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  1. Re: Simultaneous Clips That does seem to do it, but I find it rather strange that the standard rules can handle a gun with clips on one type of ammo, but go for a second type, and suddenly you need to resort to a VPP.
  2. Re: Simultaneous Clips Yeah, but there's damn near an infinite number of types of ammo. Dark Champions lists something like 20, and I find as a GM that I'm always inventing new ones. Somehow this seems like a huge and never-ending amount of work.
  3. I'd like to build a gun that takes two clips simultaneously. The clips can be of different types of ammo and the user can choose between then as a zero-phase action. Any suggestions?
  4. Re: Shared Clips When you use the 5-points for 2x the number of items rule, I would adjudicate that the resulting items are by definition identical and can share clips. So, each gun comes with 4 clips in your build, and you have 8 total. If you want fewer total clips, then build each with only 2. Seriously, sharing clips in this way is at most a +0 advantage. If you want to go further and say that the guns can take some standard clip design and anyone with compatible ammo and clip can hand you one from their gun, then I'd let someone tack on a +1/4 advantage for 'standard NATO clips
  5. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books There's a bunch of dream projects I'd love to do for Hero (or see done). 1) Metahero. This is a book about modifying the Hero System in ways not covered by the rules. It starts by taking all the characteristics, skills and powers apart and seeing what smaller elements they are made of, and finding new ways to combine then to form new powers and skills. I have a bunch of notes on this, but have never really gotten into it. 2) Ultimate Crafter -- The Fantasy Hero rules for making magic items are not only poorly designed, they place unfair pen
  6. Re: Cyberpunk Biochemical Injector That glosses over the very real desire to have the user have to keep track of how many charges of each vial he's used. Its part of the desired feel for the game. A VPP without charges throws that away, and I can't figure out a way to build a VPP with charges that does the right thing.
  7. I am building a cyberpunk character who wants to have a cyber-implanted biochemical injection system. He would buy standard vials of various drugs (dex boost, rapid heal, stun boost, etc) and slot them into the three slots in his injector. At any time during a battle, he could use up a charge from a vial as a zero-phase action, and gain the benefits. My first thought was to simply buy the various drugs as standard drugs, and the injector as a naked trigger advantage with a few limitations of its own. The problem came when I tried to figure out the charges situation. If there was
  8. This should be simple to answer, but I've checked through all of my books and I can't find a single actual build for a blowgun. So, what is the value of the limitation on a poison: "Only if Dart penetrates defenses." I'm tempted to give it a -1, since a 1 pip attack usually won't penetrate defenses, but I suspect the standard is closer to -1/2. Does anyone know what the canonical limitation is?
  9. Re: World of Darkness Characters. Thanks! I should have thought to check Surbrook's site first. Its a great resource.
  10. I'm going to be running a cross-genre campaign in the new year, and I told my prospective players that they could play any character from any genre. One player has an existing World of Darkness character (a Vampire spellcaster) and would like to import it into the game. I have no objection, but I've never played Masquerade and don't know how things work in that system. Does anyone have any conversion tips, or examples of converted Vampires from WOD? Any help would be appreciated.
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