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  1. Re: Our Party: Explosion waiting to happen There's no need to modify anything. The Mutant Blaster has no need to kill because he has highly effective non-lethal attacks. The Magic Blaster has no need to kill because she has highly effective non-lethal attacks. Both of these characters consider killing to be wrong, so they vow never to kill, at least not if there's any chance of a non-lethal solution. The Tech-Scrapper has only his equipment, military weaponry, and none of this gives him much chance of a non-lethal takedown. But, because he's not a complete psychopath, he'll usually shoot an arm or a leg rather than go immediately for a headshot. The Tech-Mastermind has mainly support power, healing his teammates and doing whatever it takes to fulfil the programming that he was given. If this means a villain dies, then so be it. Neither of these latter two characters are going out there to kill, but they will if they have to. They respect the strong morals of the Blasters, but they cannot follow such a rigid oath, because they do not have the sheer non-lethal power of the Blasters. Sometimes they just need to defend themselves or innocents.
  2. Re: WWYCD: The New Recruit. . . Sir Johnstone doesn't see what the problem is. This person who killed bad guys, has been said to have been justified every time by a court of law. Not to mention the fact that the only people he has killed are evil doers of the worst sort who would have escaped and killed again if he'd let them go.
  3. Re: WWYCD: Dr. Destroyer vs Takofanes Sir Johnstone probably set up this fight so as to eliminate one the two greatest threats to humanity in the world. He also probably gave Doc Destroyer something to give him the edge in the fight.
  4. Re: Reconciling Manga & Batman First of all, no, I haven't read the entire topic, sorry. Second, sorry to correct anyone who has obviously been on the board a lot longer than me, but Batman can and does cast spells. He's not Zatanna, but he has summoned ghosts in the past, I.E. his contact, the ghost of a dead circus acrobat, Deadman. Thirdly, in a manga universe like Dragonball Z, people like Batman don't exist. You are either an incredible martial artist, in which case you start to be able to throw fireballs because you're just -that- good at martial arts, or you're an average guy and haven't taken a karate lesson in your life. At least, that's how I perceive it. Fourth, in the DC universe, people like the martial artists in manga are not human. They are 'metahuman'. Someone who shoots balls of fire because they got incredibly good at martial arts? Something's not quite normal there. Batman is still amongst the best -human- fighters in the world. Not to mention, he's amongst the best -fighters-, not martial artists. Martial artists want to perform better martial arts, fighters want to stop the crooks doing what they're doing as quickly as possible. Hence why a saiyan would try fighting Superman by developing new technique after new technique, but Batman just grabs a green rock and starts breaking some ribs. It might take a lot of kryptonite and a hell of a plan, but plans and resources are the Bat's schtick. Batman seems fine with letting Karate Kid/Dragon be the best human martial artists in the world. He's never fought Lady Shiva because she likes to kill anyone she fights and she doesn't want to kill such a good fighter. So he seems to only be the joint best human fighter in the world. But does it matter? If it was possible for just -any- martial artist to kill the Bat, or even just nigh-on kill him, do you really think they would stand a chance against the combined onslaught of all the people who'd avenge him or even the villians that wanted to kill him themselves? And not all of them are gonna refrain from killing, y'know.
  5. Re: Evil organization with science + supernatural elements? Thing is, occult/cyber/regular Nazi bad guys have been done to death. And then another death, and another... It's still cool but if you don't want your players in on it, you don't want a mad scientist with a German accent, trust me. GMPC: "Ah, ve meet at-" Player: "Did he say 'V' instead of we?" GM: "Um, yea-" Players: "We shoot him in the head." You could try a Neo-Soviet Militia. They keep the WWII/Cold War theme but they don't usually get the occult stuff, despite the great Russian myths. So even if someone does suspect the scientist with the 'Czech' accent, it (probably) won't be assumed that he's here to spy on the were-wolf. Of course, if you want to keep the players in the dark, you could just give very little away. Maybe the agent in charge of spying on the werewolf, uses magic nanites to mind control civilians into spying for him. Then he looks through their eyes. The pcs only find out about it when they run into the same civilians again and again, till they confront one and his head explodes. The only clue left behind is a big cyborg brain chip that seems to have been magically emitting what the civilian was seeing to a remote location. E.T.C.
  6. Re: WWYCD: Dead before your time... If his employer is still alive, then he would go back to work, apologising for his absence. He claims that 'For a butler, death is no excuse!'. Then he would write to his friends and contacts in Britain, with the same message. With his employer's blessing, he would then try to form the 'Next Generation' of the team, mostly in honour of his dead friends and partly to find and defeat whatever killed them. His nonchalance isn't because he's been dead before or anything. He just is a faithful protestant, and believes that if God spared him, but not his friends, then he must have some role to play, ha-ha, in 'His' grand scheme.
  7. Re: WWYCD: We hope you're feeling better now Sir Johnstone would respond based on two things. If they try to convince him that he's not British, then he'll 'know' that they are imposters trying to make him think that he's insane. Then he would become very peeved. If they don't try telling him that he's not British, then he'd likely be in a British mental institution. But does he still have his incredible skills? They aren't powers, just Batman style training. If he still has his training and skills, then he'd fake being 'cured' to get out of the hospital. Then he'd go to his employer, and attempt to get his old job back, continuing as he did before any of this happened. If he doesn't have those skills, and his 'training' and 'butling' was just another illusion, he'd stay in the asylum quite happily, all the while training himself in all the skills he thought that he had. When he was back up to speed, he'd fake being 'cured' and go start the life that he had spent so long thinking about. If he doesn't have those skills but does have friends/family of a 'normal' life, he'd ask that they please accept him for who he is now. Then he'd train back up to speed and get himself released.
