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  1. Re: Ben 10: Alien Force it was a good episode, I can't wait to see why kevin doesn't absorb energy anymore. I think kevin could use the marbles, but only to get his super-strong punch/hand like he has in the past.
  2. Re: build help: regen man hmm... Thanks marcdoc, I'm going to write up two versions and have one with the healing, one without. i really like the idea... as for names I'm kind of thinking something like captain eternal or something relating to Lazarus
  3. Re: build help: regen man right, the only stuff he has is a set of super jump boots and his super charged zapper my mistake, I meant resurrection and can heal limbs well, I'm going to try Dust raven's idea, it sounds like it might function a bit better,I plan to play test it a bit. it does seem more expensive and not quite what I want though. the only reason I didn't buy my stun higher is that this method of defense is so freaking expensive, the damage reduction, the regeneration, the speed, but I guess it is also worth it since it does what I want and is
  4. Re: build help: regen man I considered using damage reduction but to me it didn't feel right for it to work against stun. I had the same problem with armor, it didn't feel right at all. I want him to go down easy, but I also want something that a single hit from the mook won't keep him out of the entire fight. I had 450 points to play with and since besides his skills all he needs is his regen and multi-power zapper what I ended up doing is this: 13 con 10 body 22 rec 22 stun (standard figured characteristic) 4 spd +8 speed, only to take recoveries regeneration of 7 bo
  5. Re: build help: regen man hmm.. I'm dead tired as I'm running on 2-3 hours of sleep right now (going to go back soon) but so far the extra stun heavily limited seems to work, extra con only for resisting being stunned also makes a bit of sense, he may have been stunned but he recovered so fast you don't notice it or he's already recovered from it by the time he has a chance to do something... my main concern is that the ap limit for attacks is 70ap, so just a standard energy blast will put me in -30 stun right away and with a low speed most solutions I see the problem is that he (hop
  6. I'm playing a character in a short campaign, I already have GM approval for this concept, I just need a little help getting the right 'feel' for how he works. here is my concept: my character is a slightly trained, super-smart human, only one stat (int) is higher than 20 who likes to play games with such an obsession he has gotten some bennefit from them (+ ocv and some PSLs with his suped up zapper and some lightning reflexes so he has a chance to get a shot off) and in general he is a normal human who gets a bit of exercise (spd 3, most stats below 15). he does have his supercharged z
  7. Re: Ben 10 (again!) oh yeah. but now we need to add the following to the omnitrix:
  8. I don't see anything in Hero designer for it, so I'm planning on just doing a custom disadvantage for it, but I wanted to hear what the rest of you thought of it. Many VPPs have enough limitations on it that you can easily support multiple powers on at a time but how much of a limitation would it be to only be allowed to use a certain number of powers at a time? for example you have a gadget pool for attacks where every device has a -1 OAF limitation, now without a limitation you could have two devices going with full power but once you apply the limitation Gadget man can only have one
  9. Re: Active Point Maxima? hhmm.... I think it has merit, I deffinately want to give it more thought and try it out on a couple characters, I think it works well for the GMs who want to allow players the choice of having a single power or two over the normal limit but not to have everyone take it.
  10. Re: Stone Fist special effects. if he reloads it faster than normal people, ten he has fast draw, but reloading it a special way is just sfx
  11. Re: Stone Fist just a warning but depending on your group this may not be a fun character to role-play, it would be particualarly bad if your GM plans most of his adventures at night. it does sound like an interesting character though. the hand, take a physical limitation, sounds like an all the time, slightly at 15 points. a psychological limitation of "afraid of moonlight", and a susceptability to moonlight (if he takes enough damage to pass out or die then parts of him turn to stone), possible a DF depending on the campaign too. then buy a bunch of dice of HA for the sto
  12. Re: How far can a telekinetic throw himself? very true, and I agree for the most part. However, in my opinion, allowing a character to throw themselves (and take an apropriate ammount of damage) with their TK you get a nice very limited way of using thier TK to move that simulates not having very good control with moving themselves that they won't use often, and it will hurt when they do use it, but is a way of roleplaying growth of a characters powers. EXAMPLE: the young telekinetic (and I freely admit TK can simulate any SFX not neccisarily psychic of nature but this is f
  13. Re: How far can a telekinetic throw himself? the way I figure it is this, the TKer plots what happens to the object bfore he starts using the power, so he just pick up and flings the object, if he goes flying with the object hell be hurt when he lands... It gives tk a little functionality but at the cost of some dice of damage, the leaping method is just free leaping and not much can go wrong.
  14. Re: An Old Quiz, But A Nice One. You scored as Storyteller. You're more inclined toward the role playing side of the equation and less interested in numbers or experience points. You're quick to compromise if you can help move the story forward, and get bored when the game slows down for a long planning session. You want to play out a story that moves like it's orchestrated by a skilled novelist or film director. Storyteller 83% Tactician 75% Power Gamer 67% Method Actor 67% Specialist 42% Butt-Kicker 33%
  15. Re: How far can a telekinetic throw himself? I'm glad most of us came to an agreement that its ok to throw yourself ocaisionally as long as all throwing rules such as to hit and damage are followed
  16. Re: How far can a telekinetic throw himself? yeah, but imho it's stupid not to allow something like what garou describes, you can pickup and trown other people and objects, surely you could pickup and throw something you are attached to, that doesn't mean it won't hurt though.
  17. Re: Spending END I think that to switch away from endurance reserves would caues batteries and similiar objects to be very clunky instead of the streamlined aproach. the miggest diference between the end reserve is that it recharges at a steady rate (default once per turn) independant of whether the character is KOed or takes a recovery otherwise you need to apply a bunch of advantages and disadvantages to plain end to get the same efect. Unless you're going very realistic end usually doesn't play a big part anyway, you just have to worry about it after a long battle or if you are pushi
  18. Re: Crossfire? I like this Idea, sounsd good.
  19. Re: You cannot defeat me! now that's cool
  20. Re: Help me finish a character? I think I would with -1/2 restrainable limitation on the EC and all it's powers instead of -1/4. that allows a few more points to flesh out the character and seems to be the same limitation you're going for.
  21. Re: Cyberpunk resources? your link-fu is strong master.
  22. Re: Characteristic power NCM yeah, me too. that's my thoughts.
  23. Re: Characteristic power NCM well I think the problem with putting NCM only in Genre books is that it is apropriate for many genres. just like certain talents, skills, powers, and disadvantages are apropriate for many genres but not neccisarily all of them (you probably wouldn't want a golden age hero with a drug addiction for example. ) but if you were to remove it from the main rules, think of the genres NCM is apropriate for, fantasy hero, many start hero settings, pulp hero, and many dark champions games. with all those settings if you don't put them in the main rulebook, you eit
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