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  1. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? *watches* ... This is possibly the coolest thing, on the face of the earth. *looks over at you* Perhaps we should watch more. XD
  2. Thought some of the Star Hero folks would like this. It's a star map made out like the london tube transit system. Snazzy. http://a.fsdn.com/sd/firehose/009/255/192-1.png that's the picture http://science.slashdot.org/story/10/02/03/1647245/Tube-Map-Created-For-the-Milky-Way and there's the article. Enjoy.
  3. Re: Plasma Rocket! That was my first thought. Even if it's not used to go to Mars, it would make the exploration, colonization and exploitation of the Moon much easier. =)
  4. Is this cause for hurray? =? I would really hope so? =) http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2010/01/07/tech-space-plasma-rocket-nautel.html?ref=rss How would one stat that out in Star Hero? =)
  5. Re: Where oh Where has Storn Gone?
  6. Re: Cryptic to develop Neverwinter Nights MMO? Interesting, but any game would have been soundly defeated by EQ at the time, remember, EQ was the 'statistical' anomaly WoW is today, it was literally the 800lb Gorilla in the room. AC2. I'll go with you on that. But the same could be said for City of Heroes, and people are still playing it, though it can be argued the game wasn't the success it was hoped it would be. Lord of the Rings isn't near the chopping block or even within distance of the chopping block to be seen by spy glass. Sorry, can't agree with you. LoTR is a fine game, it's got a lot of going for it. Again, it's just not going to bring in 'WoW' numbers. Right now 'Nothing' is. DDO, I'm playing it now. And yeah I think you are basing it on the beta and launch. I'd call it alot of things, but simple isn't one of them. It's one of the most complete PnP to CRPG conversions of the D&D rule set I've seen to date. Including things like Baldur's Gate and NWN, which really didn't do a lot of things with the PnP rule set it should have. All in all, I can see by your own admission that you've got a pretty heavy bias against turbine. And that's fine by me, we've all got our biases. But I think that bias will color any real objective discussion of who's at fault here, so I think I'll leave the rest of this discussion to others. =)
  7. Re: Cryptic to develop Neverwinter Nights MMO? Anyone care to do a little google foo and see if they can did up any previous instances of Atari rogering it's properties or business partners? Might go a long way to determining what's more likely, that Turbine mismanaged things, or Atari is just a feckless wonder. I'll tell ya, I find it a tad suspicious that DDO was so poorly fielded, and just a few years later Atari comes up with it's NWN MMO ... That's probably nothing to it, but on the surface it gives Atari a pretty good reason to drag their feet and make sure DDO didn't perform well. Just one opinion.
  8. Re: Those Meddling Kids "Being out of your box isn't a right, Patty, it's a privilege. You don't wanna go back in your box, do you baby?" -Ted. Hey, I'm sorry for the minor derail. Ever since I saw that episode of the Venture Brothers, I can't look at anything Scooby Doo related in the same way. XD
  9. Re: Thats one nimble little bull Why 5 points? Wouldn't Turtle's TK constitute a tight group? =?
  10. Re: Thats one nimble little bull I haz a question! Could yew not do a similar thing in 5E with turtle, simply by letting his DEX at 10 and simply buying Combat Skill Levels with his TK? =?
  11. Re: Xbox 360 Version of Champions Online Being Held Back By MS
  12. http://www.vg247.com/2009/08/28/ms-foot-dragging-on-360-mmos-is-baffling-says-cryptic-boss/ Dear god, do I love progress! .... Wait.
  13. Re: Cryptic to develop Neverwinter Nights MMO?
  14. Re: Cryptic to develop Neverwinter Nights MMO? Yep, seems I've been wrong about Turbine. Seems like Atari really gets off on abusing the companies it works with. Which should go a loooong way to explaining why Atari bought Cryptic Studio's outright. They can kick them around now and not worry about being sued? Talk about Atari having it out for DDO to fail because they were interested in pushing out their NWNO MMO. Ugh, the thread explains quite a bit. =( http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=196705
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