or are we on cable? Because there's been a lot of swearing going on tonight." -- John "This has been a cable show since episode one!" -- GM Episode 1.14 "If we combine...." -- Andrew, discussing strategies for fighting Levistus "If we combine, we can be two irritating gnats instead of one." -- Amy "I walk downstairs and I get shot...by my roommate?!?" -- Andrew to the group "It's college." -- Amy Episode 2.3 "When Gillian gets here we'll touch lightly upon this." -- Nigel to the group, regarding Gavin's disappearance "Gavin's been banished." -- Nigel, when Gillian arrives Episode 2.5 (THe special Valentine's Day episode) "Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day?" -- GM "Well, no boys have asked me out lately...who are living." -- Amy
  7. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I really like her pose Storn! The costume is also very classy.
  8. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I love the Red Ensign, Storn. It's always nice to see a non-American patriotic hero that doesn't just look like Captain America in different colors.
  9. Quotes from Gillian the Vampire Slayer Characters Gillian Black, Vampire Slayer Jessica Pierce, demon symbiote host Gavin Black, Gillian's twin brother (introduced in ep. 1.8) Amy Nguyen, witch Nigel Harker, Watcher Andrew Wells (aka Andrew Harris), witch George Carver, computer hacker and inventor Quotes from Episode 1.1 "What Fresh Hell?" "Can I get back to you in a few minutes? Because we're about to play (Jessica's) death scene and it's really important." -- GM to Nigel's Player "What?!?" -- Jessica's Player "Gillian probably won't get killed, but as soon as all of her little friends start dying, then maybe she'll listen to me." -- Nigel to GM "(Andrew) faced the First." -- Amy's Player "Actually, (Andrew) was the First's bitch." -- Andrew's Player Quotes from Episode 1.2 "That's Entertainment!" "Remind me to change roommates." -- George, waking up the morning after being poisoned during a demon attack "I don't think it's so much your roommate. You just need to learn how to dodge." -- Nigel "I'll go back to my room and read (Gillian's) Slayer's Handbook. Because apparently this is something important." -- Amy "Oh good. At least someone will have read it." -- ? "Then she can tell me what it says!" -- Gillian, excited Quotes from episode 1.4 "Painful Lesson" "Maybe I could date someone for real." -- Gillian "I don't know, have you been to any parties recently?" -- Amy "Where you haven't killed anyone?" -- Nigel "The last party I went to turned into frat boys summoning demons in their basement." -- Gillian "They all turn into that." -- Nigel "Gillian, (Dorian) kind of saved your life. A thank-you note would at least be appropriate." -- Amy to Gillian "So do I have to send all of you thank-you notes?" -- Gillian to the Scoobies "No, we live with you." -- Amy "I don't live with you, I want a thank-you note." -- Andrew Episode 1.5 "It's Your Party" "It's a horatham (demon)." -- Andrew "A whore?" -- Gillian "No, a horatham. It's like a whole bunch of whores." -- Andrew "Competing. For charity." -- Amy "I wonder if there's magic that can put hair on your back?" -- Amy "I wonder if there's magic that can put hair on your chest?" -- Andrew "At least one of us should have some." -- Amy "I'm not going to be in the mood for my birthday party." -- Gillian to the group, after Amy tries to kill her "So, like, is this where you're going to hate me forever? Just because I electrocuted you, kicked you in the head, and kicked you in the ribs?" -- Amy to Gillian "I see Drusilla. She's touching Amy." *pause* "It's not a bad touch." -- Andrew, using his postcognitive powers "It's Drusilla, of course it's a bad touch!" -- Amy "Gillian, it's your roommate. Sorry I tried to kill you. We need to start planning your party. Stop pouting and give me a call." -- Amy, leaving voice mail for Gillian Episode 1.8 "There's No Place Like Home" "Do all Watchers wind up like Nigel?" -- Andrew "How so?" -- Watcher "Self-important and arrogant." -- Andrew "Oh, no." -- Watcher "What percentage?" -- George
  10. The tent minis print out really nice. Thanks, Dynamo.
  11. One of the players in my monthly Changeling game loves writing down the funny quotes and later emailing them to everyone. Here are some highlights from one of the sessions: "You're nice. Why are you (working) here?" -- Abigail to Maevren, Drusilla's groundskeeper "I check to see if there's anything out of the ordinary." --Samuel Titus "Other than the elf and the vampire, no." -- GM "I'm not going to shoot you, you're my groundskeeper. I don't want to mow." -- Drusilla to Maevren "Welcome to Undead Animal Farm." -- GM to the group, as Drusilla gleefully contemplates breeding an army of undead scarabs
  12. Some Amber game quotes: Before I had my Champions character named Chango, I played the loa Chango/Shango in an one-shot Amber game based off of the Vodouan Loas. Shango's brother, Baron Samedi had gone missing years ago and Shango was looking for him. Shango found his brother, Samedi's corpse and he had been cut into many pieces. Shango put him back together and brought him back to the living, albeit, as a skeleton. Samedi: How did you find me? Shango: In pieces. In another Amber one-shot, our characters had stolen a police van and were running from the cops. Trying to lose them the conversation in the van went like this: Character 1: We could got to Scotland Yard. We'd blend in. There would be lot's of police vans there. Character 2: Yeah....but they have cops in them. Finally, there was a quote about one of my Amber characters, a character that could "feed" off the pain of others, that I will never forget: "Alex isn't evil. He's just hungry."
  13. I'm shocked you didn't mention this one, Neil: Quantum Ghost (trying to break up a fight between two teammates): "How much C-4 can I safely use on them?"
  14. I'm a big fan of the Street Fighter games, so I can't deny that Dee Jay didn't come to mind when I was thinking of a costume for Chango. Actually, I originally wasn't going to have him wear any sort of costume, but in the first game I had him show up in these clothes and they helped define the character, so the outfit stuck around.
  15. Damned Storn! I love this drawing! I can't wait to meet her! -James, who will go back to lurking about now.
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