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  1. Re: Which Champion are you *Sigh* I am Foxbat.
  2. Re: Storn Art from idea to Full Picture Year 5 I am still waiting to see She-Grond. Hell, I might draw that myself. Mags
  3. Re: The Worst character in comics Oh, and I forgot to say.. Strong Guy RULES! And I thought it was especially touching when he had a heart attack... Mags
  4. Re: The Worst character in comics My vote for worst character concept was The Blob. Even though he is a reoccuring villain instead of a hero, being fat and immovable seems, well, stupid superpowers. Mags
  5. Re: Storn Art from idea to Full Picture Year 5 o_O "She-Grond"? Wtf? O_o
  6. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) King Kong Hero or Godzilla Hero or Ridiculously Giant Monster Hero Mags
  7. Re: Game of Thrones I love this series! I can't tell you how great it was to read a story where the characters are unique, consistantly written and yet are still able to evolve. I love that I wasn't following every single living moment of one or two main characters... the author spends time only on the interesting things that are happening- to several characters on all sides of the conflict- which left me wanting more. Great dialog. Unexpected plot twists. And the author is not afraid to alter his characters, giving the story a realistic feeling to it. Good things happen. Bad things happen more often. It keeps you on your toes. Looking forward to the next book. Mags
  8. Re: Disturbing Character premises... Wow. I am surprised that GM didn't get banned from the con. However, in the past we have used rape (implied and off camera) on the most rare occasion to exemplify the vileness of certain villains. Not 4-color, you say? Check out The Identity Crisis if you don't think its been done. Only on one occasion do I ever recall a PC getting raped. The DM asked the Player if she were ok with it first- and it was handled off-screen- and it made for some very dramatic roleplay. The heroes went out of their way to hunt this villain down. However, I don't recommend this plot unless ~everyone~ in the RP group is mature enough to handle it... and that it doesn't become an excuse to RP detailed disgusting behavior. A lot can be said for handling certain scenes off camera... and it leaves it all to your imagination (in some cases, that can be worse). Anywho. I digress. Mags -The Digresser
  9. Re: Query's Art & Stuff Thread Wow, that is a nicely done pic. Mags
  10. Re: Characters Pictures What's his name? And please don't tell me it's 'Spiffy'! Just teasing you!' Mags
  11. Re: Disturbing Character premises... My most disturbing PC concept was for Champions. Her name was Speedfreak- I am sure I posted her somewhere on the boards here a few years ago, or at least talked about her. Speedfreak was a speedster, obviously, and she was addicted to a drug that created her speedster-ness. Her own body created the drug in her sweat, so she wore a suit similar to the ones in Dune, that harvested her sweat and piped it through thin tubes that snaked down her nostrils and into her stomach. Yes... gross. And don't even ask how she got hooked on her own sweat in the first place. Secondly, she could give vials of her sweat to others to temporarily boost their speed. Only problem was- the taste of her sweat was extremely vile and caused sickly side-effects (to which she was personally immune)... and was, sadly, was also addicting to others after a couple doses. Yes.. still gross. Additionally, Speedfreak had hunteds who wanted to capture her and exploit her drug-making capabilities. I only played her once. The rest of the group did not like her at all. Cheers, Mags
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Reminds me of the last time we played the game. 'Twas I that made the following comment: "Damn, I never get any wood!" (Pause) "Story of my life..."
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... This just popped outta me during a Star Wars game. (Don't ask me why) "What's with the trombone?" 0.0 Actually, the other players were describing tactics to the GM, and I kinda wasn't listening, and was checking out Star Wars miniatures that were sitting across the table. One looked like he was holding a trombone, but it turned out to be the protective plastic covering a lightsaber figure. Anyway, the question was completely out of left field and cracked everyone up. Including me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  14. Re: Characters Pictures I'd be happy to help out too. Just post descriptions (the more detailed the better) and I will see what I can do. I can draw a little. Cheers! Mags
  15. Re: Your PC's might be underpowered if... ... If the local ER is your team's permanent base... and they sponsor your team in trade for all the publicity. ... If your most powerful PC concept is based on Gilligan. ... If your team runs screaming from a Teletubbies encounter. ... If your PC's battle cry is "Record PAIN!" ... If you PC uses the battle cry for a paper cut or a stubbed toe. ... If your PC takes two weeks to recover from a bitch-slap by Mr. Burns. Ouch. Mags
  16. Re: Your PC's might be underpowered if... Wait... you mean to say there IS a segment 2? Mags
  17. Re: X-Men: The Next Generation campaign on Hero Central Quicksilver. Sperm donation bank. 'Nuff said. Gayness does not necessarily equal lack of descendents. Heheheh. Mags
  18. Re: X-Men: The Next Generation campaign on Hero Central Wait... we have a PbP located at Hero Games? When did this happen? Man, I have been gone a long time. Mags
  19. Re: The Super Darwin Awards A long time ago, in a campaign not too far away: Champions: The group: V.A.L.O.R Vigilent Avengers for Law, Order and Retribution. The game: One of the published modules (can't remember the name because I didn't run it, but it had the Molemen in it). Super Darwin nominee: Taser Taser started out as a dimansional anomily; he (or it) was, basically, a Will o' Wisp shoved into a little man-shaped suit in the V.A.L.O.R. colors of blue and white. He was all of 6 inches tall. He flew and, alas, was terribly susceptable to water- especially full immersion... and he bought back his swimming. In the module, Taser got knocked into the "Shaping Pool"- a Moleman creation that gave their regular populace super powers (as I recall)- and Taser lost his flight, gained super strength and speed, as well as growing to be about knee high. Set up: One of the villains we were fighting was a clay man. Taser singled that one out and began to attack. After the first hit, the clay man tried to escape by entering a fountain. This next is paraphrased, as it happened so long ago, I can't remember the exact dialog. Taser (player): I run after him. GM: It's a fountain, Taser. Taser (player): I know, I'm chasing him. GM: Taser, it's a fountain. Taser (player): Right, I'm doing a move through! GM: *Sigh* Ok, you run into the fountain... and you start to take damage as you flop around in water. It's too deep for you to stand in. Taser (player): OH! It's a FOUNTAIN! I get out as fast as I can! GM: What's your swim rate? Taser (player): ~~~ We laughed so hard... Mags
  20. Re: ideas/name for my character? I like the name Skedaddle, but to me that seems a girlish name. Still, fits for Golden Age... Mags
  21. Re: Top Signs that you need to rethink your GMing. Yikes. Really? And I was only joking. Man, I am so sorry... I know I always prefer real life RP to online. Mags
  22. Re: MancerBear's Art Den Next we have Aquanaut who designed and built his own power suit. A Tritonean environmental activist and self proclaimed Protector of the 7 Seas, he is obviously an Aquaman homage. Rep to you for this one. Beautiful pose, man. Nice colors. Great name. Mags
  23. Re: When Do Your Characters Know When The S**T Has Well And Truly Hit The Fan? I think the only "Oh S**t" moment I ever had was when my time-based character, Chronamancer, who could 'stop time', ran into another of her race who could 'stop time' inside Chrona's 'stopped time. That really sorta blew my mind. Mags
  24. Re: Top Signs that you need to rethink your GMing. Players show up to the game with a laptop computers and play CoH in between turns.
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