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  1. 6th player here. What are you looking to organize?
  2. I can imagine. Running just one Hero game is a full time job for me, not to mention two. But if you ever choose to run a Fantasy Hero game, let me know. I like those.
  3. I think a number of people may have gotten together, twice, for something. I, however, for various personal reasons, found myself unable to join (which is kind of funny, since I posted this thread). Perhaps another group might want to get together?
  4. Interesting situation. It strikes me that you are building encounters where the PCs can easily overwhelm a small set of opponents, who may be at varying power levels, with very focused paralysis spells. I would recommend the following: 1. Increase the number of opponents. They don't have to be more powerful, just more numerous. This will keep the PCs on their toes and open opportunities for the villains to actually strike back, protect, counter-attack. Don't forget to apply the multiple attacker penalty on their DCV. 2. Include among your villains casters who can do the same things: have the PCs be mentally paralyzed and sent to the hospital for a few months. 3. If the PCs are known for these tactics, clever opponents will arrive prepared: consider spell reflection abilities or wards, or spell nullification preparations. I would pay good money to see one of them cast that spell and have it reflected back on them. The look ought to be priceless. 4. Consider having the villains have exotic pets: have some unearthly monsters with high mental immunity - constructs, high powered enslaved undead - things that will generally be immune to mental powers. Overall, the players are acting out a specialization with that power. All you need to do is create a setting in which the specialization does not apply. That should put them over the flame for a while. Just my $0.02.
  5. Message and HDC sent, along with some comments and observations. Keep me posted.
  6. I can create a character for you, if you'd like me to. Do you have Hero Designer? I can send you an HDC file. Shouldn't take me too long.
  7. Well, it sounds like you are actually up for running a game. I like classic mages, but not Vancian. I am looking at the research academic, steeped in books and arcane philosophies. A possible wide variety of minor spells of all types (represented by a small VPP, perhaps 15 AP max), along with a small bevy of heavier spells, carried possibly in a 30 or 40 AP Multipower pool. This allows the mage to have no particular specialization, but makes him capable of casting a decent variety of utilitarian spells, some battle spells, some restoration spells, and perhaps some travelling spells. That would definitely be a mage I'd see being "smart", using what he has to his advantage, and avoiding unnecessary conflict where possible. What do you think of those ideas? They are mostly mechanical in nature, since the concept has already been done many times.
  8. 100 points? Standard Heroic is 175, I believe. You can make a competent physical or mystical character with some good skills with that many points. How do you handle magic in your setting?
  9. Khymeria: I am currently in Los Angeles. Would be one heck of a commute for a weekly drive. 😃 Maccabe: personally I like Moderate or High Fantasy. Something bright and heroic. I don't like Dark Fantasy or low-powered/Iron Age Fantasy. Standard power settings. But I can be adaptable, depending on the game and GM. I like archers, versatile rogues, and cunning mages as personalities/contributions to the game when I design my characters. I have yet to play an armored warrior (plate, sword, and shield) in all my Fantasy Hero games.
  10. Wow, congratulations! That's a rarity: a small group of Hero System players all found around the same table.
  11. And Khymeria, of course. I feel that the choice of VTT is not so critical. Any one system that can show a map and can have its participants move tokens on is quite sufficient in my opinion. This being the Hero System, we know they will not have support for the specific nuances (speed chart, character sheets, etc) of the game's mechanics. Which ever system you pick I am sure we can learn to handle it, as we always have when playing an actual table top: pencil and paper for notes (although nowadays it is more water-soluble pens and the old Chessex battlemats). If you are up for running a game, do you have a particular frequency, day of the week, and session length in mind? I can do as often as weekly, on the weekends, and perhaps Monday as well, for a max length of perhaps 6 hours, although 4 hours would be a nice easy session. And, if you do choose to run a game, what type of setting do you have in mind? High Fantasy? Swords & Sorcery? Something unusual? Perhaps homebrew? PS: I am in California as well, so coordinating times would be easy (or easier anyway).
  12. Yes, where is this Discord server you want to set up? It would be interesting to see what you have in mind, So far, we have Diamond Spear trying to arrange for a Thursday game, and Anonanonanon with the possibility of a Discord-based text game. Promising. 😃 So... Diamond... what are you thinking? Is Thursday the only day you have open? If so, I shall bow out because... it's Thursday. Others may join you, though.
  13. I haven't seen an online solution for Hero System yet. Most systems try to be agnostic as to what rules they use, or perhaps favor the most popular ones (D20, Pathfinder).
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