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  1. Hey - there's still time to back and here's some more art
  2. We are over 300% funded with 18 days left. Thanks to everyone for their support and please help us spread the word
  3. Christopher McGlothlin's World Defenders: The Summit It's a superteam. It's a Rat Pack homage. It's written by Christopher McGlothlin (TIME OF CRISIS, TIME OF VENGEANCE, GOLDEN AGE, NOIR). One of the masters of the superhero RPG genre, Christopher McGlothlin (Time of Crisis, Time of Vengeance, Golden Age, Noir, Freedom City Rogue's Gallery, Earth Prime Atlas), has a new book. It's called World Defenders: The Summit. It’s a fun supplement about a team of superheroes. (Or supervillains, if you prefer.) It’s also been beautifully illustrated in full color by Storn Cook, whose wo
  4. The title for this post should read "30% Off" - but, yaknow - typos The print edition of the HERO System version of Extreme Earth is now 30% off - but only if you use this special link Description: Extreme Earth is a supers campaign setting inspired by the Iron Age of Comic Books. With eye-popping art by Jon Gibbons and evocative writing of Joe Bardales, Extreme Earth will transport you to a dangerous, dystopian world that can be described as 24 meets Heroes by way of the Iron Age of Comics. Extreme Earth will present information about the history and current state of affa
  5. the BAMFSIES Gamer's Choice Poll for 2015 is live. We're looking for the best superhero RPG release of 2015. Several HERO System products are up for consideration. Please check it out and support HERO System https://polldaddy.com/poll/9259592/
  6. (Cross posting from Kickstarter forum - I thought this might be of interest here. Please delete if I'm out of line) Extreme Earth for Hero System has been released on RPGNOW. (KS backers - you should have received a DL link for your copy a few weeks back. PM me or reply to this thread if you didn't) Many thanks again to Steve Long for writing the HERO System conversion for us. Elevator Pitch: Extreme Earth is a supers campaign setting inspired by the Iron Age of Comic Books. With eye-popping art by Jon Gibbons and evocative writing of Joe Bardales, Extreme Earth will transport you
  7. we have just about finished layout for the systems that were initially offered for the KS. In the next week or so - we should start altering the basic layout to accommodate the changes for the Hero System. Apologies for the delay. I'll keep this thread updated as we get closer to delivery
  8. Indeed. We had a big surge over the weekend (much of which I suspect can be credited to HERO system fans) and we got over the hump. There are still 3 days left to get in on the fun!
  9. thanks, Scott! Busy weekend for Extreme Earth. We are now $141 from goal and 98 percent funded.
  10. hey - I posted a blurb over in the Kickstarter subforum (seemed wise) and there are some art previews over there if anyone is curious and we've had some questions about the print version. We're going to do POD versions of HERO system after the Kickstarter funds as a separate preorder. It is not ideal - but we just didn't have it built in to the budget for this kickstarter. Print being a bit more complicated to budget - particularly with shipping costs (and potentially international shipping involved.) We'd rather be upfront and honest about the financial realities. So - I'd recom
  11. This just is Steve Long himself has agreed to do our HERO system conversion! We are thrilled that Steve has come onboard and look forward to working with him on Extreme Earth. BTW - The Kickstarter only has 7 days left is just about 80% funded. If you're interested in seeing a HERO version of Extreme Earth - please back the project now.
  12. hey Tasha - you beat me to it Yes - in response to the requests from this forum and a few other places - we're doing a Champions/Hero System conversion Thanks again for your enthusiasm for Extreme Earth. We'll provide more details as we can.
  13. Just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'. We're just waiting for the mystery freelancer to get back to us with confirmation of his prices for doing the conversion. As soon as he does - we'll announce that the conversion is underway and set up a pre-order site. In other news, the happy Canadians on the Accidental Survivor podcast recently had Joe Bardales on to talk about Black Ops Supers as a genre. Subjects included: Garth Ennis' the Boys Warren Ellis' run on Secret Avengers Captain America: the Winter Soldier and...Extreme Earth The Accidental Survivors are a hilarious bunch - and th
  14. just checked out that list I was a bit shocked to see D20 Modern in the top 10. Maybe it was more popular than I thought...
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