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  1. Re: I'm Turnin' to Stone I can see it now... Mentalist & Co defeat Evil-Gorgon-Man and return all those heroes back to their original forms. One of whom dates back to the Golden Age Champions setting... All-American Man struggles to get to grips with decades as a statue... his family have all but given him up for dead, or have themselves passed on... technology (at least apart from that he's seen in the villain's chamber) is sooo different... His old hunteds are now dead, ancient, or obscenely powerful... perhaps one or two are now good guys.... What's more All-American has
  2. The repercussions... Aftermath: Brick: 'I can't believe you thought turning me to stone was a good idea!' Stoner: 'Hey! I thought he was going to Mind Control you to wail on us, dude!' Brick: 'Those guys he did Control would have smashed me to bits!' Stoner: 'How was I to know there was a construction site nearby with workers doing demolition work?' --- Encounter with Mentalist #2 *Brick sees Mentalist, then grabs Stoner and throws him at Mentalist, taking them both out. Martial Artist: 'What the hell did you do that for?' Brick: 'Thought I'd get
  3. Re: I'm Turnin' to Stone Lol! You guys... I reckon it's all to do with how you build it. Sticking with the transform idea, I'd say that being a hunk of solid granite (or whatever) would pretty much rule out being used as a Mentalist's guinea pig/punching bag. Unless you've got psychometry that is. Sure our victim's Mind and Spirit weren't transformed mechanics-wise, but his physical brain has been. Is this a free defense? Think about it. Let's use the previous example bove about The Brick and the "Stoner" attempting to take out a Mentalist. Our Stoner knowing that the
  4. If someone has a maneuver that uses the +Velocity/5 element defined as an attack with the special effect that they charge straight into someone, what happens if they don't knock that someone down or back? Does the attacker take some or all of that damage as well? Or because it's a "martial maneuver" mean nothing detrimental occurs? If they hit a brick wall, it wouldn't matter if the maneuver was martial or not right? An Armored Knight charging a Stone Castle Wall with a lance or his own head sure isn't going to ignore the sudden impact of an unrelenting wall... or is he?
  5. Re: Steriaca's Champions-paloza Hey, Steriaca, long time no see. Just had a quick skim of Mr. Wicked. looks good so far. Is the same villain you hinted at for Lady Heart?
  6. Bullets? All (most of) you guys can agree upon are bullets? Sheez... where's the diabolical plans? At least the Giant penny crushing trick had the Batman style to it. Batman, or any decent clone thereof, deserves something special to see them off. Here's a good way that will require quite a lot of resources/GM greasing, but is possibly the most complex and yet effective methods of taking out the Bat. Technically you won't even have to even think about doing him harm... 1/Find out who he is. 2/Look into what must have caused him to become who he is today. 3/Find/Bui
  7. Sounds like a "HERO Outreach Program" to me. Or a Celebrity mixer for HEROphiles... I seem to remember a thread in the old forum where we got to make ourselves up as "real" people...
  8. What are basing it off though? If we have to build other people, what do we have to go on? Are we basing it off our display names and profiles only or what? e.g. Archer Bow Multipower 60pts 12d6 EB Impact Arrow u 8d6 EX EB TNT Arrow u 2d6 RKA PEN, lots o' charges u disadv: Addicted to 5th Ed Champions blah blah blah...
  9. perhaps... Got Hero Designer? I don't.... yet... But perhaps you can get or tailor some 'pre-fabs' or somesuch to serve as a starting point. Otherwise, you could just make your own random power charts for Champions or use ones from other random generation tables in (gasp!) other systems. I have access to the first Marvel Superheroes System for example, and I have in the past used it to generate some characters who were then used as starting points for Champions characters. Also, The Mutant File has a Random Mutant Generator Table in the back... not exactly thrilli
  10. Ahh... Had a quick look around for info. Not that it told me much. The Millennium Rod seems to be a big Mind Control with Telepathic Communication advantage. for plot moments, it seems to make the victim 'Say what I say'. otherwise it works normally, by telling them to 'tell me what I want to know'... If it can control it's victims in the usual mind control sense, then it probably doesn't have any limitation on it. Depending on the usefulness of this power, it might not even be worth a limitation if all it does is make people talk and say what it's wielder commands.
  11. Why only my most favourite game from that age... Tiger Road... One of my most loved platform arcade games ever! Lee Wong won me over. And while the game can be pretty hard going, I have been from the first level right through to almost the end before I ran out of coins... about NZ$5 later... *sigh* Those were the days... Now I can't even get a ROM for it off the net. Been a big crackdown on them. If they'd bring back some of these old arcade classic ROMs legally for the PC (and maybe even MAC) I'd buy them!
  12. Which brings up another important Q: How does HERO System source it's gun performance information? (If indeed it does) And who's the big honcho that processes it and how? Is it you, Steven? Dark Champions was pretty cool, guns wise, but what if we want to make our own guns and don't have access tyo our own gun range and or Big Book o' Gun stats?
  13. Other Alternatives... Does this Rod thing enable it's user to make the victim say things the user doesn't know about, or is it really just like "throwing one's voice" just with a better special effect? i.e. The Ventriloquism Trick. If so, it could be a powered version of Ventriloquism with a huge bonus to it's skill roll, and either similar Mimicry skill thrown in. OR Telekinesis with Fine Manipulation (only to move the target's lips and vocal apparatus) and/or Images vs. Hearing Group. If it works more like a truth serum, maybe a Telepathy power with an audible spec
  14. Champions CRPG It'd be rather insane to code with even the slightest semblance of the actual rules. Herosphere has enough to simulate the combat mechanics okay, but still lacks some details such as Altitude (for Flyers) and disarm. Just imagine the special effects assignments?
  15. Oh. right. Ass-u-me'ed... Well if that's the case then there can only be one real objector then, huh? DOJ Inc. Of course this means I should probably stop coding Champions for the GBA then... (J/K, I'm no game programmer...)
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