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  1. whoa, I really hope that umpire was taken to task and the player was apologized too. Also, video doesn't show, but how the coach did not come out and lose his **** after what is probably one of his best hitters is thrown out for that I do not know. had earl weaver or a billy martin had been coaching, their would have been parents covering under age kids ears in the stands.
  2. probably is funnier if know who guy in bottom right is. other three are cool though
  3. What is interesting is Dusty comes from the era that would have been beaning guys left and right for this stuff. And Ryu deserves to bean as many Astros as he wants that were part of the team that lit him up.
  4. And I believe that Doctor Evil has a doctorate. 'It's Dr. Evil, I didn't spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called mister, thank you very much.'
  5. MLB in one of the shows was talking about defensive runs saved. One of the guys mentioned that one first baseman had way more DRS then Paul Goldschmidt, because baseball really doesn't recognize when someone who can catch at first and undervalues their defense. He showed that in 2018 the cardinals infield was one of the worse for errors, 2019 one of the best. the difference, Paul Goldschmidt at first being able to catch the ball not thrown directly at him.
  6. Except Incredible Hulk was 70s (started in 1977).
  7. I also wanted to add that the Harley they are doing is straight from her solo comics after the year one reboot DC did about 8 or so years ago. The being roller derbi and having friends there, the stuffed beaver she talks to. I also really enjoyed that she would psychoanalyze people while fighting or running for her life.
  8. Like watership down didn't leave enough scars
  9. Saw it today. I enjoyed it. It was the movie I thought would be and many moments had me chuckling in the same way Ledgers pencil trick did. I found it fascinating watching McGregor channel Oldman's cop from The Professional as Sibonis. I echo Gale's disappointment in the Cassandra character and would have liked seeing at end Montoya become a version of the Question.
  10. My brother has felt for years that the dodgers are skirting the PED rule. Everyyear they have some phenom come up who hits 30+Hrs and over 300 first half of season, when rookies aren't being tested, then, after they time that they are allowed to start being tested, all of a sudden their numbers drop off dramatically. His list would start with Pedersen.
  11. My comment about Lovelace is that I felt his disfigured psychopath was a slap in the face to the character played brilliantly by Michael Dunn (who famously learned to do his own stunts because everyone else did and earned Robert Conrad's and the stunt men's respect).
  12. some of the mlb guys are predicting that the Astro players who were around back then, might not want to dig into the box to much when batting, just saying. Especially some of the old school pitcher guys.
  13. I will miss him also. The epitome of the short tough guy in hollywood. Loved both Wild Wild West and Black Sheep Squadron. I enjoyed him in Colombo basically playing Jack LaLane. Per the movie, it is another of those movies with a cast that could have been brilliant if the people in charge had let someone write it who had ever watched the show. I still say to this day that Will Smith and Kevin Kline could have been amazing in those roles. I won't even discuss the travesty that they let Branagh make of Migolito Lovelace.
  14. And I would disagree. I liked the Harley from those comics and enjoyed reading her solo comics. They tried to explore her trying not to be the female Joker. In a lot of ways, she became DC's Deadpool, breaking 4th walls and the comics laughing at her and others.
  15. Not saying the movie isn't bad, but I will say again. The Harley Quinn she is playing is straight from the comics of the last 7-8 years. She separated from Joker (in one instance violently), was trying to do good in her own crazy as a loon/punisher style and had even taken a job at a senior citizens home as a counselor as Harlene Quinzelle (of course turned out the home was for retired secret agents). But saying they took a character you loved due to the animated series and ruined her for the movie is wrong. The Harley you are speaking of hasn't been around for 10 years, so blaming the movies is wrong. Heck, the comic/movie version of batman hasn't been that version of the character for 10 years.
  16. I liked Romero, Ledger and Nicholson - for different reasons. As long as its not Leto, which is funny cause I usually like him.
  17. thanks for all the reviews Tribble. I love old movies and watch TCM a lot. On a side note, there are a lot of them. are you watching more tv recently? did something happen? please don't answer if to private, just had to wonder/worry.
  18. where does cardboard style paper cut come in. Is there a rank for wish you were unconscious?
  19. I will just say that Michael Hopcroft said what I would have said only i would not have said as well, so DITTO. I liked Keaton as Batman even before the movie (I have witnesses who I argued with) having seen him in Clean and Sober just prior and realizing he could do playboy and scary. Would have been really interesting if they had gotten him to do a cameo in Crisis. Make him be the older Batman to Terry's Batman Beyond as a counterpoint to Conroy's Kingdom Come inspired one.
  20. I really would have liked to see what Affleck could have done with the combo of him and Jeremy Irons as Alfred.
  21. or it said I am Groot and this was the interpretation
  22. Problem with that article Grailknight is it requires membership with ESPN+ to read whole thing. I know, I tried the other day to read it.
  23. Think about this, at one point, Jeter wasn't even the best SS on his team. When A-Rod joined them originaly, he was still in his prime and was considered a better SS. I agree Jeter is a first ballot HOFer for everything he did, but I would say there were a lot of SS better then him. I don't count offensively so much anymore because Jeter as played through the really live ball era. But he was a clutch player and someone who had a lot of class with everyone he dealt with, fans and press.
  24. The thing about that version that always bothered me is I loved the cast and if they had just used and updated the script from the 70s version, I believe they could have been great.
  25. I used to record and watch some of that. Enjoyed it, but unfortunately it apparently moved to a channel that is not on Directv. I miss it.
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