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  1. What about the ability to bestow powers upon mortals? Is that an inherent Godly ability or is it restricted to only some gods?
  2. Does the paleolithic era include mammoths?
  3. This was actually super-useful, thanks!
  4. The Librarian Trilogy and the ten episode sequel television programme The Librarians Perpetual student, Flynn Carsen is recruited by a mystical secret library underneath the New York Metropolitan Library, to be the new Librarian. He is sent around the world to retrieve dangerous mystical artifacts and stop them falling into the wrong hands. Sort of like Indiana Jones, if he didn't need the gun or the whip because he was the smartest, most well-educated man in the world.
  5. I plan on making a Halfling Cleric Baker. I hope to use some of my cakes as alternatives to healing potions, some of them as stat-boosters, some as simply very nutritious food (despite tasting exactly like cake), and some as traps. The healing cake I get, it's just an OAF for a healing power. The stats boosting cake is similar. The very nutritious cake is simply a Life Support Power, immunity to hunger and ingested poisons, usable by others. The special effect is "Here's one I made earlier," followed by producing a long-lasting cake (fruitcake or something) that I made a while ago and hid for just such an emergency. But what about the trap cakes? I plan to have a few cakes in my pack seeded there simply to trap thieves who want to take my cake without asking. The cakes will turn the thieves a funny colour for easy identification, using the Transform power, and the colour getting more clear as time goes on until they are completely covered in a particular shade. But how would you stat up a Transform attack that takes time to build up like that and only works after an enemy has eaten something you cooked?
  6. Re: PRE Drain Or simply say 'Sure, you can see the power. The power is "This teacher is really creepy". So you "see" that the teacher...is really creepy. Congratulations, I guess?'
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Honestly, I always played Call of Cthulhu as a Jackie Chan style 'normal man in over his head' action game. If I know that I'm going to die or go insane anyway, I might as well have my bookworm professor try jump-kicking zombies in the head...tentacle...thing. If I fail, I get beaten up and eaten the way I would have anyway. So I get a typical Call of Cthulhu ending and have had a few laughs. If I miraculously succeed against all odds? Woohoo! I've miraculously succeeded against all odds! Whereas, if I just ran from danger and kind of avoided people who seemed shifty, I get bored until the plot inevitably happens and I die anyway. But with no chance at all of succeeding, 'against all odds' or not.
  8. Re: For whom the (dinner) bell tolls... Eldritch is a powerful evil mage of the cackling, "lets have fun doing evil" kind. So he doesn't need to eat at all but does. I think he probably takes a group of good-looking people hostage (because if you are going to have to keep track of hostages, they might as well pretty to look at). Then he'll summon up an incredible feast of every kind of luxury food under the sun, all the really unhealthy, fattening junk that people might eat if they didn't have to worry about their health and forces the hostages to gorge themselves right along with him. Not only does the food not affect him one way or the other, it actually magically makes the hostages immune to heart failure or starvation. This is partly because he doesn't want to risk his hostages dying on him for any reason. But it's mostly because he makes his food extremely fattening (as in "10lbs an hour" fattening), in order to drastically reduce the inevitable escape attempts.
  9. At the moment, I am playing a Supervillain Campaign. My character in particular is a powerful magic user that is only really being a supervillain for kicks. He already has everything he wants because, well, magic. To illustrate my point, I want to give him a slavishly devoted magical harem. But, to make it all the more impressive (while simultaneously avoiding the implication that he could be sleeping with any of the other PCs at any time) he is going to have a harem made up entirely of fictional characters, usually as they were portrayed in film adaptations. This includes giving them some of the powers and prowess that they displayed in the film. Now, I know how I would build the basic mechanics of a magical harem. Its a pretty typical "summon" spell, to which you add any appropriate dis/ads. But what I want to know is, what fictional characters would you add? Not your character, mind you. I'm talking about random people on the internet. Bear in mind, of course, that since he can dismiss and resummon, he has not limit on the number of people he eventually summons. For example so far: Batman, Robin, and Batgirl from "Batman & Robin" Because the film may have been pretty bad but the heroes were just pretty.
