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  1. Re: Fusions that aren't actually all that nightmarish You know, the both of those would be fun.
  2. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Shameless bump for a great resource lost to the bottom of the forum.
  3. Re: Your FIRST Super Hero Character My first character was at Pacificon-Origins after I bought the rules on Sunday. Some one wanted characters that were not putzs in tight. A'lan was an alien (orange skin, webbed ears), with 14 dice mind control, mental illusion, mind scan, and telepathy. and 10 strength TK. He strolled around in a suit. He had just landed. If someone had given him a break, he would of eventually fell into a more superheroic pattern. However the two GMs that played him, kept him living "in the crime circles", so I learned about pimping, cons, and so on. So
  4. Ahhhh. Horror. Also known as Boo! Horror does not require players to do things stupid, but it does require NPCs and PCs to be caught in unexpected events that operate in a way beyond normal rules. It is the "jump", the suprise, the twist, and the shift beyond the expected rules that make horror possible. If you focus on that, you can achieve a horror feel to the game. I have been running both horror and monster action/ adventure genre games for decades now (being my favorite genres). The two seldom cross. If the characters are prepped for I have two "articles" on the subject
  5. There are a few I had two teenaged runaways who were world class teleporters (and ED movers as it turns out) in my campaign whos "street names" were Jump (who was the most powerful teleporter in our universe) and Slide (a teleporter who could see and move anywhere along a continuous surface, like a road, wire, machine, or wall). The ExtraDimensional SV, Dr. Appocolypse, was always chasing these two. His minions were always tearing things up looking for them. They of course, had left. The heroes of course showed up to contain them. Gear and Hex were brother and sister savants i
  6. MoonHunter


    In addition... Except for one or two things, anime is mostly a style of play, just like it is a meta-genre, rather than a single genre. So you need to make sure that you and your troupe are all on the same page about the genre and what they expect in it. Also, the GM has to be very clear about which genre elements are going to be present in the game. Anime is a very visual genre, so your narration and action descriptions have to be intense, fluid, and very visual. As a GM, practice some random ones infront of the mirror, just so you can get the feel down. Every Anime
  7. some general thoughts on subject 1) Keep in mind the concept of "minions" hirelings. The most dangerous villian in my game is 225 points worth of skills, perks, and equipment. He is a mega-rich business from an alternate timeline. He has many of the most powerful and dangerous villians in the world on his leash because of his ruthless personality and people management abilities. He is not dangerous, but he is perceived as dangerous because of the quality of his minions. Players: "Geeze... these are the minions.. they trashed us. Do we want to go up against their boss?" 2) Kee
  8. Mirror Characters This is an article I had just been tinkering with for the http://www.silven.com ezine. If you are a GM you will frequently find yourself in need of quality allies and enemies for your campaign and find yourself pressed for time. Any old NPC will often not do. You want someone with a full conceptions and some history. In a super heroic campaign, the additional mechanics require make "throwing together" an NPC at the last moment much, much, more difficult. There is an entire layer of mechanics beyond the conventional stats/ skill/ archetype-class bit. It can b
  9. Did they get smart and change their costumes and names? If they did, they could become heroes again and nobody would be the wiser. If they are smart, they will claim they were mind controlled, clear themselves and then adopt a new villanous identity. If they didn't I suggest they do it quite soon. You see, dozens of superheroic groups will feel inclined to take them out (hard) because these people besmirtch the reputation of "super heros". A few of them will check them out, just to "save them" from the obvious mindcontrol. See the previous couple of posts, they did a good job
  10. DON'T I have done this kind of scenario three times in the deep dark early days of gaming. I can give you one sound piece of advice. DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This little exercise in roleplaying becomes such a potential blastpoint of psychological problems that I would tell you not to do this. 1) There is the ever present arguments about who has what stats. That can be fairly damaging emotionally, especially if you have a wide diversity of stats in your group. We had a person with 16s pretty much down the board until we go to INT and EGO) and one
  11. VBay would have to be disguised It would probably look like an online catalog for a "police seizure auction". Except there would be weapons for sale. It would allow bids by email. They would know if the person sending in the bid has the finances or was of an organization that might have the finances to buy things. It would be an invite only to be there for the auction, with a million or so, to be transftered as bond, to an account as an act of good faith.
