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  1. Apparently you've never played 'Florida or Germany?' The way it works is: You read crazy news headlines aloud, with all the place names redacted, and your friends have to guess whether they happened in Florida or Germany. It can be a very challenging game.
  2. Nite Owl: "I want the truth!" Ozymandias: "You can't handle the truth!" It actually works pretty well.
  3. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? It's the name of a AD&D2 character I played in high school. It's either Quenya or Sindarin (from Tolkien). The root words are 'hae' (far, distant) and 'randir' (wanderer/ranger). Seemed like a good name for a half-elf adventurer at the time. I've been using it as my primary online handle since I used it for my first MUD character in 1993. Except in LotRO, because the devs swiped my name for an NPC. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D Basic set (Red box). What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Shadowrun 2ed. What are you currently playing/GMing? The Iron Kingdoms campaign I've been in for the last year or so is on hiatus, so we're about to start a Star Hero campaign as a fill-in.
  4. The Importance of Being Ernest Goes to Camp
  5. The gyro chips are not great. I could taste the individual flavors they were going for, but the balance was off. The onion flavor was a little too strong and chemical-y. The reuben chips are better, but I was so-so on them. The first few were pretty good, but the sauerkraut flavor leaves a strong-ish aftertaste that I tired of quickly. I can't imagine bothering with the truffle fries flavor. As Log points out, they're clearly not made using real truffle oil, so basically, they're 'potatoes fried in vegetable oil'-flavored. AKA regular potato chips. I did listen to a food podcast try all four flavors, and while they liked the truffle chips, they were similarly dubious about their alleged 'special-flavorness'. I actually quite liked the biscuits 'n' gravy flavor. Though they probably should have been called 'spicy sausage' flavored, as they're pretty one-note.
  6. Aww, man... Boston's only #9. At least we made the Bottom 10. I wonder if the Olympics thing counts for or against us in his mind?
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Well, of course. You have to take the long way 'round if yer onna boat.
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... No, no, no. McGinty is the ASM... The Alcohol-Swilling Man.
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... At tonight's retro-D&D-module game (first outing): Joey (OOC): "Death is sort of like a pinata which contains fortune and glory."
  10. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I re-watched the Beatles' "Help!" last night. It was a bit of a surreal experience (more so than usual, that is). Nowadays, whenever I hear the cultists screaming, 'Kaili!', my brain hears, 'Kylie (Minogue)!'...
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... No Amber this week (our GM didn't do any prep work over the holidays). No Feng Shui, Champions or Traveller, either (Quintus' player, Vincent's player and I were similarly lazy over the holidays). We did roll up some random Gamma World characters though, just for the heck of it: Peter's character turns out to be a pyrokinetic rat swarm: Peter: I'm a man of a thousand rats! Joey: Each more flammable than the last!
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I've been remiss in posting Amber Diceless RPG quotes... We went on hiatus over the summer, and then I got lazy. Here's a few from memory: ----- Three members of the party have decided they need to find out what a Chaos Lord named Lysander is up to: GM: As I recall, your plan was to have Quintus and Vincent stage a raid on Lysander's secret lair, only to have Conrad inform him ahead of time, so that Conrad could earn Lysander's trust and pump him for information... Conrad: That's right. I have, however, detected a minor flaw in the plan. Quintus: Just one? ---- Conrad: There's a slight chance that Lysander knows I killed his sister. He might just attack me on sight. Quintus: So? Then you kill him and we raid his secret lair for real. That's Contingency Plan 'B'. Vincent: So far, our contingency plans go up to 'F'. ----- Vincent and Quintus succeed in breaching Lysander's security, after a fashion. Quintus finds himself in Lysander's office, pursued by guards: Quintus: I kill off enough guards to give myself a little room, then 'Zorro' a 'Q' into his desktop. ----- Vincent has kidnapped Lysander and dragged him to Amber for questioning, only to discover that he has already answered all of Conrad's questions, and been quite cordial and cooperative in the process: Vincent: I... apologize. Lysander: Wait... Did an Amberite just apologize to me? Did that just happen? ----- Later: Leandro: And, to reiterate, we really are sorry for the inconvenience. Lysander: Twice in one day! I may faint.
