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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Honestly, I always played Call of Cthulhu as a Jackie Chan style 'normal man in over his head' action game. If I know that I'm going to die or go insane anyway, I might as well have my bookworm professor try jump-kicking zombies in the head...tentacle...thing. If I fail, I get beaten up and eaten the way I would have anyway. So I get a typical Call of Cthulhu ending and have had a few laughs. If I miraculously succeed against all odds? Woohoo! I've miraculously succeeded against all odds! Whereas, if I just ran from danger and kind of avoided people who seemed shifty, I get bored until the plot inevitably happens and I die anyway. But with no chance at all of succeeding, 'against all odds' or not.
  2. Re: Help! Secret ID is being uncovered! Simply have Jack 'come out' as the mechanic who fixes Ace, and at the same time have him point out that Ace is actually a robot from a near future timeline that has now been erased by the changes he made when he came back. Demonstrate by showing the public a 'spare arm' which is a fully robotic replica of the Smokin' Ace suit's arm. He claims that the reason he is nowhere to be seen when Smokin' Ace arrives is because he must be stationed at the base, giving data and such, like Oracle does for Batman. Then have him build a 'son' or 'daughter' for Smokin' Ace, which is actually a copy of Smokin' Ace's suit. They should look the same or similar, so he can switch between which ones he wears. He should build robot that can put either suit too, if he can, then he and his robot friend can have Smokin' Ace and his descendant both show up at the same time.
  3. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Touched By Charlie's Angels
  4. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread Hey, you know what? Rainbows. Yeah.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Overheard at the RPG Club. Kinda. A Promiscuous Hobbit Wizard fighting Hobbit Chamber-Maids, doesn't want to kill them because they were being mindcontrolled. Ends up grappling one to the floor and straddling her. As he is punching her in the face he says: "By the way, my safety word is 'Potato'." Then, because she's unconscious, he gets up and sees another Hobbit Maid about to hit his friend with a hot teapot. So he leaps two metres and performs a flying kick to the head, knocking her out too. The friend looks at the Incredible Leaping Wizard in astonishment. The Wizard misinterprets the look and asks, sincerely: "Sorry, was that one yours?"
  6. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares You had SAN left?!? How'd you find this forum?
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I have a varied diet myself. And I mean varied. But I'm a celibate virgin by choice. Speaking of which... I can haz moar kwotes plz? KTHXBYE!
  8. Re: The Mentalist Wrestler I always liked high level Telekinesis, with a range of touch. It works like superstrength, so people can assume you're just a very strong wrestler, but, when you need to, you can do some funky stuff with it, like wall-crawling or even leviation as long as some part of your costume touches the floor. It explains why your brick PC can pick up a car/truck/train without bending it or ripping off a small part of it instead, because you use TK to hold every bit of it at once. The touch is just to make contact.
  9. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Lost In Space. As in Lost... IN SPAAAACE!!! The Robinsons land on the Island, fix everything within an hour and spend the rest of the series providing perfectly logical explanations for everything that happens. Edit: The Robinsons and their pet robot, pet supervillain and pet Matt LeBlanc.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Funnily enough, I recently played Fantasy Hero with a guy who was kind of irritating. He played a smarmy elf rogue, and hit on the mayor's slimmer daughter. My mage may be a pervert (he's a furry who uses the polymorph spell to spend most of his time in the shape of a fox, and chases after butterflies. It was a very characterful game.) but he knows when to back off. Since the Elf wasn't getting the hint to back off, I ducked around the door, excusing myself as though going to the bathroom, then cast a silent mage hand-ish spell to make the mayor's daughter feel like she'd just had her left breast groped. Since the Elf was sat on her left on the bench, she finally got the courage to slap him and have him thrown out of the Mayor's house. Then I stroll in, get told what a jerk my friend has been, apologise for the company that destiny has forced me to keep, and have a nice meal with a long conversation on romance and music with the Mayor's plumper daughter. And, as some of you might remember, my character has a 'thing' for the larger ladies. He was technically appointed Town Wizard, so he has an excuse to return regularly and see her, but he never made the mistake of bringing the Elf back. He plans to make her one of his wives next year, and she's quite understanding about the whole 'polygamy' thing.
  11. Re: WWYCD Political chaos! If the candidate was a candidate for an American political position, then Sir Johnstone doesn't care. If it is for a British political position, he'd only slightly care, depending on if this guy is one of his contacts or not. If he is, then Sir Johnstone would have known about something like this already. If not, then Sir Johnstone makes a phone call and the crime is suddenly uncovered by someone else, leading to a full criminal trial, etc. If it was something that he wouldn't be arrested for anymore, then Sir Johnstone wouldn't bother to make it public knowledge, but might use it as blackmail material just before the election to get another contact in the British Government.
  12. Re: Our Party: Explosion waiting to happen There's no need to modify anything. The Mutant Blaster has no need to kill because he has highly effective non-lethal attacks. The Magic Blaster has no need to kill because she has highly effective non-lethal attacks. Both of these characters consider killing to be wrong, so they vow never to kill, at least not if there's any chance of a non-lethal solution. The Tech-Scrapper has only his equipment, military weaponry, and none of this gives him much chance of a non-lethal takedown. But, because he's not a complete psychopath, he'll usually shoot an arm or a leg rather than go immediately for a headshot. The Tech-Mastermind has mainly support power, healing his teammates and doing whatever it takes to fulfil the programming that he was given. If this means a villain dies, then so be it. Neither of these latter two characters are going out there to kill, but they will if they have to. They respect the strong morals of the Blasters, but they cannot follow such a rigid oath, because they do not have the sheer non-lethal power of the Blasters. Sometimes they just need to defend themselves or innocents.
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