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  1. yeah, but truthfully, the Laureano 6 games is more effective if it sticks. Hitting coach can basically sit at home or whatever watch games and tapes and if player needs him, they can call. A coach should NEVER be the instigator of a brawl like he was if reporting on what happened is right. That was 2nd time Laureano was hit and he wasn't charging mound, just saying stuff to pitcher, until that coach got involved.
  2. Because as Batman has shown, Criminals are superstitious and cowardly lot.
  3. I did, or at least most of it. maybe I missed something at the end. Just seemed to show the doll, then the box. again, I am probably missing something, so no big deal.
  4. I am confused. Looks just like a Trolls doll from the movie, which is what it is supposed to be? How is this either creepy or abuse of preteen girls? It's not meant to represent a human girl, afaik. I may be missing the point, so apologies if I am.
  5. Is this one of those infinity loops?
  6. I am sure there is an episode of Off The Grid that will have it in it. Some of the places they build are about that obscure and of course the people would have set some completely doable timeline like 6 weeks or something.
  7. Come along Johnny, we're going to watch Watership Down again.
  8. from what I have seen, most of the divisions in college football have already started cancelling seasons.
  9. I am convinced that tv series when they see the writing on the wall and are trying to avoid being cancelled specifically write cliffhanger endings so "fans" will demand another season. I prefer the shows that knew it was coming and wrote appropriately. My favorite still being the end of Magnum P.I., which despite fan interest got another season, I thought had a perfect ending. I wish they had held out and not done the final season, not that it was bad, just I thought the ending prior was a perfect Magnum one.
  10. He still has my favorite scene in a great movie - Absence of Malice. I liked him in Remo Williams too.
  11. man, I still have a hard time seeing Arnie in that picture. not because of size, but his face looks different to me.
  12. One of my favorite things about Princess Bride is it got to remind people that Andre was a very nice guy and was a hero. His run in wrestling prior to it had been as The Villain to Hulk Hogan. by the way, who is the guy in the middle? and how cool would that have been to meet those 2 guys.
  13. and why is the bionic man/particle man using spiderman's song
  14. This is entirely based off the most recent reboot. There are some scenes in the movie straight from the video game. I enjoyed it, but I have enjoyed all the Tomb Raider games, though this reboot (more the game then the movie) has Lara questioning the consequences of the things she does (ie I must get to the uber powerful item first and take it only to have it constantly seem to be taken from me). Still the story is good and brings a lot more of her history into it. I do wish instead of the pilot (I like Daniel Wu, but really wish they had used the "crew" from the first game, especially Jonah).
  15. I am most the way through Emerald Storm. And agreed. I am looking forward to the last pair and then working my way through the prequels.
  16. Great, now till I finish have to stay away from this thread. bought kindle and audible versions, but am literally in the middle of 2 other books on those, so could be a few weeks.
  17. sucked, will be missed. Wasn't he doing one of the you tube star treks?
  18. Was watching the end of Spiderman 3. They did such a great job with Sandman, why did they have to ruin the movie with Venom? If they had done Hydroman working with him or even a Mysterio manipulating him, would have been so much better.
  19. Agreed could have been better, even more if the studio making these would stop thinking Doom is the only adversary the FF have. If they had left the Doom character out completely or only in flashbacks, really let Reed design a device to go to negative universe, as he seemed to be doing and made the villain be Blastaar with a hint of Annihilus pulling strings in the background, would have been so much better and they could have set themselves up for future stuff. Someday, someone will make a "family adventures in the unknown with powers" FF movie. Having said that, I thought the 4 playing the FF were decent and could have carried it on with better writing.
  20. 1. 3-4 because I will watch ever Angel game. I don't watch many other ones in regular seasons. 2. 4 - go look at any season's stats as of june 1st, thats what we are looking at. Teams/Players known for slow starts will truly be in trouble. 3. 2 - playoff results, not really. Any individual climb up a leaderboard should count but not one those that would be considered seasonal type achievements (ie 400 hitter, though given the need to have 600(?) at bats etc, not sure anyone would count them). Have another good question for you all - Should contracts be extended basically a year or does this season count as 1 year on the contract. All those 1 year contract guys just got paid for doing nothing, especially if they decide not to play (Julio Tehran isn't in Angel camp and signed 1 year deal).
  21. This is one of those understandable but would suck things: https://www.mlb.com/angels/news/mike-trout-unsure-if-he-ll-play-in-2020
  22. God, Imagine her as Spitfire (Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton) in an Invaders movie opposite a Chris Evans Captain America, maybe a Rock as Namor and Haley Atwell as Peggy (the mere thought of those 2 women sharing a screen makes me wish for it). And I disagree about Harley. You don't like this Harley, but it is a straight from the comics Harley, specifically her solo book. That was a very emancipated Harley trying to do good in her own insane way. Just because you want Harley to be the Dini animated series one, doesn't degrade what she has done. There were parts of the movie that were good and a lot bad, but it was still Harley. Heck, none of the characters resemble the Dini characters from the series anymore.
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