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  1. Re: Code vs Killing, but Gods a little fuzzy about kneecaps. Actually there is. Far more reliable than torture. Divination magics. If your team has it`s own version of Doctor Strange, entreating Cosmic Entities should provide necessary information. Here is one example: EDIT: I suppose invoking herald of Satannish is a bad idea but otherwise magic should get the job done
  2. Re: Your Definition Of A Super Hero? Isn`t this more like DC thing than Marvel thing ? In MU the government has been portrayed as increasingly corrupt and even in Silver Age there was some degree of suspicion between authorities and superheroes. They submitted themselves to law, sure but it was more like "we can`t avoid it" rather than "Government is Good"
  3. Re: What do you call "Four Color"? Frankly, there is one villain who is much more annoying than Joker in that regard. It is often asked why Batman does not kill Joker but locking him in Arkham is a kind of punishment, even for a short while. That villain is Dr.Doom. He has caused all kinds of havoc and yet there is always: "he has diplomatic immunity"-********.It should work for the first time sure but not unlimited times. Then there is the excuse that Doom is too powerful to defeat but if FF can handle him, multiple hero teams together should as well and back then Doom was not
  4. Re: Where have all the Superheroes gone? Actually, it started considerably before that. Originally Batman and Superman were both rather violent. But then angry parents complained and publishers decided to play safe rather than risk losing sales. In many genres "heroes" are effectively Rebels Against Society. In fantasy, characters on occasion fight City Watch or military of one nation or another. Same goes for space operas, military and cop shows.Even when character supposedly works for authorities, there is still rebel mentality. Yet very soon superheroes
  5. Re: US Government's reaction to superhumans I DID state that for 99 % of superhumans it would life as usual. It is remaining 1 % you have to worry about. Real world equivalents definitely exist, no powers of course, but with similar mentality. Check out this link. http://www.moreorless.au.com/killers/ I suppose so. But not totally unjustified.
  6. Re: US Government's reaction to superhumans Let´s consider first what cynicism is: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act: “She arrived at a philosophy of her own, all made up of her private notations and cynicisms” (Henry James). Cynicism The beliefs of the ancient Cynics. I suppose that Hermit meant first definition. So… I do not consider it cynic
  7. Re: The Worst character in comics Superman: can do anything, defeated by nothing.If there is something he can´t do, writers just give him yet another power. New example of lameness is ability to grant powers to normals.It works only under blue sun...for now. Here is a post written by metalwarrior1975 which shows problems with Superman. http://www.kryptonsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63390&page=4&highlight=unbeatable
  8. Re: A 'realistic' supers world? Probably, though not inevitably. Remember that Founding Fathers were technically criminals. They are now considered patriots because they won. Captain Megaton might end up as a winner.In a "realistic" setting, nations do not get Four Color Status Quo-benefits and if superhumans appeared first in medieval era, modern nations do not necessarily exist. Yes, if they find out that there is more Supers protecting the nation than there is Supers willing to join them. In a realistic setting USA does not win just because it is USA. No script immu
  9. Re: Realism vs cynicism The world's reactions to superhumans Nexus, the point of that comment was that government is so strict about its monopoly in use of force that even a man whose only power is levitation could be prosecuted for that alone (for disturbing peace). It was not about Iron Age vs Silver Age. It was not about cynicism vs hope either. If superhumans actually existed, would government allow them to use their powers at all, unless they work for government ? As for acceptance vs non-acceptance. There is a setting where superhumans have been registere
  10. Re: Pulling Authority & Other Genres Then he changed his mind Maybe.I picked up that text from Comics in Context #34: Knight Makes Right by Peter Sanderson Like i said, in other genres heroes kill just as much villains. The Simbul wants Thay eradicated from face of Faerun. The Doctor wanted Daleks eradicated and in episode 165 - Dalek attempted to finish the job. When it comes to real world, the state has near-monopoly when it comes to use of force. But when a nation goes to war, the public has often approved with full knowledge of cons
  11. Re: Pulling Authority & Other Genres Which proves that the entire genre is static and rather limited in scope. If Superman kills, he is not a hero anymore. If Superman becomes deadbeat dad, he is not a hero anymore. If Superman refuses to save his worst enemy, he is not a hero anymore. If Superman changes world, he is not a hero anymore. If Superman refuses to respect law and authorities, he is not a hero anymore. Serial format simply is stagnant format. If anything radical happens, fanboys cry foul (Hal Jordan as Parallax,Superman as energy being) Her
  12. Due to unfortunate circumstances, your team has lost nearly all of its financial assets (and this means everyone in your team). You have enough to take care of basic needs but that´s all. You find out that another large scale disaster will soon happen and aside from your powers/skills, stopping disaster will require significant resources. (Perfect example of this Fantastic Four; they have been in financial trouble more than once and many of their more powerful enemies can defeated only by using Reed´s devices.If Reed was destitute...)
  13. Re: Pulling Authority & Other Genres Nobody has so far answered to my comment. Why should the STARDARD for heroism in supers genre be different than every other genre ? Real world US military afterall nuked Hiroshima and destroyed Dresden. I suppose they are villains too. Authority ARE villains if you use Silver Age Comics Code-standard. But when this genre was invented in Action Comics #1, Superman was violent anarchist. In the first 2-3 years of Superman comic books and comic strips, the Man of Steel was a far cry from the character we know today. Descr
  14. Re: Pulling Authority & Other Genres Idea there was: 1.In other genres protagonists are killers.Supers were killers before Comics Code 2.In other genres they want to change world if they have power. Simbul and Elminster would change world to their image.Rebels in Star Wars also wanted to create their own Alliance of Free Planets. 3. In real world nearly every nation was founded upon conquest.Including United States and Israel. Main reason that standards are different in this genre is publishers and editors were worried about reactions from politicians and angry par
  15. This is for mid-level (X-men,Fantastic Four) and high-level(JLA,the Authority) teams.It does not concern street-level. Your team gets massively powerful Artifact as a gift from extraterrestials.What will you do with it ? 1. Exact function of Artifact depends on your campaign world.("roll dice,get item from artifact table"). It is ultra-valuable in any case. 2. Artifact is beyond anyone´s ability to damage in your world. 3. Various secret conspiracies find about it and do nearly anything to get it. Original idea: This happened to Mandrake the Magician´s ancestors.Travelers
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