  10. Re: Has anyone built any of the characters from Star Trek - Deep Space 9? Thanks.
  11. Re: Sci-Fi Melee Weapons: Bat'leth, Lirpas, Lightsabres, Rykk Blades, Koltari, Denn'B So here are the titular weapons, with some brief explanation as to where I heard the name. Bat'leth - The Klingon sword, used in most battles if possible. Also popular (in universe) among members of many other species, especially their adversaries turned allies, the Federation. Lirpas - A Lirpa is a Vulcan ceremonial weapon, dating back to the days before their devotion to logic, when their extreme emotions were allowed to run free. The Lirpa is the weapon used by Kirk and Spock in that famous fight to the death. A long wooden pole in the centre, with an extremely sharp semi-circular blade fanning out from one end of the pole and a large, heavy, metal club on the other end. Lightsabres - The sword of a Jedi or Sith, this is a blade of plasma held in by a magnetic field. It's creation involves force-sensitive crystals and is a test of the creator's complete mastery of the force. Ryyk Blades - The traditional sword of a Wookie, this weapon is an enormous blade which is nevertheless able to be manipulated gracefully by the immense user. Each is hand made and considered to be an extension of it's user. Koltari - The sword of the Centauri, now used mostly for ceremonial occasions and duels to the death among the heads of feuding houses. It is a straight sword designed for use in a thrusting attack, unlike the slashing weapons that make up most of this list. Denn'Bok - This is the extendable metal staff of the Rangers. It is a small metal cylinder no wider than the average human hand when held closed, but it grows to about six feet or more when activated.
  12. Ok, so I know that the Sci-Fi genre is often more well known for the prevalence of energy projectile weapons. But you have to admit, we do like watching a good old fashioned duel to the death with weapons that even modern day humans would consider antiquated, albeit unusual. So I decided that since I want to have characters written up for Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5, I really would love to have all their favourite ancient and noble weaponry available. So I thought I might ask for some write-ups of stuff related to them. Obviously I would like to find out about any that I can, so first a few lines of fluff would be great. Then a mention of the stats of the weapon itself. (Usually just the fact that it does XD6 K.A. and what categories it would fit into for Weapon Familiarity or Weaponsmith.) But I would also like to know any details that might come in handy for the roleplaying, such as how heavy it is and when it should or should not be used. So, anyone got any suggestions?
  13. Re: World-building: When what works for the heroes works for everyone? You know, I think I might have to try this origin story. But you know what a world based on this would be like? Turn on the TV...That's what it would be like. See how any given Rambo film is all about a super-soldier called Rambo taking down a whole army of bad guys really easily? Well, that's because, when he got to Vietnam, a young man named John Rambo realised that he was actually a natural killing machine. See the film Commando? That's John Matrix, a man who is actually even better at war than Rambo but only when an innocent life is on the line (hence why he turns down most missions). See Die Hard? The NYPD detective John McLaine has similar abilities but he uses them to enforce the law on armed robberies and the like. When he finally got the divorce, his wife kept custody of their son, but he got custody of their daughter because she started showing signs of superpowers similar to her paternal grandmother "Royal Payne" (same actress, from Sky High). See any number of TV shows? They all happen, but the stuff that happens is the result of this. Chuck is all about a guy that has the ability to download computer files to his brain, and the actual 'Intersect' is just a fancy word for a collaborative filing system computer program that the US government was working on. It was never intended to be put in a person. The Big Bang Theory is a TV show about the early years of the immortal genius supervillain 'Sheldon'. (I know it doesn't sound scary to you now but you just wait...) And so on. Heck, Unbreakable was basically just a dramatisation.
  14. Re: Superhero Team Members Actually, I would just make them focus on different aspects of being Earth's Mightiest/Greatest Heroes. Have the Avengers focus mainly on fighting off invasions and attacks from other worlds, like the Skrull, Galactus and Mephisto. Then have the Justice League (not 'of America', just 'the Justice League') doing what their name suggests, stopping supercriminals on a global scale. People like Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Lex Luthor, Circe and Lex Luthor. Then have the occasional problem so big that both teams must work together to defeat it. Things like Darkseid or Doctor Doom.
  15. Re: Music to Kill Zombies By Mad, Crazy Awesome Choices? A) Excaliber. A bad-ass classical music score sung by a Valkyrie choir who collect the grateful souls of the people who were zombified. C) A Star Trek holoprogram with portable generator. (Because if I can only have one person, I'm having somebody who can be other people, too. But for now, I'll go for having it replicate Jadzia Dax with a Bat'leth.) 'Realistic' Choices? A) A spear (because I'm better at thrusting with a spear than any 'swinging' weapon, and ranged weapons always run out. Maybe something to shoot in case I absolutely have to save somebody at range. Maybe.) Queen's Greatest Hits, plus one or two extras, like Bon Jovi's "It's my life". C) Ahnold The Governator (on the one hand, he can still crush puny zombie skulls, and on the other hand, if the Governor of California goes missing, he's going to have a huge search party out looking for him. And if they don't find him till me and him have wiped out the zombies, then I'm the hero who helped Arnie wipe out an army of zombies.)
