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  1. Re: Looking for Classic Champions character templates I'm checking out a lead on the original Champions outlines. I am waiting to hear back from a relative of mine in Louisiana. He's not due back until next Wednesday... He's away in Ireland on business. I'll let you know if he has them.
  2. Re: Looking for Classic Champions character templates I am still trying a few people I know... I am hoping to turn up something this weekend.
  3. Re: Looking for Classic Champions character templates If you are talking about the character sketch outlines... I have them. Send me a PM with your email address, and I'll send them to you.
  4. Re: A Game Of Questions Should I feel threatened?
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Since "The Catsuit Thread" is gone, I have paid Jett T.: ThreadAssassin REP to have this thread destroyed, since this thread has fulfilled it's original conception...beating out "The Catsuit Thread" as the longest thread ever. Wait a minute... I'm contributing to the thread by posting to it... AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  6. Re: Champions Jargon Making reference to Avalon Hill's Thэ Russian Campaign?
  7. Re: Complicate the Person Above Bazza once dated Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani all at the same time...but it just didn't work out. Too many complications...and to many commitments.
  8. Re: Complicate the Person Above AngryBug shows great restraint with his anger...which has now become a base indifferance. Just yesterday, he shot four people...and didn't bat an eye.
  9. Re: Champions Jargon TRID - Any "non-descript" NPC (and TRID spelt backwards is...DIRT!!!) Used to describe any character in a movie that would have such end credits as "Third Man From Left", or "Woman in Blue".
  10. Re: "Neat" Pictures Rise, Oh Great Cthulhu!!! Awaken from your slumber!!!
  11. Re: "Neat" Pictures A couple of very interesting pictures Taken from space: A Picture taken from space, between the sunrise/sunset line over Europe and Africa...it was taken during a mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery. A picture taken by the Hubble Telescope...it has been dubbed The Eye Of God.
  12. Re: Something my FTF group liked So, Sounds like Clifford, The Big Red Dog, mixed in with a bit of the basic premise of the movie Little Nicky. Very interesting... WOOF!!! Repped on the concept idea...nice twist to a children's standard!
  13. Re: what non-fiction books have you read? please rate it ... YOU'RE OUT AND YOU'RE UGLY TOO! Confessions Of An Umpire With Attitude - by Durwood Merrill with Jim Dent About the book at Amazon.com Awesome book for anyone who wants to understand the motivations behind a MLB Umpire. Also... SAM WALTON Made In America (My Story) - by Sam Walton with John Huey About the book at Amazon.com An interesting book about the founder of WAL*MART
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I will send one as well!!!
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... TOO LATE LEMMING...I CLICKED IT BEFORE I READ YOUR POST.
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