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    slikmar reacted to Spence in What Have You Watched Recently?   
    Fair enough, we all have opinions.
    Absolutely I don't.  There is plenty of utter garbage out there that was "printed in a comic".  But garbage is garbage.  For every really good comic from the 90's, 00's and 10's, there are a dozen hack attempts to rewrite a story.   There are a lot of directions that they could have taken Harley, grungy trash isn't it.
    But like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    If you like this version of Harley, then enjoy.  I am always glad if someone can find a comic/manga/anime/movie they like.
    But for myself I am sad that this version will kill any near hope for a "good" version. 
    I'm getting cranky about these things because I am getting too old to be able to wait 10-20 years for the studios to decide to do a remake 😥
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    slikmar reacted to pbemguy in What Have You Watched Recently?   
    She's quite good in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
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    slikmar got a reaction from Hermit in What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...   
    Been listening to Michael J Sullivan's Ryria Revelations. Finished first big book, Theft of Swords. Liked it enough that I basically went and picked up a few short stories and the prequels (written after but take place before) of the same characters. The main 2 are Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. A couple Thieves for higher (well, Royce is a thief, Hadrian is a master swordsman) known for doing the impossible. The humor is very good, and mostly sarcasm, but the stories are serious and they are very much in the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser vein. I recommend them and if you do audio books, the reader (Tim Gerrard Reynolds) is very good and I enjoy his characterizations.
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    Dynamite, specifically, is an explosive composed of nitroglycerin absorbed in diatomaceous earth. It's actually well known for being unstable and subject to shock detonation. According to Wikipedia, "Dynamite is moderately sensitive to shock. Shock resistance tests are usually carried out with a drop-hammer: about 100 mg of explosive is placed on an anvil, upon which a weight of between 0.5 and 10 kilograms (1.1 and 22.0 lb) is dropped from different heights until detonation is achieved.[8] With a hammer of 2 kg, mercury fulminate detonates with a drop distance of 1 to 2 cm, nitroglycerin with 4 to 5 cm, dynamite with 15 to 30 cm, and ammoniacal explosives with 40 to 50 cm."
    This is a huge improvement over raw nitroglycerin, and is enough to make dynamite "safe enough" for peacetime use, especially with the lower workplace safety standards of the past.
    If you think that dynamite is very stable and shock-INsensitive, you're probably thinking of TNT, which popular culture commonly confuses with dynamite since they're both high explosives available in stick form. TNT is so stable that . . . well, here, let me quote Wikipedia again: "TNT was first prepared in 1863 by German chemist Julius Wilbrand and originally used as a yellow dye. Its potential as an explosive was not recognized for three decades, mainly because it was too difficult to detonate and because it was less powerful than alternatives. Its explosive properties were first discovered by another German chemist, Carl Häussermann, in 1891. TNT can be safely poured when liquid into shell cases, and is so insensitive that it was exempted from the UK's Explosives Act 1875 and was not considered an explosive for the purposes of manufacture and storage."
    TNT and dynamite are considered synonyms by Looney Tunes, but they're different substances with different characteristics. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
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    slikmar reacted to BoloOfEarth in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
    I just say a quick prayer to Anoia (Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers).  Usually does the trick.  Though she has gotten busy since the Post Office reopened.
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    slikmar got a reaction from Lawnmower Boy in Joel Schumacher passed   
    Despite the horror of his 2 batmen movies, he will still be remembered as a titan of the industry.
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    slikmar reacted to unclevlad in The 2020 Baseball Thread   
    I agree with this.  FAR too many pitchers on rosters due to how pens get used now.  Management is heavily focused on fear, and matchups in the moment...even if the immediate action has negative longer-term expectations.  (Here, longer-term could be 2 innings later, or 2 months.  Torey Lovullo has taken heat for burning out the D'Backs' bullpen through early/mid season overuse, leading to late slides.)
    And pitching changes just kill flow, by definition.  Mosey out to the mound...talk...talk...take the ball.  OK now we signal.  Pen guy moseys in from the outfield for 2 minutes, spends another minute prepping the mound.  NOW he starts his warmups.  GAHHH.  The only thing worse is the *ridiculous* amount of time some pitchers and hitters take, even with no one on.  
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    slikmar reacted to unclevlad in The 2020 Baseball Thread   
    It would've been good years for a pitcher, prorating.  Even in 2018...he hit .168. 
    Whether we like it or not, the DH isn't going away.  The mindset in baseball, more than I think any other sport, prohibits it.  Hitters are taught to groove their fastball swing.  The result?  Home run or strikeout.  They're so rigid, so specialized, that shifts work because they can't NOT pull the ball, so often.  The same thing applies to pitching.  You have to be perfect, perfect, perfect, throw hard, harder, hardest.  How many curve ball types still exist...versus flame throwers, especially?  And to get there?  You focus on the pitching side...and the value there is too high to allow even the good hitters to waste their time on that side.  (Not to mention risk injury.)  Good article here:
    points out issues like minor league pitchers just don't hit.

    Sure, there are isolated examples of pitchers that can hit, but they're sparse.  And a pitcher who's a below-average hitter (even for a pitcher)...no one cares, no one's ever really cared IMO.  Even before the DH.  Sandy Koufax hit .064 in '63, and .076 in '66...but all he did was win the Cy Young both years, win MVP once and be runner-up the other, start 81 games, complete 47, win 52, with 16 shutouts.  WHO CARES ABOUT THE HITTING?   

    I'd also rather have the pitcher focus on defense.  A pitcher who's solid defensively helps in the important, higher-leverage situations...runners on 2nd and 3rd, pitcher gonna hit?  He's gonna get yanked a lot of the time anyway.
    What I think is asinine is the massive distortion due to one league using the DH, the other not using it.
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    slikmar reacted to Badger in The 2020 Baseball Thread   
    Well only Toronto and Tampa bay fail on the grass part. Pitchers will have to hit better .120 on average before I stop preferring the DH.
    Since WW2  .200 hitting pitching staff is a rarity. For that matter outside the hard hitting 1930s, uncommon since the 1890s.
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    slikmar got a reaction from Pariah in The 2020 Baseball Thread   
    Part of the problem is that teams are not really owned by families anymore who love the game. I really think its not so much they think fans will side with them against players but that owners don't care how fans feel about the owners, as long as they aren't siding with the players. To them its a business, and if baseball
    Big problem now is that I think you will find that money isn't really being made at the stadium (I say that knowing how much it costs) but in the TV contracts and pay per view stuff (nfl redzone etc). Also the internet broadcasting. So as much as there are complaints about no fans in the stadiums, I don't think it is really about that.
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    slikmar reacted to DShomshak in RIP Dame Vera Lynn   
    We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...
    Dean Shomshak
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    slikmar reacted to Pariah in The 2020 Baseball Thread   
    Eh, nothing a steroid-fueled home run record chase in 2022 won't fix.
    It worked the last time.
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