  16. Re: Need Help with Low-powered supers Personally, if I wanted to try something like Dark Champions but not so dark and gritty, I'd just have the players make Dark Champions characters, but to fit the style. So if one of your players writes up 'The Punisher' simply change it from 'Military Psycho With Military Assault Rifle' to 'Supersoldier with laser rifle'. But on the whole, I'd say 200 points with up to 50 points of disads. Then apply a maximum of about 50 AP per power. Then demand that everyone take at least ten points of 'Code VS Killing'.
  17. Has anybody got any writeups at all for Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog? Anywhere?
  18. Re: Make a Green Lantern Oath "From nicest smell, to foulest scent, No rot of soul shall pervade my nose, When Evil hides from all sight, Where it lays, Only Kar-El knows!
  19. Re: We Screwed Up, Please Help Us... All of my characters would let the henchmen tell their boss that the only reason hir daughter got kidnapped was because I assumed that the henchmen were up to no good and started questioning them. Then me and the Supervillain would team up with every single other superhero or villain and go thundering after the kidnappers. I wouldn't even stop the Supervillain from killing them if he wanted to. In my games, you DO NOT touch family. Anyone's family. Not even your own archnemesis.
  20. Re: How to model Jade (from Whately) Essentially, Jade is a fourteen year old girl with the body of a boy, who has manifested the mutant ability to duplicate her inner self outside of her own body. She can either manifest herself as an intangible, invisible self; a poltergeist haunting an object or an intangible, invisible person residing in a set of clothes and make up. If her inner self manifests 'naturally', such as using a cloud of flour to take the shape of her inner self, she looks like a teenage girl of about eighteen years of age. She is a separate person in each 'self' but they are able to recombine memories by deactivating themselves. Her most common 'self-manifestations' are: Jade, the self in the body, who pretends to be a gadget/device based mutant. She carries a few actual gadgets made by friends in the know and a few fakes made of things covered in blinky lights. When she wants to defend herself, she pretends to turn on a gadget, while actually manifesting another 'self' in it. So, for example, she commonly manifests in a 'Hello Kitty' compact with blades on it, making it fly and spin like a self controlling shuriken. Jinn, a self who usually possesses either a set of clothes and make-up designed to look human, or a dark cloak with chalk dust for a face. She is being passed off as Jade's dead older sister. Since her chest is hollow, she carries a safe inside it with her alternate costume inside and a bunch of chains and weapons. For example, since she has been attacked in the past by a werewolf, she bought a load of railroad spikes and coated the tips in silver so he couldn't regenerate. Then, when the werewolf attacked Jade again, Jinn shot them at him hard enough and fast enough to nail him to a tree, before using them to burn the message 'I Like To Hurt Little Girls' into his chest.
  21. Re: Help! Secret ID is being uncovered! Simply have Jack 'come out' as the mechanic who fixes Ace, and at the same time have him point out that Ace is actually a robot from a near future timeline that has now been erased by the changes he made when he came back. Demonstrate by showing the public a 'spare arm' which is a fully robotic replica of the Smokin' Ace suit's arm. He claims that the reason he is nowhere to be seen when Smokin' Ace arrives is because he must be stationed at the base, giving data and such, like Oracle does for Batman. Then have him build a 'son' or 'daughter' for Smokin' Ace, which is actually a copy of Smokin' Ace's suit. They should look the same or similar, so he can switch between which ones he wears. He should build robot that can put either suit too, if he can, then he and his robot friend can have Smokin' Ace and his descendant both show up at the same time.
  22. Re: The best Superpet? How about a supervillain? Seriously, you'd be surprised how many fanfics there are for which the plot is that a random supervillain is declared nonhuman for obscure legal reasons, or something, and the hero has to take custody of him/her, including putting him/her on a leash whenever they leave private property. Literally half of all Kim Possible fanfics are her having to take custody of Shego on leash or vice versa. Besides, it's basically the same as a sidekick.
  23. Has anyone got a build for the main characters of Sky High?
  24. Re: The Question (Rene Montoya/ DC) Do you mind if I use this as the base for a Champions PC of my own? I'm not going to post it, I just want to use it in a game.
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