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  1. Re: 5 Point Doubling?!? I was looking for the "general concept that 5 points doubles an effect." I understand it a little better now thanks for the quick responce.
  2. I have seen 5 Point Doubling mentioned several times but can't fine the actual rule in a book. Where is this published? Book and page number would be great.
  3. Re: Do you use minis? We use Battle Mats for the playing surface, just a gex grid and WET erase markers. For the Players and NPCs we use what ever minis look the best. Hero Clicks are the bulk we also have some Halo Action Clixs, Warhammer 40K figures and pewter minis from cyberpunk and DnD.
  4. Re: The Guitar Hero I was thinking of doing a Guitar Hero Bard ever since Blizzard hit us with there 4/1 joke http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/features/bard/bardclass.xml
  5. Re: is having DNPC as follower legal I would not allow them to buy a Follower then off set the points by picking up DNPC for the same character/creature/pet. I would allow the GM to use my Follower to create story items similar to how they would use a DNPC.
  6. Re: Realistic Aviation: Discuss I am working on tinkering the rules for my group too. SPD and stall speeds are the areas of major concern for me right now. SPD: I want to allow all vehicles to sell their SPD to zero. They act on the pilots SPD and unless a Disadvantage is purchased to limit SPD for large, sluggish, or non-combat vehicles they can all move up to SPD 12. DEX: The Pilot acts on his DEX phase to show the Pilots Initiative. The pilot can buy CSLs to increase the OCV and DCV to simulate their skill in the vehicle. The skill is must have the Limitation (-0 “Specific Model of Vehicle”) and must buy the skills for each type of Vehicle he wants bonuses in (must have proper TF is a given). Minimum Movement (stall speed): First, calculate the stall speed for the full turn and divide by 12 for inches/segment. During the pilot’s phase the vehicle must travel the in/seg. for that phase and the phases they skipped. Eg. A SPD 3 Pilot is operating a vehicle that needs 4in/seg. On the pilot’s phase in Segment 8 the vehicle must move 16in (4in/seg. for Segments 5,6,7, and 8). A SPD 5 Pilot in an identicalon vehicle on Segment 8 would only need to move 12in (4in/seg. for Segments 6,7, and 8). Both vehicles will have had to move a total of at least 48in in a given turn. I like the running and swimming for take of speed and several of the other ideas mentioned so far and my try to integrate them into my rules. I am doing a massive overhaul of the vehicle combat rules. When I start play testing I will post my compete “Vehicle Combat v2.0 Hero 5th EDr” rules for opinions.
  7. Re: So, what don't you like about HERO 5th? It is too dependent on my feeble imagination
  8. Re: "Absorbative" Growth It all really depends on what you want to do with the power? If you want to damage the surrounding area I would do it as a AoE transfer BODY to Growth. OR If you just want a cloud of swirlling stuff call it special effect and maybe link it to a change enviroment with + PER mods.
  9. Re: Disadvantages of a Humvee I think the "watched" is a good idea, Military tries to keep track of thier equipment. I put subject to orders on the soldier.
  10. Re: Disadvantages of a Humvee The West Coast is in good shape, I wouldn’t go into any of the major East Coast cities in anything short of a Bradley with close air support.
  11. Re: Disadvantages of a Humvee Well the parts are not very common but with the time interval it works out to be a zero point Disadvantage, I added it mainly for flavor. The Hunted and easy to “borrow” are good ideas. I will think about it. If it helps, it is going into a Champions game following a Marvel “Age of Apocalypse” style setting mainly taking place in Seattle, WA USA year 2015. And anyone who has driven in Seattle will know that the size will be a minor issue (5 points).
  12. I am designing a US Military Humvee for a game. I am stumped on what else to do for Disadvantages. I have Distinctive Features and a Dependence of Spare Parts and Maintenance. I also placed Fuel Dependent on the movement. I am not sure what if anything I should add. Can you help?
  13. Re: Bewitched "time stop" In "Bewitched" clocks and other items keep moving. People outside are also unaffected. The Drains and other powers will not render the target un-aware that anything funny happened even with IPE I don’t know of any other power that can do that. Mind Control AoE with +20 for no knowledge and a set affect seamed like the only logical choice. EDIT: The AoE needs to be Selective
  14. Re: Bewitched "time stop" AoE Mind Control to convice the targets are frozen in time?
  15. Re: Is this a legal build Maybe we could look from a different direction. Since there is not way to really make a hex’s DCV higher follow this: Phase one: I want to be harder to hit, the SFX I want is a swirling energy field, warp bubble or a herd of flying gerbils – doesn’t matter it’s a swirling mass of “something.” Is there a power that great for this? Phase two: Is this power a one hex AoE or can I buy AoE for this power? Phase three: Now that I and everything in my hex is harder to hit why isn’t the ground under me inside the hex of effect harder to hit? If it does, I think we have a winner. Now Link the power so it is always on when your warp field is active and lower some of your other DVC bonuses to be under the GMs set limit for you character type.
  16. Re: Bow & Arrows separately. The Bows should have range and add DC based on th size of the bow. I really like SteveZillas chart (reped for it). Could the arrows just have the base HKA you want with a Variable Advantage for the diffrent types of tips you can have? Ap or +Stun for blunt or what ever you want? EDIT: The Variable Advantage must be set before adventure and requies a Full Phase per charge to change in combat.
  17. Re: Mental Defense for the Dead Ok thanks for the input. When I go to the GM with this since we haven't dealt with the whole Dead/Undead thing is this: Leaving it at Human Class Minds with the Limitation (only on dying or recent dead (<2min) The target will be treated as for targeting and what I can do as unconscious alive being so all defenses apply And of course could not of died from a head wound. He can’t read scrambled brains.
  18. Re: Is this a legal build This seams a lot of work just to stop a 1 hex AoE. Could a Missle Defection/ Refection (only into adjacent hex) work to do what he wants?
  19. Re: Simple Falcon/ Bird of Prey That sells it, I am so getting a Falcon for a pet for my next character.
  20. Re: Mental Defense for the Dead I was looking for your opinions. I figured they did but was hoping for a diffrent opinions.
  21. Re: Mental Defense for the Dead I am using the standard Telepathy to read the memories and subconscious thoughts which is all that an be read on an unconscious target. I am wondering on this dead or dying target do I still need to beat thier Mental Defence and deal with any Psyc Lims if I pick up any other Mental Powers.
  22. Re: Is this a legal build I don't like it (not just because I like to hit this character with AoEs). You are trying to buy an abort in a phase where you have already used all your actions and not normally not allowed to abort. You just need to make sure that you are not in Line Of Sight to avoid AoEs, or move at a lower DEX. There are times acting last is a very good thing.
  23. I am making a character and I want him to have some limited mental powers with the Lim (Only on the dying or recently dead). Unconscious characters get their Mental Defense but do the Dead? Do their Phyc Lims still apply if they know they are heading towards the “Way After”?
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