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  1. Re: Hello, I am new to HERO Hey everyone! I really enjoyed the game! It wasnt even half as complex as my brother made the system out to sound . We were able to avert a Nuclear disaster and I managed to still walk away ok. My character ended up taking sort of a leadership position pretty early in. There was only one person in the group with a killing attack and let me tell you it was pretty dangerous! She was able to take care of most of the enemies fastest, even with my girlfriend playing a brick! Currently, I am thinking about how to make my character more useful to the team as a whole. Is there a way in game to relfect my hero learning to become more of a leader? My PER stat (i think...) is not the highest in the group though...
  2. Re: Hello, I am new to HERO I have sidekick, but I am not sure what all I can do with it. There is enough difference that the sidekick and regular game (5th edition... revised now right? ) have different character sheets after all.
  3. Re: Hello, I am new to HERO lol, the straight jacket does feel kinda restricting but it does keep me warm. It sure beats playing strip-pokemon in the coldest wing of a maximum security prison. That was an experience
  4. Re: Hello, I am new to HERO Thanks everyone! I do feel welcomed .
  5. Re: Hello, I am new to HERO thanks. The game we will be playing tonight will have us playing pregenerated characters. I will be playing a blaster-type who has radiation as a power. Unfortuanately i will be suffering from a rouge-like prolbem because I cannot be touched (radioactive).
  6. Hello, I am dualj and I am new to the hero system. I was told to check it out awhile back and I never got to. Finally I picked up sidekick and it looked interesting but a bit tough. Tonight I will get to play Champions and I believe that will help me a great deal.
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