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  1. Re: Chocolate Orc Lucius you are too funny, I "Rep'd You UP" for this one...a Chocolate Orc...LOL!!! Penn
  2. Re: Musings on Random Musings Well yes I am a registered REPUBLICAN, and have been all my adult life! Now if we could just find some good ones to actually run, we'd be alwrite. For me really I vote whomever would do the best job, NOT by party. Penn
  3. Re: 6th Edition Hero System As with all things, time brings changes. I for one leaving D&Dv3.5 for Hero's v5...main reason is I refuse to buy another version of D&D v4. With Fantasy Hero, I can convert my D&D campaign over. Also add in Traveller/Star Hero, I can convert my Traveller campaign too. I hope and pray that the Hero System doesn't come up with a Hero v6, and then makes it so all earlier systems books are useless. If that were to happen, I might just quit gaming! Penn
  4. Re: Anyone Have PA Hero yet? I bought mine via the Internet and am awaiting it's delivery sometime in the next day or so. Penn
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