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  1. 100 points? Standard Heroic is 175, I believe. You can make a competent physical or mystical character with some good skills with that many points. How do you handle magic in your setting?
  2. Khymeria: I am currently in Los Angeles. Would be one heck of a commute for a weekly drive. 😃 Maccabe: personally I like Moderate or High Fantasy. Something bright and heroic. I don't like Dark Fantasy or low-powered/Iron Age Fantasy. Standard power settings. But I can be adaptable, depending on the game and GM. I like archers, versatile rogues, and cunning mages as personalities/contributions to the game when I design my characters. I have yet to play an armored warrior (plate, sword, and shield) in all my Fantasy Hero games.
  3. Wow, congratulations! That's a rarity: a small group of Hero System players all found around the same table.
  4. And Khymeria, of course. I feel that the choice of VTT is not so critical. Any one system that can show a map and can have its participants move tokens on is quite sufficient in my opinion. This being the Hero System, we know they will not have support for the specific nuances (speed chart, character sheets, etc) of the game's mechanics. Which ever system you pick I am sure we can learn to handle it, as we always have when playing an actual table top: pencil and paper for notes (although nowadays it is more water-soluble pens and the old Chessex battlemats). If you are up for running a game, do you have a particular frequency, day of the week, and session length in mind? I can do as often as weekly, on the weekends, and perhaps Monday as well, for a max length of perhaps 6 hours, although 4 hours would be a nice easy session. And, if you do choose to run a game, what type of setting do you have in mind? High Fantasy? Swords & Sorcery? Something unusual? Perhaps homebrew? PS: I am in California as well, so coordinating times would be easy (or easier anyway).
  5. Yes, where is this Discord server you want to set up? It would be interesting to see what you have in mind, So far, we have Diamond Spear trying to arrange for a Thursday game, and Anonanonanon with the possibility of a Discord-based text game. Promising. 😃 So... Diamond... what are you thinking? Is Thursday the only day you have open? If so, I shall bow out because... it's Thursday. Others may join you, though.
  6. I haven't seen an online solution for Hero System yet. Most systems try to be agnostic as to what rules they use, or perhaps favor the most popular ones (D20, Pathfinder).
  7. Unfortunately not. Monday was good because it looks like my schedule is shifting a day, but Thursday is firmly planted in the "work day" category, and I would have little chance of shifting hours to make time for a game then.
  8. If magic is so common, magic suppression would be common as well. Blanket the location with trinkets that suppress magic and spells won't work in there.
  9. Checking on the chat record so far, I don't see a suggested method of "communication". (Did I miss it?) Will you be picking a VTT platform of any sort? Something on which to show maps and get some text going?
  10. That sounds good. Every other week is fine. Way back when, when I used to run a D&D 3.5 game, we would get together in person every other week for 6 to 8 hour Saturday sessions. It worked out fine because everyone had a weekend in between to do what ever they wanted, and I had that weekend to plan and prep for next week's session. A 3 or 4 hour session should be just fine with me. 😃
  11. There is also RPG Crossing https://www.rpgcrossing.com/ although the Hero System is relatively unknown there.
  12. I would rather have a solid session of roleplay where we get together for three or four hours and do stuff. Even if it was once a month, it would move far faster than any email or play by post could ever achieve. (Even if it was text-only!) You know, I may be able to swing Monday nights. Let me know what's possible.
  13. Actually, it is quite up. Lots of people already with characters at level 50, and I am playing it every night. Good game. Still kicks some butt. It is up and running for the foreseeable future, legalities and funding notwithstanding.
  14. Wow, activity in this old thread. I am surprised. I would certainly be interested in doing a bit of FH. I would vote for the Mystara setting, since I actually have some of the ancient modules for it. Loved Basic D&D back in the day. And definitely 6th edition if possible, although I have all the books I need for 5th or 4th. I would only be able to do this on the weekends, since you are on EST and I am PST (and work all that). What are the possibilities of that?
  15. I was about to say that: the staff sounds like it is a special effect for extra DCV and OCV, with amazing teleport acrobatics added in for good flavor.
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