  12. Teaching is easy: You can start without many of the rules being discussed. However, you can build up your player's hero skills AND bring in new rules by running Video Game Sessions. A "Video Game Session" where the characters are run through tactical situations without worrying about roleplaying or the continuity of the campaign. These sessions teach players more about the rules, how to use them quickly, what their characters can do, and lets the players experiment on with actions. Video games sessions come in two varieties: The Run and Fighting game: The Run is characters run thro
  13. There are ways If you want powers, you can have them. One Just make sure that those involved in the "conspiracies" all have mental/ magical defense. Thus you don't know what they are thinking, all you know is that they are part of the conspiracy (but you never know...player "Since they have 11 pts of mind defense they must be part of the conspiracy"... no. they just have 11 pts of mind defense.) Limit the powers. Set a maximum mental dice limit at 4 or 6. This prevents the powers from getting out of hand. 4 dice is good because it is "uncertain" and you can't read deeply eno
  14. I have had a couple First is the lifting of the veil. The world became aware that werewolves and elves lived among them, that a vampirism was a real disease, and that magic did exist, though it was not normally as cool as super powers. This story arc slowly creeped forward as things occured that could not be explained otherwise. The second was the artificial life connundrom. They saw the legal issues that occured dealing with all those bio constructs and artificial intelligences the Bio-Masters and other big science guys were making. This issue divided most of my heroes, as som
  15. Another character posting game... There is a mirror character posting game at http://www.silven.com/forums.asp in the Hero Area. I would be estatic if some of you buzzed by. I have push and pushed the moderators at the site to open up a hero section on their "universal game site". I would just like the hero section to take off if possible and you can make it happen.
  16. Ah the old days StrikeForce was a major influence upon the way we played Champions for a number of years. While we never used the characters or material directly, it inspired us in given directions. The source and gaming material in StrikeForce was incredible and something that every GM should read. Strong Hold: I think everyone used this suppliment at one time or another. The villians characters were interesting, the layout and NPCs were exceptional, and the whole thing gave a solution to a problem for most campaigns... where do the villians go. Blood: It was something w
  17. Some of favorites High School Student x8 College Student x3 Police Officer x2 Inpatient at a psychiatric hospital x1 (A mentallist/ astreal character) State Supreme Court Judge x1 Homeless x1 Others have been rocket scientist, cpa, and writer.
  18. In addition, you might want to make a ruling about point blank shots and shots against the target's bodies as doing +1d6 KA with +1 Stun MOD. Many HK gangsters use Kung-Fu manuvers to "punch with the handgun", or press the gun right against the body. It utilizes the martial arts they already knows without requiring extra skill at shooting. People will block such punches with the utmost priority. We use gun as a weapon element. The martial manuvers only effect hand to hand. We also allow shotguns and rifles to be used as martial weapons. However, they are normally used as boken.
  19. One good piece of advice Every GM, in any system but especially hero, needs to know the mantra of character warding. "This character is perfectly legal (or substitute acceptable), but I am not comfortable with it in my game." When in the slightest doubt, repeat this charm as many times as needed to ward off characters that you do not like, that utilize rules (and loopholes) to min-max their functionality, or do not fit your "vision" for the campaign or the existing characters. Stand firm on your decisions. This will prevent you have having issues further down the
  20. A good site for source material... http://www.urbanlegends.com/
  21. Two ways.... I have had two ways of dealing with this.... 1) As part of their conception development, I asked everyone what kind of super powers they think their character would have, if they had powers. They build "normal" people. When they crossed the Veil to MetaLand, we stopped and built them up. Using the original characters as a base, they received additional base points and could take super related disads, up to the SuperHero level. If they spent EPs on mundane parts, they could use those in the normal world. If they spent EPs on powers or buying off super disads, those, l
  22. Two campaigns My Traditional Campaign. It was based on published heroes, where everyone entered the chronology when they first appeared and aged normally for their species (no duplicate characters and historical fiat). There was a "Secret Wars" like event in 1982. Dr. Strange cast a spell of forgetfulness about the issue and the heroes that caused it. Thus people remembered there being superheroes but seem not to care that they are not around at the moment. A new Heroic Age began with their children and the new crop of mutants and mutates. When the super aspect restarted, we h
  23. A disad or two that might help Powers are only part of the equasions. The rest is how his ghostly state effects him and how the world effects it. First: Effected by Folk/ Common Magic 20 pts Com-total This means anyone with a Ouiju board can summon him, a line of common table salt can prevent his crossing, that a chanting individual with a bundle of burning sage can keep him out of a building. Blessed firecrackers act as 2x stun and dazzle to him. Second: Monitored by "PTB" Assume that some low level spirit of a super natural buracracy (Celestrial/ Demonic/ Other) is wat
  24. WEll lets see Mechanically, Magical girls are fairly simple. Hero ID is a natural . Add some Foci. Then add energy blasts, flight or leap, Marital Arts, Summons, and Dispell for summons that take times and 0 dcv (for the "return to negaverse you evil monster" or "back into the card"). The characters are probably 75+75. Mechanically very easy. The GM will have to define very carefully what is and is not possible in their magikal girl campaign. The players will need to know what the campaign is centered around so they can build characters appropriately. Unless the GM provides exte
  25. Gaming in WWII Been there.. Done this. First, you are now running an alternate history, rather than a pure history, with the insertion of supers into the world. There will be changes to the world because of those supers. The history you know so well can not exist with such changes. Accept it, embrace it, and live it. Otherwise it will drive you totally batty. (Might I suggest you check out a few alternate history sites to get a feel for historical alterations? http://www.uchronia.net/ http://move.to/alternate-histories http://www.ahtg.net/ ) Use real history as
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