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... A light week for Amber quotes (forgot to write them down, again), but here goes: ----- Before the session starts, Alaric's player goes in search of beer: Vincent (OOC): BTW, if you're having trouble finding it, the bottle opener is a magnet on the fridge. Alaric (OOC): Aha! You lied to me! The bottle opener is actually TWO magnets on the fridge! ----- Sharp-eyed readers may detect a recurring theme from earlier sessions: Leandro: Let's see... I could go talk to Dworkin with Alaric and Conrad, or I could do something useful. Quintus: I'm going to find the wine cellar. You're welcome to join me. Leandro: No, I think I'll just take a nap. ----- Dworkin: A reflection of the Pattern and a reflection of the Logrus, in the same place? Impossible! Conrad: We have it on good authority that Oberon described it as 'a natural phenomenon'. Dworkin: Well, sure, that too. ----- Another recurring theme... Alaric (OOC): I don't understand why no one trusts me. I'm so nice, and likable, and reliable, and trustworthy! Leandro (OOC): Just like the rest of us! Alaric (OOC): Right. Only nice, and likable, and reliable, and trustworthy. Conrad (OOC): Whatever you say, Mr. "I Pass Secret Notes to the GM Every Five Minutes." Alaric (OOC): I do that as a courtesy. This way, I don't deprive the rest of you of valuable playing time. Otherwise, I'd be grabbing the GM and dragging him into the other room constantly. Conrad (OOC): We don't do that, either.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Have you read the Amber novels by Roger Zelazny? Because they're what the game is based on, and none of what I'm about to say will make a lick of sense if you haven't. I'll spoiler it so people who aren't interested can skip it: So, essentially, after a campaign where every few sessions we discover that "Everything We Thought We Knew Was Wrong" and "Powerful Forces Are At Work" and "Reality As We Know It" is in "Grave Peril", we went down into the basement and discovered compelling evidence that: "No Really, EVERYTHING We Thought We Knew Was Wrong" and "We Have No Idea What Is Going On Now". In a different kind of campaign, we would naturally run back to the rest of the party and report our discoveries so that we could pool our resources and Save the Day. But that's not how Amber works. In particular, that's not how Alaric works. So, we've decided that it's simpler just to not tell him. That way, he'll spend the next couple of sessions scheming a way to winkle the information out of us, or discover it on his own. Instead of spending the next couple of sessions scheming a way to turn the situation to his advantage, possibly dooming us all in the process. Managing Alaric's propensity for scheming is one of our most vital tasks.
  16. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Last night's Amber Diceless RPG session: ----- Before the session starts: Vincent (OOC): According to this (CD case), "Taste It" was one of INXS' greatest hits? Conrad (OOC): That's the second greatest hits compilation. Their definitions get a little more elastic. Quintus and Conrad set out to recruit an army: Quintus: We're going to the rescue of a bunch of elves, right? We should show up with an army of orcs. Conrad: That would be amusing. Quintus: But not a horde. I prefer more disciplined troops. Conrad: Right, Orcish legions, then. (OOC) Like in the Warlord CCG! Quintus: We should make sure they have some sort of Trolls, with big spiky clubs, who can hurl boulders. Conrad: Alaric requested wizards, too. I suppose he'll settle for orcish war shamans. Right, sounds like we have our shopping list, then. Quintus: Don't forget, you wanted dragons, too. Conrad: If I'm going to charge into a battle between elves and demons, I do it on dragonback. Style counts in these things. ----- Quintus and Conrad find their army, but it's already fighting someone: Quintus: Right then. Which side are we on? Conrad: Well, it looks like the besiegers are winning. They don't need our help. We'll just ingratiate ourselves with the locals by slaughtering everything that stands between us and them. ----- Quintus and Conrad succeed in breaking the siege through a combination of clever tactics and personal combat with the enemy's leaders, and are introduced to the leader of the defending army: Orcish General: So, you're Prince Conrad of Amber? If you're here, that means that the Dark Times are truly upon us! But you will lead us through them, to victory and glory! Quintus (sotto voce): Good Lord! There's a prophecy, isn't there? Conrad: There always is... ----- The GM asks for everyone's plans for the upcoming epic battle. Conrad senses a pattern: Conrad: You know how you can tell that Quintus and I are military geniuses? Our plans are always the simplest... "Heavy cavalry charge, right up the middle!", "I ride in on dragon-back and set fire to anyone who looks evil.", "I stab the evil sorceress with a magic spear." That's the hallmark of a really good