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  1. I still have the hero designer files from the fifth edition release but I have a windows 10 computer now and can’t get it to install. Do I have to get the upgrade to Hero Designer 3 or is there anyway I could install what I already have?
  2. Buried coffins confuses me as to why....
  3. LOL. I remember creating smartphones back in the 90s as a super high tech device in 4th edition. I’ll have to look that up now.
  4. Are we still debating how to build a spoon or a towel?
  5. Hey everyone. Haven’t been active for many years here, but after a move out of state I might have finally found a group of players for Champions. Not getting too excited about it yet, but figured I’d polish up and see what’s new.
  6. Re: Super Shield Very nice Shield Hyper-Man. Checking some of my existing write-ups for similar shields, I've noticed many have a total lack of CSLs inside the Multipower. Instead they all have levels purchased outside. One has simple 5 point levels defined as "shield levels" which could apply to DCV (all), Block, or any action that can be performed with the Multipower. The Levels of course could not be used unless the Shield was held and functioned more or less like Overall Combat levels with a Focus Limitation. Also, almost all use OAF rather than OIF. Makes the Shield a lot cheaper. I figured it's worth the savings since they all have Martial Disarm too.
  7. Re: Super Shield I mean the former. It would be passive as all you would need to do is activate that slot (a 0 Phase action and it requires no concentration to maintain, oddly enough exactly how the DCV levels would work outside the Framework). With a block, you actually have to abort your action. Because it's a Level assigned to a Maneuver, it only applies while using that Maneuver. DCV Levels apply all the time. You could just buy DCV Levels with the SFX of "I'm blocking/deflecting attacks". Ultimately, the only advantage Block has over DCV levels is that it would allow you to go before your attacker in the next Phase if you succeed.
  8. Re: Buying the Aid Power All Adjustment Powers need a significant overhaul in my opinion. Aid is probably the largest reason for this, but Absorption and Transfer are also... wonky. Adjustment Powers make for some interesting and unique character concepts, but in their current incarnation there is no use for them unmodified, and they usually must be heavily modified. I believe every Power should be useful in a standard, unmodified form as a default, not a starting point that must be modified. Anyways, I'm ranting...
  9. Re: Telepathically releasing untapped Potential Agreed. I would also use a Mental Transform to add Overall Skill Levels and modify Psychological Limitation.
  10. Re: Underpowering powers? Without knowing what the restrictions are on "real magic" and what all goes into having "innate powers" and the required Disads, it becomes difficult to advise you in a way around them, assuming there even is one that you GM will allow. From what you've described, it my be possible to just buy your Powers using the Focus Limitation, but your campaign restrictions may prevent that. I don't know. While I would very much like to hear more about this campaign and it's restrictions/requirements, it may be best to discuss this with your GM first. If this character is even a possibility within the campaign, your GM will be best prepared to help you build it.
  11. Re: Bring Forth Sidekick? I agree with giving the Sidekick character the Teleport Power. It's also the first thing that occurred to me when I first though this was for a Follower rather than a PC, but it still works. Give the Sidekick enough Teleport to reach across the planet and a single Fixed Location (the Sidekick's mentor), and a Limitation to only Teleport to Fixed Locations. If the Sidekick cannot say "no" and may be Teleported while unconscious. Build it with an automatic reset Trigger. Place an additional Limitation "may only be activated by Trigger" and you're all set.
  12. Re: Fringe on Invisibility If it's all bought as one Power, I would definitely allow you to be Invisible to some Sense Groups but not others at any given time, and to use or not No Fringe in a similar way (either on or off). However, it would say that No Fringe applies to any Sense Groups you are Invisible to at the time through the use of this Power. At least officially. During actual game play, depending upon SFX, I might say the No Fringe may apply to any Sense Groups (or even individual senses), but not all.
  13. Re: Hancock's Weakness I see your point, but I would keep the Public ID and change the Infamous Celebrity to a Reputation if defined as you describe. Probably just splitting hairs but it's the way I'd do it.
  14. Re: Hancock's Weakness Nice. Although I think "Infamous Celebrity" and "Public ID" are double dipping. Otherwise an excellent build and has made me want to go see the movie again... right now.
  15. Re: Hancock's Weakness A Susceptibility might work if I wanted the power draining effect to happen more quickly than it seemed to happen in the film. I'm kinda torn between having it drain quickly, and potentially preempt some potential role-play between hero and villain, and having it take so long to drain away it takes the entire length of the story to have any significant effect (as it did in the film). Maybe I could link it into using their powers around each other, or have the use of their powers near each other cause then to be drained more quickly...
  16. Re: EGO usable simultaneously Yep, that's were I was going. The simplest solution is to just use Mental Defense, or a Power that grants Mental Defense such as FF and make it usable against others. While EGO has some advantages over Mental Defense, Mental Defense is cheaper and in almost all cases will provide a more certain defense (plus it protects against the damage from EGO Attack while plain EGO does not). If you really wanted to use EGO (because it may better suit the SFX you are looking for), I'd definitely suggest using Succor (perhaps AoE Selective).
  17. Re: Hancock's Weakness What value would you give it? In my specific situation, there are two remaining "super people", but instead of being lovers, they are each others nemesis (and Hunted). I'm guessing I should base the frequency on the frequency of the Hunted, but what about the severity? Losing all of your powers is, in my opinion, Greatly Impairing (at least for someone who is used to being invulnerable), but it happens gradually.
  18. Re: EGO usable simultaneously What exactly does this do (SFX)? There may be a simpler build for what seems like a complex effect.
  19. WARNING: This post contains spoiler alerts. If you haven't seen Hancock yet and plan too, go watch it real quick before reading this post. Go head... I'll wait. Okay, now that we've all watched Hancock... I won't go into the good and bad of the film, but there was something that really caught my attention from a character design point of view. Hancock seems to have a somewhat unusual weakness in that whenever he is in proximity of another of his kind (a specific type of super-powered individual), he gradually becomes mortal and loses his powers (as does the other individual). Apparently thousands of years ago, there were many people who were super strong, invulnerable, flying immortal people who two by two paired up with each other as lovers, became mortal and died. Hancock (and one other) are the last and have been separated for the past 80 years, but when they meet, he slowly becomes mortal and vulnerable to harm. So, how to model this? It's not likely a susceptibility, as the loss of powers appears to happen far too gradually, at least gradually enough for these two to engage in multiple super battles against each other before they are just normal people. However, once they lose their powers, it takes an equally long time to regain them once they have enough distance between them. I'm thinking of taking the easy way out and just drop in a Physical Limitation but I'm looking for more insight into how I can do this. Another Disad? Power Limitation? Something else?
  20. Re: Hey Gang! Hello and welcome! And have some rep, it's free!
  21. Re: Who's Who on the Champions Online forums? I'll be DustRaven at Champions Online. I've been looking forward for this a loooong time. Unfortunately so long I've been playing City of Heroes because it's been the next best thing. Hopefully this will be worth the wait though.
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