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  1. Re: Shades Of Black I must say you guys have done a great job with your last couple of products for v5 revised HS. My son Matt and I have enjoyed them all and will keep buying them all right up to the end (when v6 comes out). I want to see in print a v6 HS core rulebook first before I make any judgements on that system. I can not change or stop 'progress' so I will just have to sit and wait and see what it is truely like before I make my final decision on weather to continue to collect HS or not. So with that said I own all of v5 and v5R HS and will buy up all the remaining products to a
  2. Re: Whoo-Hoo! Atlantean Age Is Mine! Yes stick to a known and excepted method, Please! Penn
  3. Re: Whoo-Hoo! Atlantean Age Is Mine! Well I have orderred: The Atlantean Age, Book of the Destroyer, and Monster Island. I just have to have it all that is HS V5...!!! Now HS V6 I am yet unsure of and will reserve judgement till it is actually out. I can't wait to get them all in my hands and read them all. I can always use more resource materials for my library. Penn
  4. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths? Just keep it a plot device and don't bother with plotting it out...why bother with that? Penn
  5. Re: Traveller Hero Be advised that Traveller hero was written using v5 rules that go 'poof' next spring about May 2009. ALSO Traveller Hero's license goes "poof' in November 2008 and will be yanked from the stores and no longer be for sale either, because the license for Traveller gooes "poof" then...so buy it all now before it's gone! Penn
  6. Re: Traveller Computer Software are these old programs and from what version of the rules? Penn
  7. Re: Question about traveler hero The books you want are written by Avenger Pub and Distributed by Comstar games, BTW they just merged as one company too: the two books you want for the setting are: Traveller 1248 Out of the Darkness by Martin J. Dougherty Traveller 1248 Bearers of the Flame by Miartin J. Dougherty The ComStar site to by the above stuff is: http://www.comstar-games.com/csg-store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=29&zenid=feafb47fd0c81cf075e8298b7b0f3d16 the Traveller BB that is supported by Martin (MJD) and he wrote th
  8. Re: Steve's Chat Tonight Boy Steve...you are brave now aren'y you!!! Penn
  9. Re: 11 New Traveller Hero Products Approved! Ok I looked and I didn't see anything new, can I get a list of titles of what are new and are they "Printed" books or only for sale in .PDF format? Penn
  10. Re: 11 New Traveller Hero Products Approved! Traveller anything is AWESOME news!!! Penn
  11. Re: Traveller Game Aids Very Awesome and handy tools my friend! I rep'd you for them! Penn
  12. Re: Zombie Apocalypse! Boy that history kinda SUCKS dude and if the US goes down the rest of the world will fall as well..face it! Penn
  13. Re: Chocolate Orc Lucius you are too funny, I "Rep'd You UP" for this one...a Chocolate Orc...LOL!!! Penn
  14. Re: A New Dawn. 'Post-Apocalyptic' Fantasy Shadowsoul I "Rep'd you" because I think your ideas are well worth reading and you should pursue them!!! Penn
  15. Bygoneyrs


    Re: Middle-earth Fear not Voodoo54 and TheQuestionMan I Rep'd you both for your courage and resoruce aid to the cause and etc.!!! Penn
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