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  1. Re: BSG : Original Series Concept Art Thanks for posting this. I've always loved the work he's done for Lucas. I've seen some of these many yaren ago and I've forgot all about them.
  2. Re: Illegal Cross-Continent Road Race Hero How 'bout Deathrace 2000.
  3. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books I would love to see a Cyber Hero / Transhuman Hero / Mecha Hero hybrid. I'm still waiting for Kazei 5. Stop being lazy and get it finished already.:)
  4. Re: Beowulf-class Type-A Free Trader Deckplans Awesome
  5. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon I've always liked the set of Powered Armor from the D&D module "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks". Although it wasn't a "weapon" it did have a laser pistol built into the arm.
  6. Re: Computers as characters Psych. Limitation: No Physical Body
  7. Re: Trek Hero PDF available Correct. Way back before Battletech and Shadowrun.
  8. Re: Trek Hero PDF available 2) FASA stands for "Freedonian Air and Space Agency." It was a term used in the owners' own Traveller campaign. I don't even know why I know this. I need to get out more.
  9. Re: Could someone tell me about star hero? If you are looking for an established setting, you may also want to think about picking up Terran Empire or Alien Wars (my favorite). Star Hero is a must have, IMHO, if you're thinking of going the sci-fi route. It's one of the best written game suppliments I've ever owned (as is every other HERO product).
  10. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups Thanks guys.
  11. Hello everyone. I was toying with the idea of running a game based on the show Space:1999 and was wondering if anyone out there has made a conversion to Hero. I'm trying to find the best way to write-up Moonbase Alpha as well as the various Eagle Transporters. Any thoughts would be appreciated as I didn't see anything in the compilation threads.
  12. Re: BSG Hero Update Excellent work. I wish I had the skill and creativity to do a conversion like this .
  13. Re: Ghost in the Shell resources? http://www.serenadawn.com/GhostintheShellRPG.htm
  14. Re: Complicate the Person Above Death Tribble is motorcycle mechanic "C.C. Ryder" who hooks up with "The Heads," a bad-as-they-come, outlaw biker gang. Things roll along just fine, until the gang menaces a fashion reporter whose limo has broken down in the desert. When Death Tribble comes to her rescue and a spark ignites between them, the gang leader turns on him and the action really gets revved up.
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