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  1. My problem with the Mickey Mouse argument is that unlike most of the others, that character is the "face" of Disney. He isn't just a cartoon character anymore, he is a representative logo. It's Ronald McDonald or the Gecko from Geico. I can understand Disney not wanting him on public domain. I think he is a different case then many of them. It was mentioned that do we not give credit to writers who really elevated a character. Do we give Thor's creator credit or Williamson who really brought the character popularity. What about Burns, who seemed to breathe new life into so many characters and redefined them in ways still used today. Miller with Daredevil and Batman. As Spence was saying, I don't know and wouldnt want to be the one deciding.
  2. Sounds like the Angels - 72-77 overall, 24-39 against AL west, 48 - 38 vs everyone else. If they could have been 500 (or even 1 game under at 32-33) vs their own division, they 80 - 71 now and in the playoff hunt (especially as part of those 8 wins would be against Houston, Oakland or Seattle most likely).
  3. Has anyone who follows this thread seen Heels? Just curious. Sounded interesting, but missed it so wondering if worth seeing if repeats at some point.
  4. I realize, I was joking. Sorry it didnt come across that way.
  5. Hey, Dark Side of the Moon and Rhiannon were great. You bite your tongue. And the Decade ended on the most celebrated "I am cheating on my significant other but it works out" song Escape (the Pina Colada Song).
  6. Anyone know if they are doing like Titans and going to show it on TNT? Really want to see it, but my internet situation removes any chance of streaming.
  7. Saw Shang-Chi. Enjoyed it for the Hong Kong movie it was, a lot. Even Akwafina, who normally annoys me, I liked. The use of Wong was great and the other character who was not in any previews I saw was fabulous.
  8. Everything I have read of reviews (I don't tend to pay for the pay per views), the Lucha Bros/Young Bucks was a match of the year candidate. I am not surprised. Last time the 4 met in a match it was brilliant ended "cheaply" by the Bucks removing Fenix's mask to allow them to hit their finisher and get win. I was thinking before this that they needed to let the Lucha's get the titles. They have been there since day one and had some amazing matches and put over a lot of guys for the organization. It's the one match I am sorry I missed. I have heard the Omega/Christian match was also top notch, but I knew they would not let Omega lose the AEW title to him after Christian had already taken the Impact one. I am an Omega fan, as I watched his run in NJPW and his matches there were fantastic. They are doing a great job of making him a heel in the vein of Rick Flair in that he has lots of interference to help him retain, but even if you get past that you still have to beat one of the best wrestler's out there.
  9. Well, I would point out that Darth was actually the number 1 Lacky to the guy who actually ruled an entire Galaxy.
  10. Everything he ever did. And UP, which made us cry, then laugh and cheer, then cry again for different reasons.
  11. Staying where we are with near unlimited internet finally got to watch the Witcher, fabulous, especially for someone who read the books. watching umbrella academy now, like it so far. saw the protege in theater. Enjoyed it, seemed fairly smartly written. Only annoyance was the casting of Keaton in the role he played. He did a good job and the part is intelligent, but I really felt the age difference of he and Maggie.
  12. Iirc, after one more day, the in comic explanation was that strange cast a spell just like this, but if peter revealed himself to someone, then all their memories of him returned.
  13. Being stuck at a friend's house due to fire evacuation, we ended up watching Enola Holmes. As is known, I am a pretty low bar for entertainment,but for some reason, any good parts of the . Movie were lost on me due to, imo, the complete bastardization of Mycroft. He was so NOT Mycroft as written. Okay, personal mini rant over.
  14. That was expected, but Jericho looks truly touched by it. Think.I have this recorded, but due to evacuation in my area, don't have access.
  15. Makes me wonder when that is from, Snoopy looks YOUNG. so does Charlie to be honest, but Snoopy definetly evolved.
  16. Went and saw Free Guy. It was excellent. Basically a RomCom set in a GTA type city and the real world, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  17. Despite the hard hype, I think TSS was always going to rely a lot on word of mouth (given how bad SS was), and since most of us who have seen it have enjoyed it, i think it will continue on a bit.
  18. Apparently this is from the 1994 Comedy Hall of Fame show.
  19. This is why we need a breathalyzer test for catnip. Someone could have lost 1 of their 9 lives if this continues.
  20. DC could do worse then put him in charge of their "universe" ala Feige at Disney/Marvel. I would have loved to see what he could have done with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League. I was one of the few when Keaton was cast and people disparaged him that looked at them and said go watch Clean and Sober, then we can have a conversation. I actually thought he made a good Bruce and Batman.
  21. Yeah, she was fun in everything she did.
  22. Given the conversation going on in the Marvel thread, I am interested in what happens with this one. It is being released in theaters and HBO+. So curious if that will eat into the box office.
  23. Apparently, in the off season, MLB got a bunch of pitchers together to address the stuff on the ball going on. They wanted them to try out different balls, including the ones used in Japan, and decide on one universal substance to use. The pitchers couldn't agree, hence leading to where we are now with you can't use anything except the rosin bag. One of the analysts on MLB, might have been Showalter, commented that you never see pitchers licking their fingers anymore, which suggests there is something on them you do not want near you mouth.
  24. Yeah, I found that last part interesting too. It also says they are trying to get ahead of the curve, PR wise, because after their response SJ, last thing they want is Stone and others coming out and saying the same thing as SJ. So, settle with them first and include a gag order in it so SJ seems on an island. The whole response to the lawsuit makes me wonder if this had been RDJ or one of the other male leads, would they have responded the same? Will be interesting to see if Love and Thunder they do the same thing, release both and the responses from Hemsworth and Portman would be.
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