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  1. Re: Superhero Images Odd that when she puts her legs together, there's a heart shaped cut-out in her leggings... I dig on the pose, though. Rather natural, imo.
  2. Re: DEMON: Opinions (some spoilers) I'm not so sure. Much of Viper would be a lot less interested in Viper if the sales pitch was "we're going to dominate the world for magic snake gods" in my opinion. I don't so much mind that the group was founded out of some sort of snake cult, but the fact that the magic snakes are real and it's still a snake cult really makes things kooky for me. Is the CU a "iron age" or "real world with powers" setting? I didn't really get that impression. Perhaps iron leanings. I don't find it any less silly than simple criminal organizations. How well would the Yakuza fair? Just as well, assuming they had the numbers and technology that Viper has. Like I said, it's just too much of a push for something to be a shocking revelation. It's like if they DID do a Yakuza sourcebook, you'd be expecting the truth behind the group to be, like, Atlantean domination of the world. And the Mafia? That was originally founded by moonmen who have a dietary requirement in alcohol, which is why they were so active during prohibition. When the twist is expected, when the twist is the stereotype... it's no longer interesting. I'd much rather see a section about possible twists to the organization. Really a magical hamster cult, really the outgrowth of a failed alien invasion in the 1920's, really a rogue government agency, really the result of an unhappy housewife with the justice system, whatever... This would help provide uses for a variety of GMs without all the burden (the purpose of a sourcebook, imo). Of course, that's just my take on it. I'm sure many people enjoy it, but I'd really like to see a big criminal group that doesn't have some deep, dark secret that it keeps even from its own members. A Dr. D organization book might fit this... I'm not keen on Dr. D, myself, but it seems more straightforward.
  3. Re: DEMON: Opinions (some spoilers) If the public and/or the general membership of your organization is unaware of your true purpose, then your organization is a front. I don't particularly care for Viper as either "a game by a crazy computer" or a "magical snake cult" myself. Just seems like too much of a push to include something to be discovered that's shocking or something.
  4. Re: DEMON: Opinions (some spoilers) One thing I would like is a bad guy organization that is exactly what it appears to be. Thus far: Viper is basically a front. Demon is basically a front.
  5. Re: DEMON: Opinions (some spoilers) Also great for the (apparently) rare time travel campaigns/characters.
  6. Re: Superhero Images No on both counts. I'm not what you'd call a prolific artist. In fact, I take tons of shortcuts. Add to that, I don't actually possess most of my good stuff. As for commissions, it wouldn't be as cool to charge people when I also give it away for free. This also means I don't have to draw when I don't feel like it. The thought's crossed my mind a number of times, especially right now (I'm unemployed, the holidays are coming, etc). If enough people ask, I might consider it more seriously.
  7. Re: Superhero Images Only at random and when bored. Keep an eye out for the Acro is bored thread to rear its ugly head.
  8. Re: Superhero Images Did this for some dude over on RPGnet, unsolicited, and to further my crusade of chronocide. Thought I might as well share it here for all you hybrid universe type folks I dunno much of the story. The bunny is a manifestation of an Oan or something (or the ring computer) and she has a preference for making creature shapes with the ring. If curious, do a search for "Jordan Kincaid" on rpgnet's forums (that's the character name, not the poster) and maybe you can find more. You can see what I mean when I say I'm not a great colorist... Anywho...
  9. Re: Superspeed! Well, it's something wacky for someone with fairly rough sonic attacks. As it's not explained and not something we've ever seen before... it's questionable. Add to that, it seemed to have been removed with little trouble (GA removed it, assumedly, before he started working on her handcuffs while GL was getting thrashed). We both know that the bag stopped it somehow and we weren't given much more. Shoving a rolled up towel or something down her throat is more easily bought, imo. *shrug* And that would have been acceptable to me. We seem to agree here, too. Ordinarily, I would agree with you 100%. However... The length of dialog is already used, in the fight itself, to display the pace/speed of the actions. I have no choice but to use it as a measure since the author set that rule in the beginning. So it's either time used (and thus, characters are acting poorly) or the pacing is discarded in which the writer is writing poorly. This shows more of the poor work here. In all the scrambling and chaos (and after hearing impairing explosions, I'd add) he can hear someone's jaw click. I can only assume that GA moving around and drawing an arrow (which, iirc, includes disengaging a lock in the quiver click click) is hard to miss after they hype up his awareness levels (hearing jaws click, looking at and shooting a microscopic being) and tactical ability. Even if GA managed to be that sneaky, he's not fast enough to stab a guy whom we just established as having reflexes fast enough to trick the Flash and to do things like draw a bag, leap a distance and bag and strip-tie someone's head between their mouth opening and their voice coming out. Sure, Deathstroke is focusing on something, but with all that brainpower and tactical ability, I can't believe he's that out of the loop or that he so totally discounted GA's fighting prowess. This guy has combat experience out the wazoo. In this instance, Deathstroke is portrayed as too weak (as opposed to, perhaps, too powerful). Compared to the level of damage he has been shown to fight through, easily, without missing a beat I consider it "no harm." Deathstroke doesn't carry any emotional burdens over the eye. He flat out flaunts the fact that he's missing an eye, doesn't care if you know it, and he's still good enough to put you in your place. GA is narrating, I believe, (not Deathstroke's wishful thinking) and the next panel clearly shows 4 broken fingers (or, at the very least, 4 severely dislocated fingers). In the following panel, look how far away GA is... there's definitely some footfalls needed (over rubble) for him to get close enough to jump on Deathstroke's back. Again, if I'm to believe his senses are acute enough for such rapid reactions vs Black Canary, I have to wonder what happened vs GA. Again, in this part of the fight, Deathstroke deserves better. Granted, we're going over this with a fine tooth comb, but there's just simply strong errors which make this fight crappy, imo. Flash chest ramming Deathstroke. The Atom being slammed with a laser pointer. Green Lantern trying to throw a punch at Deathstroke, at all. Deathstroke totally discounting and ignoring Green Arrow just because his arrows could not be launched with his bow. Deathstroke flipping out over a some pain. Just poorly executed, imo, with seemingly wild power fluctuations within the same fight (usually you need to wait for a new story arc for that kind of drastic shift), pacing established and then discarded. Both Deathstroke and the JLA deserve better. This could have been a beautiful battle for us fanboys.
  10. Re: Superhero Images Go for it. I wouldn't post these things if I wasn't intending them to be enjoyed and used (again, personal non-profit use only. If it's displayed in public, please credit where credit is due. If you find a way to make big bucks with them, let me know because I'm currently unemployed ). For the Dread pic, note that the cape isn't complete (ran into the border on the character sheet he was drawn on) but considering the simplistic style, it shouldn't be hard.
  11. Re: Superhero Images Well, then they'd be disabling hypertext which means we couldn't link to stuff on our own pages or post formatted character sheets and stuff
  12. Re: Superhero Images Top shelf! I wish my colors were half as good.
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