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  1. This just makes me laugh. 😃
  2. I have. The issue is not with the software package itself. Roll20, when empty, is just fine. It's people's energies where I have not yet fully learned to remain at peace. And it's not that people are bad, it's just that they are in a lot of pain, and I pick that up. In smaller communities, like, say, Fantasy Grounds, which is just a program, or Play-By-Post, it is not as strong, but on occasion I may run into a person who has a lot of "heavy" energies on them (unresolved trauma, physical pains, amazing work stress, what have you) and I have to leave a game almost as fast I wanted
  3. It's a bit of an interesting detail for me. I am an "empath", meaning I can sense other people's emotions and thoughts. It is a spiritual ability. The predominant energy vibration on Roll20 is of "competition" and "hostility". If I spend more than 15 minutes on the website, the amount of pain I pick up becomes unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I love Roll20. I like their system, and was subscribed to it years ago. But it's become a place where it is just harder and harder for me to be there. At this point I am just choosing to not go there. Problem is, of course, it is very popular.
  4. What sort of game would this be? But, most importantly to me, on what platform are you running it? I'd be interested as long as it is not Roll20.
  5. Here's my take on those two books (I own Champions Complete, Fantasy Hero Complete, Vol 1, Vol 2, and Fantasy Hero): Fantasy Hero Complete attempts to become a very concise "full system" book, in that it presents all the Hero System rules, in a deeply condensed form, along with suggestions for campaigns, spell systems, bestiaries, equipment, and some slight mentions on world-building. However, the primary focus of Fantasy Hero Complete is to present the Hero System rules in concise form, and does not go into great depth on all other related subjects. This book, however, is sufficie
  6. I skimmed through this real quick, so I hope I am not repeating details, but don't forget you can add "Cumulative" to a Transform effect. This allows you to make the transformation take more time, and it lowers the cost (and hopefully other requirements as well). It should allow simple "road engineer wizards" to work in teams over a large stretch of land, turning dirt, grass, broken land, into a flat paved road. If you add a small-scale Mega-Scale effect (1m = 100m), this could go REALLY FAST. And if the cost is reduced with Cumulative it might turn out to be more effective this way.
  7. Caps are good. They help shape a character's capabilities when they first start, and won't let one character outshine another. However, in my games I remove the initial caps once the game starts and use a new set of caps that characters have to build to. I tend to think in terms of how "powerful" or how much "epic scope" I'd like the game to have. For example, this is how I think of combat competency among characters: a normal NPC will have a CV of 3, on the average, 2 if they are incompetent or just not focused on combat (not everybody is). A trained soldie
  8. Hey, That's a fantastic map. Don't sell yourself short. "Arting" (much like "adulting") is a matter of practice. It looks like a great map, and it has all the elements you'd want in an image that will give you an idea of where you are and what you are looking at. Besides, don't make the (very common) mistake of thinking you have to produce art and design like people who've been doing it for decades. That's just crazy. If you just started, this is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work. 😃
  9. According to "Only In Alternate Identity", Vol 1, pg 386, 387, "A character can only use a power with Only In Alternate Identity (“OIAID”) while he’s in an alternate identity. Obviously, only characters who maintain two distinct identities can use this Limitation. For example, it’s commonly used by superheroes who maintain a Social Complication (Secret Identity), and by characters with some types of shape-shifting or body alteration abilities. It’s most appropriate for Superheroic campaigns. For this Limitation to be valid, the character must have some difficulty changing forms
  10. "Help me, Star Hero Complete. You're my only hope."
  11. Well, personally, in my Fantasy games I used the "final to hit number, rounded down, -1" formula. This means that on an even 11 or less, a crit would come on a roll of 3 or 4. If you had higher numbers, you could crit easier, but anything below an 8 would not be able to crit at all. I also never allowed minions to crit, but minor and major bosses could crit freely. That made for a cautious approach from PCs when facing a major opponent. As for mirror, I agree with everyone else here: it depends entirely on 'how' it is happening. If it is magic, then sure... anything goes. If it is
  12. 6th player here. What are you looking to organize?
  13. I can imagine. Running just one Hero game is a full time job for me, not to mention two. But if you ever choose to run a Fantasy Hero game, let me know. I like those.
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