plan. ----- Leandro is used to being the worst swordsman in his peer-group. Indeed, he is resigned to it... To the point where he forgets that he's actually a pretty darn good fighter: Leandro (OOC to GM): Do I think I can fight off the crew of the siege tower long enough to block the door? Conrad (OOC): I don't see why not, they're combat engineers, not frontline troops. Leandro (OOC): "Top" engineers, no doubt. GM: Dude, you're ranked 4th in Warfare, even if they were front-line troops, you could take them. Leandro: Sweet! I charge in on my pegasus and attack them. GM: You mow down these hapless mooks, barely breaking stride. Quintus (OOC): Savor this moment. Leandro (OOC): Trust me, I am. ----- Conrad has attempted to fly directly at the evil sorceress on dragonback, and been rewarded with a lightning bolt to the head: Conrad (to Bucephalus the Truly Enormous Dragon): All right, the frontal attack didn't work. We'll have to land and sneak up on her. You can do 'subtle', right? ----- After the epic battle, Quintus and Conrad investigate the castle's basement, and find a Very Bad Thing That No One Was Prepared For down there: Conrad: I have a plan. Would you like to hear it? Quintus: No. But please, do go on. Conrad: We go back out, lock the door, and never mention this to anyone. Quintus: Funny, that was MY plan, too. Conrad: We'll need to reinforce these locks. Quintus: Maybe fill the whole room with concrete? Conrad: Good idea, but it needs something more... Something with poisoned spikes, and maybe a deadfall. Quintus: We should brick up that secret door, too. Conrad: And post a sign saying, "Beware of the Leopard". ----- Alaric is curious... Alaric: So, what was in the basement? Conrad: Nothing. Absolutely nothing of interest. Some broken up old furniture. You don't need to go look. Alaric: I see... Quintus: There was a leopard. Leandro (OOC): "And the lights were out. So were the stairs." ----- Conrad attempts to clarify the situation: Conrad: Look, it's not so much that we're concealing important information from you... Well, that's exactly what it is. Alaric: That's what I thought. Conrad: You won't like it. Frankly, you're better off not knowing. Alaric (oozing sarcasm): I'm sure. ----- Conrad makes a second attempt: Conrad: It's not so much that I'm concealing something that's a threat to you, as something that would turn out badly if you knew about it. Alaric: You don't trust me? Conrad: Nothing personal. I'm not telling Vincent, either. I like Vincent, but I don't trust him. ----- Vincent fears that his moment of self-sacrificing heroism is going unnoticed: Vincent: Hey! I set myself up to get completely curb-stomped in the battle, unless you all rode in to save me.... Conrad: And we did ride in to save your bacon, didn't we? Count your blessings. ----- Leandro heads back to Amber and makes his report to the king: Leandro: So, that's pretty much everything that's happened up to this point. Oh, and I believe that this here Jewel of Judgement belongs to you. We found it lying around somewhere. ----- Alaric is shocked to discover someone might doubt his motives: Alaric: Wait a minute, you're telling me that Vincent and I are the least-trusted members of the group? Conrad: Er. Yeah. Alaric: You and Quintus are the least-trusted members of the group! Conrad: Well, admittedly, at this particular moment we are. ----- Edited - Forgot a couple: ----- Alaric has come up with a perfectly reasonable plan to keep the enemy from wondering where he is while he infiltrates their army. Unfortunately, he's set it up entirely with private notes to the GM, so none of the rest of the group knows what's going on: Alaric (to GM): I send my duplicate to join Quintus' army. (To Quintus): A guy who looks like me shows up and says, (in a robotic monotone)"Hello. I am Alaric. Please allow me to join your army and fight alongside you." Quintus: Well, this isn't even remotely suspicious. (To GM): Why are you letting him have robot duplicates, anyway? Alaric: Fine. He has a note pinned to his shirt, it says, "I am not a trap. Signed, Alaric." Quintus: Oddly enough, that doesn't help. Fine, you can be a centurion. Take that platoon of orcs over there. You shouldn't be able to do too much damage with just a century. ----- Later, during the battle, Vincent is preparing for his death-or-glory charge to distract the evil sorceress from Alaric's assassination attempt: Quintus: Don't forget to pin a note to your shirt that says, "I am not a trap. Signed, Alaric." That trick always works! ----- Vincent is attempting to strangle the sorceress faster than she can take over his mind: Vincent (to GM): If possible, I try to maneuver her into an enclosed space where it will be difficult for her to shapeshift into some monstrous beast and eviscerate me. GM: Well, you're on an open battlefield, so no luck there. Conrad: I've got the perfect place! (points to Bucephalus) I call it, "a dragon's gullet." Vincent: You're yards and yards away. I don't have that kind of time.
