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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Epic level D&D: Player A has a Solar with Commune at will Player B has a half dragon/giant and has taken damage that has turned him mostly glowing transparent, with the effect increasing when healed. The party has convinced the Solar to Commune so we can ask if we've completed our mission on this plane. Player B keeps interrupting to ask player A to ask about his transformation. (He's being turned into a Celestial, and previous questions have shown that the gods of Good consider this a good thing.) DM: Any other questions? Player B: Ask if I should complete the transformation. Player A: Will someone smack him? DM: Remember, god is talking to you. You can answer whatever you like. Player B: Will my wings grow feathers? Player A: YES! Player B: Hey! You answered too quickly!
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... D&D: party is being mauled by a large pack of (Romero) zombies led by an "identical looking" one powerful enough to challenge us by itself. PC (Evil ur-priest): I read my scroll of Gate, and call for a Solar (extremely powerful servant of Good) DM: ... A Solar steps through the gate. It looks at you. It looks at the zombies. It turns to you and says, "I'll be back for you later." and attacks the zombies. The evil PC runs away. The zombies are defeated and the Solar kindly true resurrects our dead before flying off after the evil PC. Next week, his player comes with a new psionicist character instead...
  3. Hm, I thought +HA didn't add to martial maneuvers, you need +DCs for that. It'd also be more amusing to have 75% damage reduction instead of the force field... since in MK blocked attacks always do a sliver of damage. Although, since this guy can potentially get an 18 DCV, I don't see a lot of attacks hitting anyway...
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