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  1. Watched Tenet the other night with my wife. Will have to watch again. Another good Nolan film, and I will say, don't be trying to do anything else while watching, you will miss stuff.
  2. Which is still better then Eragon, where I am pretty sure the writers only talked to someone who had read the Cliff Notes.
  3. Given they hired James Gunn, the guy who did GOTG, I don't find this surprising. I agree on not using Starro, but oh well. Looks fun, and i still like Robbie as Harley.
  4. Final Wars just felt like Godzilla meets the Power Rangers. And the bad guy's reactions evertime Big G defeats the other monsters makes me laugh, since it is so over the top spoiled brat.
  5. So, if DeGrom continues with whatever seems to be physically bothering him but continues to put up numbers, but keeps coming out of games early and doesn't make the "minimum" innings thing, do they still give him the cy young? he is borderline on innings right now.
  6. The MVP race between him and Vlad Jr. is great argument. Triple crown vs a guy with same HRs but pitches like he does. Ohtani wouldnt be MVP on either side of the ball, but his combination makes it a great argument. Remember, one of Trout's MVP losses was when Cabrera had Triple Crown even though many argued Trout had a better year. Now if only Rendon would remember how to stay healthy and hit. And if any of their relief guys could not walk the first guy when they come in.
  7. Back in the day when my brother was in a history class, the teacher was showing various items, one was a picture from ancient roman coliseum, like a promotional poster showing humans fighting a lion, a bear and an ostrich. My brother jokingly commented that he would take the ostrich. A girl in the class piped up that they can be very dangerous. He looked at her and said Bear or Lion or something with a 3 foot neck and me with a 3 foot sword, I'll take my chances.
  8. which one is for bodies? ... what, asking for a friend.
  9. Ok, it's been a while since I read the books, but where did that come from? One of the books specifically deals with the creation of Narnia and the talking animals (the Magicians Nephew) and I don't remember her being in it and The Last Battle is the end of Narnia.
  10. In some ways I sort of forgive D'backs, though not much. losing 4 of your 5 starters is brutal, but then, they were under 500 when they had them.
  11. Next thing you will suggest people on the internet would actually READ what you wrote before reacting to their assumption of what you wrote. Sheesh. 🙄
  12. Yep, same. every sunday working at folks 7-11 would put on radio while there.
  13. ok, I give up, what the hell is that?
  14. I think Chris will make a great Hogan. Look forward to seeing what the movie is and how jaded it is.
  15. I thought, when they showed the flashbacks of Carol in movie she did seem to be enjoying herself and having fun, especially with her friend. Her time with the Kree was spent being beaten down and told to control her emotions, constantly, because they knew that she had this power and were afraid of it. As for Maverick, saving everyone doing what everyone the whole time said he was best at, did not make him no longer a jerk. The fact we don't really see him after that point, iirc as has been awhile since I saw movie, does not show a change in him, other then the feeling of loss he had for his friend dying.
  16. Besides scripts, which were bad, the other problem Dalton had (and he, like Craig really played a lot closer to the personality of the books Bond), was that after Moore, there was a big hype over the potential casting of Brosnan, coming off a successful run on Remington Steele, being cast as Bond. Then, because of the hype, the RS showrunners decided to renew for another season blocking Pierce from actually playing Bond. I liked Brosnan as Bond and would love to have seen him start that run 8 years younger, like it appeared he would. On the other hand, the scripts were so bad that it may have been better for him to wait until Goldeneye.
  17. Finally got around to seeing in theaters this week: Godzilla vs Kong: enjoyed it a lot. Was disappointed in the Doctor Russell character - the man who originally left Monarch and was a bit paranoid and an expert on Godzilla in the previous movie, but who completely disregarded the logic of "Why is he attacking this one spot, when he hasn't attacked anywhere else" argument. Also, as a low level thing, why wasn't the Kong/Godzilla/Mechagodzilla fight in Tokyo? I am sure there is a reason, but cmon. I also was struck by how well they avoided, in the trailers, any showing of MechaG. I knew ahead of time because I read spoilers, but still, I am impressed. I had no problem with who really was the winner in all of it. Mortal Kombat: Decent take on the games. New character to build on instead of Liu Kang, though he was there also. Enjoyed the fights.
  18. If Shang Chi can, at least, bring us a level of martial arts seen in Mortal Kombat, it will be fine. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind seeing them adapt some of the stuff from Iron Fists run a while back of the 7 cities tournament, where every move had some cool name and was unique to the style (harkening back to the 60-70s wushu films of cobra or eagle or crane styles, only more exotic). To me, John Wick movies are the first to actually do a first person shooter video game movie like a game. The fact its not based on one is irrelevant. How many movies have we seen that were based on first person shooters (Doom or Max Payne) that didn't actually do the first person shooter part.
  19. I apologize, I may have been attributing something said by someone else to you.
  20. Black Widow should be a spy movie variant. She is a spy and was raised to be a spy (very similar to what was done in Red Sparrow or Atomic Blonde). Looking forward to this. I also think Marvel has earned a level of trust. You say their movies have gone off track, but I am not sure I agree. Totally agree with all these points.
  21. Thought for a moment we were looking at times square through the glasses from They Live.
  22. Hadn't seen this one mentioned, but I am all for it: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/midnight-sons-movie-reportedly-early-development/
  23. I'd Watch it. Ralph as Beast Man would be great and Fozzy as Man-at-Arms.
  24. Thanks. I had understood he was a construct, but I didn't know if he was fully created by her or just animated. And I suspect that they are planning on dealing with the whole timeline thing in Phase 4, especially when you figure Spiderman - No Way Home, Antman and Wasp - Quantumania and Dr. Strange - into the Multiverse. I also suspect that the eternals will be a result of the changed timeline (perhaps they will make them the embodiments of the Stones, reconstituted in living beings, would be an interesting take and explain where they were when Thanos was snapping the universe).
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