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  1. Re: Acro is bored Decided you get a second chance. Shoot!
  2. Re: Superhero Images Odd that when she puts her legs together, there's a heart shaped cut-out in her leggings... I dig on the pose, though. Rather natural, imo.
  3. Re: Acro is bored I tried to do that Ultron, George Perez bubbling energy in the mouth and eyes, but it didn't come out well at that size (which is why comic artists draw at like 2x the size... hehe). Glad you liked it.
  4. Re: Acro is bored Drew this one during dinner. I went with the old alchemical symbol for copper to replace the "Cu" instead of doing a marred version. Seemed sinister enough for me. Anywho, here it is...
  5. Re: Acro is bored Well, if you're gonna about it... This is based off, like, a decade old memory. But this is whatcha get...
  6. Re: Acro is bored While we wait, somebody give me some ideas for using this costume design (partially ripped from the Ion design we worked out on the boards here long ago...)
  7. Re: Acro is bored Well, we'll send Lemming a PM and if he doesn't respond by, say, 5pm (because I am also impatient) we'll give it to the "next guy"... who seems to be Richard there...
  8. Re: Acro is bored Well, I thought it would be fun, anyway Rawr!
  9. Re: Acro is bored I'm going to start kicking people in the shins.
  10. Re: Acro is bored Next poster here gets to pick someone else on the boards to get an doodle Or we can just have a throwdown between Schir1964 and Magmarock... (I've got a crappy job now, so I'm slowin' down)
  11. Acroyear

    Visor Girl

    Re: Visor Girl She's Wonder (Who I Am) Woman.
  12. Re: Who was the LAMEST? He's named after the abundance of ropey/cable-like fibers in his neck visibile under his paper-thin skin. I was going to vote 'Mazing Man... but, honestly, Bloodwulf takes the cake. Not only did he suck, not only did his space harley change shape every panel, but he was a rip-off of a nigh-equally sucky character (who isn['t as sucky because at least he was occasionally funny).
  13. Re: Newbie Seeks Character Creation Help
  14. Re: Appropriateness of "Automaton" advantages for a PC We've never had a problem with it. Just as the cost is tripled for defenses, we triple the figure for checking "balance" with other defenses. Oftentimes, players would have to build in some other effects to allow for the characetr to be taken out of action. Such as limited ability to escape entangles and such. One idea I came up with after a discussion on the "intercept attacks with my mechanical limbs" type idea was (for a game without hit locations) was to remove the character's limbs and link extra limbs to the BDy score
  15. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers There aren't a lot of names that might signify armor piercing that sound too great... and "Teflon Don" was taken . A lot of people equate "mafia" with doofus for some reason. Rocky was the "brightest" of this particular crime family's LTs, iirc. Not Reed Richards or anything, but I think he was 13+ wasn't he? This isn't a dim bulb who is gonna say "Hey yo, I'ma da Crushah! Da Cruhsinatah! I'ma bust up alla yous legs!" He's more of a "Mr. Spumoni, sir, it appears we're having a problem with deliveries at the docks. Too many feds crawling around and Tony said he saw some
  16. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers Well, we have a talking monkey in a hawaiin shirt... Thanks for the beachhead, Darren! hehe
  17. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers Like I said, no offense, Scott. Deathstroke was a big part of our game (for nearly a decade), so naturally I didn't like my arch-enemies reduced to a joke (btw, they first appeared in Enemies II). Naturally, we chose to ignore the rewrites... just like we choose to ignore Highlander had any sequels and, should either be mentioned we scream "blasphemer!" hehe I have to disagree with the "stupid character name and concept." He was a mob "super soldier" who also had developed a pretty potent, armor piercing energy blast (Why? Who knows. It's not like cha
  18. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers
  19. Re: Character Build Question - How Would You Do It? At first glance, I'd do them as followers with physical disads like "non-functional without mind link with operator." Using the follower power, you can have a few "spare bodies" at the lab (wasn't it Noman from Thunder Agents who had something like this?), but with the physical disad, he can only use one at a time (which means, you DO NOT buy more than "single other mind" for the Mind Link). Similarly, you can apply limitations or disads to the controller that makes him unattentive or whatever while controlling the robot (he ha
  20. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers I like Death Commando as THE guy you have to worry most about... the most unpredictable. He's a highly trained military nutjob. He knows a thing or two about UNTIL (and, thus, probably about most other tech groups). He's got no problem adding weapons to his arsenal (from almost any source). He's going to set up the ambushes. He's going to snipe your sorry backside. He's going to run off with your polar blast gauntlets (or just hit a few banks and pay a super duper thief to steal 'em or the designs) and use them against you. He's going to give your secretary a brief
  21. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers They had agents, they used disguises, they had giant cyborg ants. I liked 'em. I don't see how a terrorist group of money grabbing, scientist kidnapping villains don't fit the tone of the Champs U. Unless you limit yourself to those presented in 4e Champs U (the jokes). I wouldn't even count that blasphemy, myself (apologies to the author if he's around). Maybe it's because 4 out of 5 were ranged fighters and it didn't fit into the brick/ma/blaster/mentalist cookie cutters or something. I mean, they ragged on Arrowhead about his name, saying it didn't fit...
  22. Acroyear

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers The Ultimates and Deathstroke were two of the major villain teams in our campaign long ago. They eventually combined forces... which was nasty (they also had an older model mechanon and a couple minutemen) Personally, I'd love to do a modern take on Deathstroke. Maybe I will.
  23. Acroyear

    Heat seeker

    Re: Heat seeker I remember a cool build I once saw that just bought it as levels with some use of the delayed effect modifier. It went kind of like this (I don't know the actual construct, it played this way): The guy had +5 levels with the attack. So if he hit with his normal OCV, it happened right away. If it hit with his OCV +1 (one level needed) it hit the next phase. If it hit OCV +2, two phases. Etc. Then there was some lim on it, too, that it could be knocked out of action (attacked/destroyed) during that "seeking" time frame. Also, it would "peter out" if the target
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