  8. Re: WWYCD voluntary super registration Sir Johnstone wouldn't bother registering. He isn't looking to get police powers despite having a public id anyway. If someone from the British government or the monarchy told him to register as a show of goodwill between Britain and America, however, he definitely would. And, to be frank, that's quite likely.
  9. Re: WWYCD: The Coverup -- Covering Up The Cover Up Sir Johnstone would listen to what the sidekick had to say, while stoking the log fire, then tell the sidekick that he, being a man with many skills has researched the events and found conclusive evidence that it definitely was the villain's fault. He would have mentioned it sooner but there was no sense in muckraking. Then he tells the sidekick to go and relax, now he knows the truth. The next panel shows what's on the logfire. The fire is burning the last of the plans that (Sidekick's hero) made to stop (Uber-Bad-Guy) by causing exactly the amount of destruction that happened.
  10. Re: Dist. Features (But OIHID????) I would make it impossible to conceal. Then I would apply 'Only In Heroic Identity' to work out how much the Demon features are really worth.
  11. Re: WWYCD: Once bitten . . . Seek his employer's opinion. Should I turn in my letter of resignation, or continue working. Obviously, if sunlight burns me then I will need to work indoors during the day. If I'm told to turn in my letter of resignation, then I'll make a visit to the Hellsing Organisation to offer myself up for a contract like Alucard's.
  12. Re: WWYCD: Dumb, Da-Dumb, Dumb, Dumb... Smirk at the moronic criminals. Then buy a subscription of the paper that keeps reporting these silly crook stories to put on the breakfast tray for his employer. It pays to keep your employer amused.
  13. Re: Is your character religious? Sir Johnstone is a very dedicated protestant. Like Walter from Hellsing. Seriously religious, but he doesn't deny that other 'Gods' may exist. Just that they aren't the 'one true God' but simply powerful and old magical beings.
  14. Re: WWYCD: Registration Payback Sir Johnstone is probably the one who contacted all these supervillains and gave them the nanotech. They're likely doing it for their own reasons but he's the man with the plan.
  15. Re: WWYCD: One Wish Good question, BTW, really made me think.
  16. Re: WWYCD: One Wish Well, either whatever the Genie has always wanted somebody to wish for, whether for their sake or his, (I.E. I wish the genie would find true love) or something good for England and the Commonwealth, (I.E. stronger economy, better relations with other countries) or, if it had to be something that he himself would like, then he would wish for his new friend 'Genie' to stay in touch.
  17. Re: WWYCD "super" registration Sir Johnstone wouldn't need to register as he's not that powerful, not American, and can go back to his dayjob as butler if he needs to. However, with his employer's blessing, he would take a few days off. Then one of two things would happen. Either A.) The law is repealed, everyone breathes a sigh of relief, we all get back to work. B.) The president is visited in a locked office by a shadowy figure with a grating voice, demanding that the law be repealed or else there will be consequences. Then when he doesn't repeal it, every superhero -and- every supervillain who dislikes the law, suddenly gets British Citizenship and a job that gives them diplomatic immunity (I.E. a royal pardon for all past crimes). Then, if the law still hasn't been repealed, Britain declares war on the 'upstart colonies of America'.
  18. Re: Civil War Sir Johnstone would not register. Despite having a public ID, he would stop openly wearing a costume and being a member of any Superhero League. He would continue his dayjob as a butler and, instead of wearing a costume, he would go for long walks that 'just happen' to take him through the crime district. When he saw crimes happen, he would use his skills to stop them and make a "citizen's arrest". If he was arrested, he would use his one phone call to apologetically inform his employer that he was unable to remain in his employ, as he has been arrested and may be some time. He would, as a qualified lawyer, argue his case on the basis that the registration act is unconstitutional. If he was found guilty, he would be deported to England, his home country, and not need to register to continue as a superhero, being popular in Great Britain. If, on the other hand, his employer joins the rebellion, so would he. He'd relish the opportunity to rebel against this particular law. In either case, his anti-registration sentiment would lead many among the Great British government, especially the monarchy, to consider the registration act in America with even more distaste than they would anyway.
  19. Re: WWYCD: Welcome Divinity? Sir Johnstone would accept immediately and graciously, then immediately go back to his dayjob as a butler. If they continued to refer to him/themselves as gods, he would say that he politely requests that they refrain from doing so in his presence as he is a loyal protestant christian. If it turned out that 'Gods' have rules that stop him from being a superhero, then he would be a superhero anyway and simply not use Divine Power ever again, though he would mourn the loss of Divine Power when it was time to do the dusting in the mansion.
  20. Re: WWYCD: King Arthur is back Merlin, according to the legend, took Arthur to the Lady Of The Lake (Merlin's fairy cousin who lives in a lake) when Arthur broke the sword from the stone in a fight with The Black Knight (Some knight who wears black armour and won't let people use his road without a fight). When he gets the sword and it's scabbard/sheath, he asks Arthur whether he thinks the scabbard/sheath covered in gems, or the sword, Excalibur, that will never miss, is more important. Obviously Arthur thinks that a sword which will never miss, break, get blunt or even be disarmed, is more valuable. WRONG! As long as Arthur has the scabbard/sheath, not only is he invulnerable and unkillable, he can also never lose a fight. Ever! And, BTW, Sir Johnstone (An english butler like Alfred but knighted and with superpowers) would probably pledge immediate loyalty, even unto death, and expect 'The One True King Of England' to assume command of his sovereignty. If it turned out to be a trick, for some nefarious plot, Sir Johnstone would be very peeved. And when an English butler gets peeved, people DIE!
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