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  1. Hey, everybody. I started to post this in the "returnees" thread, but since I never really played CO, it's a stand-alone. I left CoH years ago for LotRO and recently have had the hero bug bite me again. A couple of LotRO buddies and I are considering trying CO with a three-man team built to play together. It will be purely F2P at the start (we're all lifetime members of LotRO and have gotten spoiled not paying monthly fees). Could any of you vets recommend 3 silver archetypes that would fit well together? Any other advice eagely appreciated as well. TiA, VtR
  2. Re: Bigtime Blowout Sounds like it'll be fun. Please keep us updated. VtR
  3. Re: Genre Conventions & Values 1) Vigilante in the mode of Daredevil, Batman, Power Man (in his HfH days) 2) Hard choices 3) Mixes 4) Killing occurs but is rare and has repercussions VtR
  4. Re: Classic Champions: Power Source Suggestions Thanks for sharing the logs. Looks like you and your players are all having a good time. VtR
  5. Re: Classic Champions: Power Source Suggestions Man, I want to play in this campaign... VtR
  6. Vann the Red

    Bat gear

    Re: Bat gear Helped me write up a character! VtR
  7. Re: Top 5 Champs books of all time Strikeforce BBB (finally, all the rules in one place!) Dark Champions Hudson City Blues Classic Enemies VtR
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Love it. VtR
  9. Re: Captain America and Cast Bah! Still cannot rep you so I shall just post more praises. Cool and thanks! VtR
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I feel a sudden need to open Hero Designer and build "The Pottymouth Panda". That would be fun. VtR
  11. Re: Going to be running a Teen Champions game... The Heroes of Hudson City campaign over at HeroCentral also has a 18-19 age group in it if you want to look there for ideas. VtR
  12. Re: Captain America and Cast Do you consider the Diamondback from your other thread the 'Cap trained' version or would that be different? Any plans on a modern version of Bucky as well? VtR
  13. Re: Captain America and Cast How cool that you're doing this! Once again, I'd rep you if possible... VtR
  14. Re: Superhero Legacy 2: He took my old ID! Challenger now has to figure out which of his kids (not like he kept up with the moms on either side of the mask much) has decided to take over...
  15. Re: Superhero Legacy. Passing on a Name Thump would have no idea why someone would want to pick up his mantle, let alone moniker. Scion is already a legacy and the answer is simple: his son (y'know, after he finishes college, gets married, and has a family). Challenger deals with this issue constantly as a former sidekick and current 50-something.
  16. Re: Split's Serpent Society Thread "You must spread rep..." Well, I'll just say thank you for the posts. VtR
  17. Re: Aaron Alliston's Strike Force Campaign Sourcebook Someone please beat TQM soundly with the rep stick for me. "You must spread..." Thanks for centralizing this. VtR
  18. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... 'ceptin', Alice. Not a bad movie, either. Especially the scene where Arlo visits his father in the hospital. Man, now I feel old, too. VtR Edit: And if you need to ask who Arlo's father was, I'll feel even older...
  19. Re: Meet The Alternates Thank you. Fascinating group. VtR
  20. Re: The Champions Universe's mightiest archetypes
  21. Re: Ringers (prompted by the Black Widow thread on Dark Champions) I tend to homage personalities I like from the comics, usually reinventing the name/look/powerset. But maybe that's just me. VtR
  22. Re: Blasters in Dark Champions I certainly would. It depends on your flavor and how well you can communicate it to the players. For example, Black Lighting was certainly a street-level (and possibly DC or at least DC:TAS) character in his Batman and the Outsiders days. Black Widow could be considered a blaster to some degree with her widow sting. As I've mentioned before DC and DC:TAS are more about the campaign setting and objectives than the characters. If they're fighting real crime, cleaning up neighborhoods, it's DC whether they're totin' miniguns or firing electrical blasts. VtR
  23. Re: Sex and the Single Superhuman Scion - may one day be a player, but for now is so wrapped up in becoming a hero he doesn't have much time to think about it. Challenger - his personality is largely modeled on Dick Grayson. I think you know what he's like. Thump - Although this aspect of his life is unexplored at this point, he's a serial monogamist. The Altar Boy - Is it a wholesome relationship leading to marriage with a woman worth giving up his dream of the priest-hood (he's 15 now)? If not, then probably not interested. Vann
  24. Re: Which is better for a beginner: Champions or Dark Champions? What Comic said (duly repped). The right one is the one in which you and your players are more interested. VtR
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