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  1. Another character posting game... There is a mirror character posting game at http://www.silven.com/forums.asp in the Hero Area. I would be estatic if some of you buzzed by. I have push and pushed the moderators at the site to open up a hero section on their "universal game site". I would just like the hero section to take off if possible and you can make it happen.
  2. Having my cake and eating it too. In my campaign, I had ancient and modern being of power. The source of all powers is Talent- the cosmic energy the empowers psionics and magik. Talent has been with mankind since the begining of time. It created the mythic heroes of old, and a few people who posed as Gods. Over the milienia, the paranormals had fought for their own agendas. Around 1066, something occured that "broke" the flow of talent in the world. Those that had powered, now had less, and were at risk of retribution from mundanes. A great spell was cast, hiding the existance of paranormals. The flow of talent being what it was, messed with the spell, not only causing people to ignore the existance of paranormals, but actually altering physical evidence of their existance. Only a few books in a few mystically protected libraries have the true history and event of humankind. Over the next few centuries, talent flows came and went, steadily getting stronger every time. The paranormals continued to hide their existance as it gave them an edge over the world (there is an advantage in people not believing that monsters or paranormal powers or magik). The mystic lodges and other cabals continued to fight the same old fights. The werewolves lived in the shadows of humankind. In the early 1960s, a few things happened. The Cabals began to ramp up for the Appocolypse, so they began to recuit actively. The various cabals began to fight with each other with renewed vigor. There was a massive population explosion comming of age, and there was a massive increase in the percentage of people who had some degree of talent. For the first time since before 1066, several metas were born. A meta is a creature with marked increase of potential and ability, in its early days it is as powerful as an aged adept paranormal. They various cabals recruited these younglings and trained them. In the 70s, the fights continued. The number of paranormals and metas increased. In 1980 (the 2000 year clock started at birth), the forces of Good and Evil, clashed for the last time. At the end of those years, "The end of the world" came and went, and because of 2000 years of meddling, very little happened except the Great Game was over... or so people thought. The conflict broke the flow of talent again, yet this time, people fixed it immediately. While the higher powers no longer were keeping score, their pawns on the board of the Earth kept fighting it out. In 84, one of the more active metas, one who was there in the Great Conflict, noted that there were more and more metas and more were coming. Knowing that people hated and feared that which they did not know and did not fit neatly into their world, slipped on some spandex and saved some people at a bad crash on the Golden Gate Bridge. He went on Nightline later that week and explained in a very abbridged and very "couched" manner, the existance of paranormals and metas. He explained the reason he wore the costume with the cape was people understood the concept of Super Hero while they were a bit fuzzy on the concept of mystic guardian. SuperHeroes in this world use magik, psionics, or paranormal mutations (Werewolves, Hawk People, etc). Metas have powerful innate abilities that they don't have to learn how to use. Even if they don't think of their super strength as magik, it is powered by magikal energy infused in their muscles. Paranormals have to study and learn their few abilities. Metas could learn magik or diversify their abilities by studying a few mystic techniques, but very few cabals wanted more powerful metas, so they try to prevent that. Metas start at 250 (100+150 disads), while a paranormal would start at 175 (75+100 disads). See. I can have my cake and eat it too. If you wanted to be "old school" you could be. If you wanted to be a modern meta, you could be that too. MoonHunter Sage, Gamer, Mystic, Wit "The road less traveled is less traveled for a reason." Now posting 1100+ RPG Tips @ http://www.openroleplaying.org
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