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  1. Why wait any longer? steriaca, it's your turn.
  2. Congrats Archer .......you win! The twist of him being a mentalist is fantastic. The name on the other hand .... Honorable mention goes out to steriaca, your twin/split personality idea was very interesting.
  3. Try to make something out of this guy :
  4. Blue Moa Slayer : once there was a species of giant birds living on the islands of New Zealand. The largest of them was the Blue Moa, a magical creature of immense potential. It was killed hundreds of years ago by a tribesman on a search for power and glory. The hunter took the blood and imbued himself with the magical power of the Blue Moa with the tattoos that cover his body. Longevity, strength and speed, quick thinking and minor magical abilities.... Over the years and decades the Blue Moa (as he calls himself) has become a power hungry, blood thirsty individual. He runs at 60 km/h for hours, three times as fast when sprinting, jumps 12m high, 50m broad and lifts a ton
  5. I watched Game of Thrones - Season 8 Episode 5 "The Bells" I am thinking of all the parents who have named their daughters Khaleesi or Daenerys
  6. From the Outer Rim comes a dangerous creature. Born eons ago to a three-horned father he inherited the natural strength and aggressive nature of a true warrior.
  7. Captain Legatus in OnePiece fashion
  8. Gustav: henchman of a mysterious pirate captain
  9. I don't know why you would associate carnival with sin. ...
  10. Tragedy in the happiest hour. A meteorite struck the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. Amidst all the chaos with dozens of victims five dancers emerged with superpowers. The are the Queens of Carnival.
  11. Autumn: The Harvester, is villain who sucks out the lifeforce from everything he touches. Fruits will start to rot, trees will losse their leaves, humans will age, and even inanimate things will be effected. Stones will crumble and eventually turn to dust. The effect becomes stronger the longer he touches it.
  12. Glad to see that Joe still puts out his art. I loved Ad Astra and still hope that someday the "short" break will be over.
  13. Team Onyx ..... does that belong to the Recess Rogues? Did I miss something?
  14. Next team: Pacific Pirates : seven low- to mid-powered villains roaming the Pacific Ocean you can declare your character captain, but the honor belongs to the fastest of you when we have seven of them, please feel free to create their vessel too
  15. Keep Portland weird: a shaman/wizard riding her speedster elephant
  16. Vikki Petridou was an assistant scientist at the European Discovery Center in Athens, when one day supervillain AstroDevil attacked her facility. A hero soon followed to fight the bad guy. When Mr Astonishing landed a super haymaker in AstroDevil's face a portal in space and time opened and dark matter flooded the room. In order to close the portal it was placed iniside a vessel, unfortunately only Vikki was available. She woke up from a coma 8 months later. Now a vessel for a dangerous and raw form of energy that most scientists don't even understand. Her mind tried to cope with her new situation but she soon began to develop a hatred towards the world and is bent on revenge (against everybody of course). Going by the name of Rift she joined WIMPS.
  17. It's gotta be? Then I must have misunderstood Enforcer84's question.
  18. Sturmbannführerin Reichskampfleiterin Frontfrau Bombenhagel Stahlgewitter
  19. Okay, here are some thoughts from a German point of view a) warrior = Krieger (not Kreiger) b ) names based on the warrior image - Kriegsmaid (War Maiden) - Reichskriegerin (female Warrior of the "Reich") c) Shield Maiden = Schildmaid (nothing to do with Schulmädchen and every German would notice the difference) an old norse word for shieldmaiden is Randalin, that might work too
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