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  1. Well, at least they finally straightened Lena Luthor out and had Kara basically lecture her on what a spoiled brat she was being. I am glad, as i love Katie McGrath (ever since I saw her as Morgana on the very underrated Merlin series).
  2. Agreed. I enjoyed it too. Though again we have the problem of the new shared universe, so now all the other heroes should know about the disappearance of the JSA. Also, means that Green Arrow is no longer the first superhero in their universe, though maybe that was addressed before.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Thought the series started picking up a bit and got better and she actually made a pretty good Kate. I understand she had a serious injury, but played no part. Hopefully they can get someone decent for the role.
  4. It is the version, when it is on, I will flip on to watch.
  5. Ahh, Tunnels and Trolls Wizard, where you increased your strength because that was your magic pool. Joke used to be, how does a Wizard move a mountain in T&T, He picks it up.
  6. The Great Ice Canoe from Rapa-Nui
  7. Reminds me of Miller's(?) Daredevil run when Kingpin was trying to kill a fly with a single hand barbell and his servant starts yelling you can't kill a fly with a barbell. It's when he formulated the plan to destroy Daredevil from the outside and take away everyone and everything he knew.
  8. I think a lot of the player salary thing is because of the new way GMs look at Sabermetrics. So the rookie deal, which basically underpays a player for what could be his best years causes part of this. Superstars still earn a lot. But GMs no longer pay for players over 30 like they used to. They aren't paying for what you have done, but now more then ever are trying to pay for what you are projected to do. So where the top end guys (Verlander, Trout, etc.) are still getting major bucks, the middle to lower end players are getting less and less. I think guys on 1 year contracts this year are really the ones hosed, by pro sports standards. Of course, Baseballs minimum salary is still $560,000 or so. So it is also hard for the common person to feel bad for them. The guy who warms pitchers up in the bullpen as a catcher is getting that, iirc.
  9. Is it me or do the balconies look like some type of alien lizard heads? Was that the plan. Very cool looking though
  10. I liked it too. Its over the top, but that is kind of the point.
  11. Watching Dispatches from Elsewhere - up to episode 8. No idea how to describe except to say 4 people (we start with 1) are taken on a ride reminiscent of mystery house. So far is very very good and hard to predict what will come next.
  12. I believe the summary would be "undoing as much of the CR@P that was done to the SW universe in Last Jedi as much as possible".
  13. I have finally been catching up on shows. Not sure why, but still feel like Black Lightning is best of the CW shows. Although it is supposedly now on the same world, more then any other it doesn't feel like it. Part of the problem is, with the other supers around, How does a country like Markovia invade the equivalent of Atlanta and no one else reacts? There is some disbelief needed, I realize, but a foreign country invading doesn't seem to be one. But this is a storyline preceding crisis and carrying forward.
  14. I could live with it for a year, depending how many teams make playoffs. I would think a 4 divisions would make more sense to enable playoff equality (if doing division winner plus 3 next highest per division, but who knows). I am one who actually likes the 1 game wildcard playoff system, gives a true advantage to the division winner, but in this system, you would have to designate a division winner and someone else for that to work.
  15. Apparently it is Viv Alvertine of the Slits, googling the other names to get the picture.
  16. I'd rather see Eva as a Morgan Le Fey. I think she would be spectacular.
  17. Except this was kind of a non time travel show. As Mattingly said, they did more of a take on its a wonderful life showing Kara that not changing things was probably best. It was pretty well done.
  18. Only Carpenter movie I was annoyed with was Ghosts of Mars, mostly because up to a certain point it was really a good movie then that moment happens and every person I know who watched it went "WHAT!!!?", then the movie turned stupid. We told a friend of ours to watch it up to a point and then turn it off assuming the movie ended. He watched it, wondered what we meant so kept watching and had same reaction. If you have seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about, if you haven't,, stop when they first get on the train after fighting their way there.
  19. So, continuing finally to catch up on Supergirl. Loved Mxy showing up, thought was an interesting episode. Still hate Lena's I hate Supergirl/Kara going on. Actually like Cryer's Lex (of course, since the other Lex we saw recently was Essenberg utterly not being Lex, that may be why I am liking him), he is doing a good job of being subtly evil.
  20. I thought that Mordo was a, if not friend, student rival of Strange and it was that the Ancient One chose Strange that turned Mordo to evil. I like the movie version of Mordo and I think his motivation, though a skewed absolute (which is sort of the Ancient One's point) at least makes sense for a fanatic.
  21. I remember my friends and I all telling another friend how great this movie was and how he needed to see it. So he did and didn't understand why we all thought it was great. Turned out, he thought it was supposed to be a serious action movie and Russel's character was supposed to be the typical badass hero you normally see. We told him that he was exactly wrong, that Jack Burton just thought he was that hero, but that it really was a hong kong action/magic movie with a typical american thinks he is a hero thrown in.
  22. When I am home, I tend to watch the encore western triumvirate of Tales of Death Valley, Maverick and Cheyenne. One thing that strikes me, Clint Walker was a VERY big man.
  23. Loved everything I have ever seen with him. He was great in the 2 FX movies.
  24. Been finally watching season 1 of Spy Wars with Damian Lewis. Using real life accounts and police/unlocked documents to talk about various major events in spydom. Excellent so far and really interesting. I was amazed at how many of the actual participants they have been able to get interviews with.
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