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  1. I remember in that bases loaded situation, Smoltz actually saying that, under the new ideal for hitting, that the pitcher wasn't in a bad spot (might have been game 6 with Buehler) because he could get a strikeout on the next batter (he did) and a potential double play or popout from the following batter (I believe he did that also).
  2. Yeah, the analysts - A-Rod, Smoltz and Pierzynski this whole playoffs have been going crazy with these situations, especially, guy on third exaggerated shift on and first baseman or third baseman having to hold runner, why cant professional ball players push a ball that even if doesn't leave the dirt area, probably means a run.
  3. Ok, should have recongnized Ferry and Morrisey, thought they looked familiar. Would never have recognized Saint. And I thought Fry was David Bowe, though I also recognize Fry. The rest I was correct on.
  4. I think I recognize all but 2-3 of them. upper right with makeup, bottom left looks familiar but can't place it, and third row left not sure of, but again, familiar but not sure who.
  5. You know, the thing being lost in all this: If Dodgers win today, the 2 number 1 seeds will have gone to world series. Not something, in the era of the wild card, that has happened much. Atlanta, I think early in the series, really benefited from having young pitcher that the Dodgers had never seen before. As the series has gone on, you have seen their offense come to life.
  6. upper right is definitely Chaney's Quasimodo.
  7. this reminds me of a video a friend sent me back when iphone 4 came out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaxU0ut5tUw
  8. Or Night Gallery, also a Rod Serling show.
  9. Is that Hyde in the upper left? very cool picture.
  10. ok, I have given props to the ones I agree with above and will add in a few more: Nothing in the Dark - Robert Redford as an injured policeman (for those who haven't seen, won't say more) 2 of Jack Klugmans - A Passage for Horn and A Game of Pool The Hunt - A man and his dog are on the road to Heaven I am not a very religious person, but still love those episodes. And although I have given props to ones above, Burgess Meredith's shows were awesome, but I agree that the 2 standouts were time enough at last and the obsolete man. I also loved the ending
  11. It may be looking to fight for dominance, given the perspective of the bench behind the woman? I mean, look at those antlers.
  12. For those who care but didn't see it, that at bat was epic. Fouled off a lot of pitches. you could kind of see the HR coming. Also, there was history between them. Chapman last year basically put a 100mph fastball right past his head in an at bat.
  13. First, agreed, watching Yankees lose is always nice. And yes, pretty much hating this final 4 of playoffs (come on Rays). Padres might have put up more of a fight if they hadn't lost their 2 best pitchers just before playoffs began. Watching that video, in todays game, I think Cora would be out. I think first baseman got him on back.
  14. I mentioned Jon Anderson of Yes earlier, and in many ways he reminds me of Orbison, that high pure voice that is more an instrument of its own. If you want to hear him different then what he did with Yes, go and find the stuff he did with Vangelis from 1980 to 1991. Pure gold.
  15. And thinks she has the beauty of aphrodite?
  16. Except maybe strikeouts, but could be not enough innings to do it. Dammit, will somebody beat Houston and get their cheating asses out of the playoffs.
  17. I assume Shelob is waiting just around the bend up there?
  18. There was an old joke about when Koufax or Drysdale pitched. person 1 : K or D pitched shutout today person 2: did he win? If I remember there was at least one game where both pitchers went 10 innings and ended 1-0. Don't remember the pitchers. There are times I really wish A-Rod had not been a steroid guy (not looking to start arguments, this isn't about steroids) because I really like him as an analyst, from all reports he is a pretty nice guy. Watching the Atlanta/Cincy series and the futility of Cincy, he was going crazy at their inability to score guys fr
  19. if it had more, wouldn't it be a Catagator? hmm, seems like a new monster for the compendium
  20. pretty much my list, though there are a few others listed already I would add. If we are counting it, I would add John Anderson of Yes, who has one of the purest high voices out there. I might add in Tommy Shaw, though probably not in the rankings of any of the above. Also, been rewatching a lof of the Live at Daryls House, and have become very impressed with his voice. For more somewhat modern, I would put David Draiman of Disturbed. He has a great growl, but if you want to hear how good he can be as a pure singer listen to their cover of Sound of Silence (that when he did on one of
  21. finally finished Riyria Revelations series. Michael J Sullivan may be an author I put on my list to check on for other stuff. Already have Chronicles and can't wait to read. Thanks Hermit for recommending them.
  22. I think they were ignoring made for tv movies, which the 1990 Cap movie might be. I noticed that the 80s Spiderman aren't on there either.
  23. The thing with the FF movie from 2015 is this : It shouldn't have been Doom other then maybe messing with the project, but not the "powered" villain at the end, should have been Annihilus or even Blastaar (you know, a villain from the Negative Universe), but as to the setting, it was really more based on the Millenium reboot (much like the Avengers, Spiderman, etc) versions of the characters, not the original space explorers, so they weren't as far off as you might think. SS problem was starting with the Snyderverse, deciding it should be funnier or something and corporate stepping in and
  24. Most. never saw Venom, Underdog and don't remember seeing TMNT iii. My bar tends to be lower, I guess, but I liked Spirit and some of the ones people don't like. Fan4stick could have worked if, once again, they hadn't tried to make Dr. Doom the villain. If instead it had been Annihilus they found in the Negative Zone, it would have worked much better.
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