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  1. Re: Acro is bored Decided you get a second chance. Shoot!
  2. Re: Superhero Images Odd that when she puts her legs together, there's a heart shaped cut-out in her leggings... I dig on the pose, though. Rather natural, imo.
  3. Re: Acro is bored I tried to do that Ultron, George Perez bubbling energy in the mouth and eyes, but it didn't come out well at that size (which is why comic artists draw at like 2x the size... hehe). Glad you liked it.
  4. Re: Acro is bored Drew this one during dinner. I went with the old alchemical symbol for copper to replace the "Cu" instead of doing a marred version. Seemed sinister enough for me. Anywho, here it is...
  5. Re: Acro is bored Well, if you're gonna about it... This is based off, like, a decade old memory. But this is whatcha get...
  6. Re: Acro is bored While we wait, somebody give me some ideas for using this costume design (partially ripped from the Ion design we worked out on the boards here long ago...)
  7. Re: Acro is bored Well, we'll send Lemming a PM and if he doesn't respond by, say, 5pm (because I am also impatient) we'll give it to the "next guy"... who seems to be Richard there...
  8. Re: Acro is bored Well, I thought it would be fun, anyway Rawr!
  9. Re: Acro is bored I'm going to start kicking people in the shins.
  10. Re: Acro is bored Next poster here gets to pick someone else on the boards to get an doodle Or we can just have a throwdown between Schir1964 and Magmarock... (I've got a crappy job now, so I'm slowin' down)
  11. Acroyear

    Visor Girl

    Re: Visor Girl She's Wonder (Who I Am) Woman.
  12. Re: Who was the LAMEST? He's named after the abundance of ropey/cable-like fibers in his neck visibile under his paper-thin skin. I was going to vote 'Mazing Man... but, honestly, Bloodwulf takes the cake. Not only did he suck, not only did his space harley change shape every panel, but he was a rip-off of a nigh-equally sucky character (who isn['t as sucky because at least he was occasionally funny).
  13. Re: Newbie Seeks Character Creation Help
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