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  1. Why even be a supervillain? Just turn lead into gold and wreck the global economy. Actually, I guess the global economy has been fairly gold-independent for quite a while now. I'm sure there's tricks you could do with turning the components of an alloy into other elements that would react with eachother, or changing a dense enough material into a pure fissile isotope or whatever - but you could cut the chase and just buy RKA Explosions and the like. Can you transform super metals, AdamAnt(tm), Unobtanium, Absurdium, etc...?
  2. UNTIL was in the original Champions!, it's been part of the game since the very beginning. I realize that's not what you're asking, though, sorry. But probably in the core book?
  3. I think we got a left/right mix-up on one of those, because it sure seems like they're both left-to-right, but going by the familiar Crusher and Brick, I think I got it. "Trigger Warning" is a gun-bunny. I'm embarrassed how long it took me to get that one. What's "Script Kitty" a reference to? She's the cyborg, right? The character image of this set that I liked best is apparently named "Male Gaze," that's ironic.
  4. Opal

    Fae pact powers

    So, you're an otherworldly creature. You could have the schtick that, while someone is using a power your granted them, you're invisible or desolid (both might be a it much). So, while they're enhanced fighting, you can be scouting and relaying information back telepathically? When they've expended the power, you come back, and either initiate a new pact with an ally, or use a fey trick (illusion or other mental power) on an enemy, after which you again fade away until they break out...
  5. For a half second I misread that as "Fiacho united Europe." Y'know, you could take a sinister conspiracy twist on Eurostar and have them either long since officially disbanded or reformed, but, in secret, Fiacho was the power behind the scenes that got the EU together, and now rules from the shadows, and Eurostar will come out of those shadows to put down any heroes that stumble their continent-wide conspiracy. Seems like this just came up in the Australia thread, too. Yeah, there are stereotypes of Americans, and no you might not freak out over them. And superh
  6. ...we don't know what that was, actually, it could be a pretty blatant pun, false cognate, or idiom or something.... ...wait, wasn't 'Pantera' a band?
  7. Opal

    Fae pact powers

    What's "over watch" refer to? Like stepping back from the front lines and coordinating? Groups will sometimes have a character with Mind Link to keep everyone in secure communication in a fight. Or they'll use code phrases and the like for that purpose. (OK, also 'coordinating' was, and may still be, a mechanic in Champions! where two characters attack simultaneously to try to stun a tough enemy, it required a roll from each participant.)
  8. Opal

    Fae pact powers

    If I'm following correctly, I'm afraid it might be a difficult concept to play at the table. Nothing to do with how you build the powers, just if your action each turn hinges on conversing and making pacts in the moment, it could get tiresome, especially for the DM. Would the concept work if it's bread & butter powers were pacts it had already made with other fae? Like if you have a cold-based power, it's a 'pact with the Snow Queen' or is that too simplistic? For pacts you make with others, you could try Useable By Others powers, perhaps turned around with a lim
  9. It's steampunk. Put goggles on your hat: viola, SteamPunk.
  10. IDK, some of those sound thin as ethnic stereotypes. Vain & demanding is certainly a hurtful stereotype - but of attractive women (and if you're an unattractive woman, the stereotyping gets a lot more hurtful), not exclusive to women of a given nationality. Likewise, big, dumb & angry is a stereotype of men, particularly lower-class/uneducated men, across many nationalities, surely. They're sexist stereotypes. But, then, the thing that stood out for me about Eurostar, and I think it was Terror Inc or other characters in the same book, was that female villains were given high COM,
  11. That was the 90s, and it was a fun show, they gave Lois top billing, and it was a pun on Louis & Clark. Or maybe I'm just easily amused. Plus the kid was cute... Dean Cain, I had to google, I couldn't remember his name... still cute, tho... ...anyway... oh, right, in the 50s show they played up that angle, too, that he acted differently. The Scarlet Pimpernel maintained his secret ID that way, too. of course, today it's so easy to impersonate someone they had to make up a new crime - identity theft - to shift the burden of proof from the businesses being defrauded by
  12. ...and Superman doesn't wear gloves, I guess Kryptonians don't have fingerprints, or he'd leave them into all those girders he bends with his bare hands and whatnot. yeah, Secret ID is just a genre convention, it lets the character provoke horrid people without those closest to him being revenge murdered, and it gives the otherwise do-anything character a source of stress to whinge over ..er, I mean drama... , aand it makes for some laughs.
  13. It's that clear plastic protector thingy you stick to your smartphone, right?
  14. How hard it would it be to sell a rampaging green monster, a rich white man using highly-illegal military technology, an Aryan supersoldier, and a self-described 'god' purported to be worshipped by white supremacist prison gangs, as bad guys, really? And if elderly conservatives rise to their defense, point out that they're working with a Russian spy.
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