  17. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Finally remembered to write stuff down at this week's Amber session, so there's more than usual: The Cast: (and their Elder Amberite parentage) ----- Conrad (son of Julian) Quintus (son of Eric, Benedict's apprentice) Alaric "The Wolf" (son of Caine) Vincent (son of Brand) Leandro (son of Florimel) ----- While choosing a place from which to order dinner for the session: Quintus (OOC, looking at a delivery menu): "Tiki In's lack of a second 'n' disturbs me." Vincent (OOC): "Well, it's not like you actually sleep there, so it's not really an inn." ----- Alaric (OOC): "I wonder how much Endurance it would take to use the Head of Vecna?" Leandro (OOC): "More than you've got." ----- Quintus (OOC, recapping a previous solo encounter): "It was at this point that I realized that running away was the 'right' plan, but for role-playing reasons I pressed on." ----- Leandro consults with Uncle Corwin, while Conrad makes friends and influences people: Leandro: "We're concerned that Quintus may have been kidnapped." Conrad (to Corwin): "And you're our resident expert on being kidnapped, so we thought we'd ask your advice!" Alaric (OOC): "I'd just like to point out that I am nowhere near Conrad." Leandro scoots a few feet farther away. Conrad (OOC): "Look, I'm Julian's son. I'm contractually obligated to annoy Corwin. Besides, what's he gonna do? He owes me for rescuing him last time he got kidnapped." ----- Leandro: "Let's see... If I put my back to the tree, it will turn out to be a monster. If I stand out in the open, I'll get jumped from behind. I could never get this one in school... What would Benedict do?" A lively debate ensues about how various Elder Amberites would handle this dilemma, leading to the following conclusions: Conrad: "OK, so far we have: Benedict would maneuver the attacker into being eaten by the tree, Corwin would hit the tree with his attacker, and Gerard would hit the attacker with the tree. That sounds about right." ----- Quintus: "Well, I could act immediately on what I've learned. ORrr I could do something useful." ----- Quintus: "I'm reasonably certain I've been sent here as a spy to deceive and destroy you." Conrad shrugs: "OK." ----- Quintus (exasperated): "Why did you bring him here?" Conrad (equally exasperated): "I don't know." ----- Vincent: (IC) "Right! Only one thing to do!" (OOC) "I go get him a croissant." ----- Conrad (to our Uncle Bleys): "Come with us if you want reality to live." ----- Leandro has tried and failed to reach Aunt Fiona and King Random: Leandro: "I contacted my mother, since I'm certain no one would bother to take her out first. Or even third, in this case." Bleys: "That's actually a remarkably clever plan. I wouldn't have thought of that." -----
  18. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From Thursday's Amber Diceless RPG session: You'll notice that these quotes tend to be Conrad-centric. This is because I'm playing Conrad and tend to remember the conversations that involve me most clearly. ------------------------ Conrad: I've got the perfect place [to conduct the ritual]. It's got a tower with only one staircase, in a castle full of armed guards who follow my orders. Alaric [sarcastically]: Oh, that sounds GREAT! ------------------------ Conrad: All I'm saying is: I'm the best of a bad lot. Alaric: You're really giving me the hard sell, aren't you? Conrad: If I gave you the hard sell, you'd be really suspicious. ------------------------ Leandro's player attempts to use his conclusions to prove his postulates: My response [i'm summarizing a much longer 5-way debate here]: "I'll stipulate that plummeting from a treetop to pounce on a target and crack their skull constitutes 'fighting', and that by that definition A) coconuts fight all the time and the purpose of a coconut is to flip out and kill people. You cannot, however, go on to declare that coconuts are ninjas, and therefore mammals. You have to be a mammal BEFORE you can be a ninja. Thus, despite the name, coconut milk is not actually milk, and is still technically a form of fruit juice." ------------------------ Conrad: "We're on a quest. You know how it is." ------------------------ (I can't find my notes, so I've gone and forgotten the name of an NPC I created as part of my character background. Very embarrasing.) Conrad's mother: "How long will you be staying?" Conrad: "I"m not sure. We have a dark ritual to perform, powerful mystic entities to summon, a war to stop, reality to save. The usual." Ma Conrad: "I'll tell the kitchen staff to expect guests for dinner, then." ------------------------ I know I'm forgetting some good ones. I'll try to remember to write things down next time.
  19. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "Not Fade Away" - The Rolling Stones cover version.
  20. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From Wednesday's Amber Diceless RPG session: Alaric: "I see you led with the truth. Interesting choice." Conrad: "Well, I like to change it up. Every once in a while."
  21. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Because violence, fire, destruction of property, and similar means are simple, reliable and usually effective? That's been my experience, anyhow.
  22. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Doom always has been a bit of a mama's boy, hasn't he?
  23. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. See? You didn't pick Abe Lincoln, now did you?
  24. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Probably *because* they're shapechangers. I mean, if you could say to yourself, "How do I want to look, today?", what would your choice be?
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