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  1. I can't keep the details of the rules from different editions straight, but, at some point, wasn't Reduced END was a power modifier, rather than an advantage? In any case, if you're paying the END on the STR you're adding to a R.END attack, why would it be pro-rated to account for an advantage it's not getting?
  2. I guess, like 2/4... teams of agents that are trained & kitted out to take down supers, especially to deal with a specific super, can do so with sufficient numbers. But mostly they're there to overwhelm normal security or provide security against anything short of supers (and raise the alarm if it is supers) or provide cannon fodder/specific tactical support ("when Cpt Everything enters the room, throw this switch, then that switch, you'll be fine, I promise... no, really, there's an invisible force field....") or commit well-orchestrated crimes be it for gain, terror, or whatever else their masters' objectives may be.
  3. 3e feats could be seen that way, sure, but he was talking about 4e powers. 4e stole from Hero even more dramatically, in that powers were game mechanical bundles that you could assign special effects to - they came with a sample description, but it was open to being what you wanted. So, another answer is simply to let non-casters go ahead and buy powers. Excellent point.
  4. Math is confusing and scary?
  5. The world knows Jackdaw - or Jack Daw - as one of those bizarre theme villains, only a little more coherent than the likes of Foxbat. He orchestrates overly complex bird-themed crimes, throughout Europe and the broader Westernized world, with grandiose goals that could never work even if they were carried through. As it stands, he has inflicted a lot of collateral damage - though no direct deaths - and driven up insurance rates wherever he operates. So heroes & law enforcement begrudgingly take him seriously. Jackdaw wears a high-tech battlesuit that looks like an all-black reject from Battle of the Planets, including a beaklike visor and feathered cape that actually let's him fly. He uses some sort of bowdlerized 'martial arts' - mostly judo with hints of wushu when pressed - but primarily depends on gadgets and a huge flock of trained and/or robotic birds (generally raven-sized in spite of his name). He stands over 6' and speaks with an exageratedly cultured old-fashioned "mid-Atlantic" accent. He never betrays anger or fear, but affects boredom or amusement, instead. He has been foiled every time, defeated many, but never captured. Jackdaw often fights as a member of ThinkBank, but he is generally considered a dupe or hireling. In reality he is a genius billionaire like the others, and his bird-themed crimes' "collateral damages" are actually their intended targets. It's all an act to distance his villain persona from his secret ID, a Chineses tech/media mogul who is always accompanied by bodyguards, translators, and - via well-trained body-doubles and/or Android duplicates - is often alabied on the other side of the world while Jackdaw is making his comical mischief.
  6. 1. Have you played a lot of other games, not used maps & tokens, and prefer it that way? Then go ahead. Otherwise, a hex map & minis are very helpful. 2. Depending on the version, character sheets can have a lot of what you need. As far as actual play it's not particularly complicated. 3. Character Building is the more complex part of the game. So start with sample characters and villains from the books or on-line... ....again, unless you're experienced with other games that have a lot of choice that way....
  7. Science! Check. That leaves Technology, Engineering, & Math...
  8. Sorry, I apparently forgot how to count! Maybe if I had been forced to watch E/I programming on Saturday mornings, instead of Isis or Land o/t Lost, I wouldn't be making mistakes like that. The Informers are 4 young-adult heroes whose powers all tie into STEM topics (1 for each). They're quick to give interviews, especially right after a battle, in which they try to educate & inform their young fans, and get them interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Remember, some demograpghics are underrepresented in STEM fields, so membership in the team takes a variety of factors into account. Be sure to give an example of how they riff off a dramatic use of a power to educate & inform their fans (who are meant to be grade-schoolers).
  9. Darth Carna Since 2001, tens of thousands of people have identified themselves as "Jedi" when filling out the religion sections of various census forms. There's even a Temple of the Jedi Order with tax-exempt status in the US. Some people take it more seriously than others. Some way too seriously. One of those was an obsessive fangirl and avid cosplayer who was outraged with the canon interpretation that said Jedi /couldn't love/, that love was an emotion that led to the Dark Side. Well, then, she reasoned, the Dark Side can't be evil. She set out to prove that. Darth Carna is a slight young lady wearing a full-coverage hooded robe and face mask, all in black, and loose but for the wrists and gloves, she apparently wears some sort of boots and leggings under the robe, as well. Her costume is apparently made of ballistic cloth & insulated to provide a little protection against firearms and other deadly weapons, and her mask is equipped with efficient filters. She wields a black carbon-fibre bo-staff as a weapon, lightsaber crystals being sadly unavailable on backwater distant-future worlds like Earth. She displays impressive acrobatic and martial arts abilities, and if it stopped there, she'd just be a relatively harmless nut. However, she also has mental powers, minor telepathy & mind-control, and significant telekinetic powers, she uses to appear to perform feats of great strength, including being able to leap and levitate nearly to the point of flying, as well as to strangle enemies from a distance and lift or hurl modest-sized objects, like busses. She also claims precognition and can heal life-threatening injuries at a touch in less than a minute. The last two were actually her primary form of heroism until she joined Pentacle. She would intuit when a deadly act of violence or accident would occur, make her way to the vicinity, and either prevent it or heal any of the victims she could. When she gets the chance she rails against the moral bankruptcy of the Jedi's 'ancient religion.' "Come to the Dark Side: we have Love."
  10. 1" hex = 2m Assuming a 1" hex battlemat, that's also a convenient size for minis or standies, closer to the 25-35mm minis you can readily find, or the old cardboard heroes, rather than using up to 2" tall minis... that'd be, 50mm? Dropping a convenient TT scale like hexes or squares for in-game measurements is OK... essentially meaningless, really... how hard is it to divide by 2 all the time? Any harder/easier than multiplying by 2 when you want an in-world measurement?
  11. Mime (Over Matter) Doesn't actaully need to dress like a mime or go through the classic bit of walking into them and feeling out their dimensions in order to create invisible walls of force, but finds it amusing to do so, most of the time. I know: mimes aren't clowns.
  12. Degenerate Dwarf Looks like and all-white Tolkien-esque high-fantasy dwarf. Uses a impenetrable field of degenerate electron gas as both defense and attack.
  13. Now I'm picturing a scenario in which utterly evil beings are invading, but one of them is mentally ill or really twisted by it's life experiences, and starts helping the humans, and doing good, but is unable to face that so rationalized it as evil. " I'm not saving you, I'm using you as part of a plot against my enemies..." ...I think Spike may have gone through a phase like that on Buffy...
  14. A) no. You can have multiple systems of magic, but they're all Hero System B ) yes. Maybe throw in some skill-as-power or slightly over the top martial arts C) no, but you could put in some minor inefficiencies, like each type of magic uses a different skill...
  15. (I totally get that.) There have been many takes on evil, but IRL, even people doing the most horrifically evil things rarely think of themselves /as evil/, they think they're doing something for a greater good, or they have no choice, or they don't understand, or, at the outside as some of the above, don't care or don't feel. But a demon, a demon could be Utterly Evil, it does evil, because it knows that what it's doing is evil, and doing evil is it's strongest motivation and highest aspiration. Because /being/ evil is its essential identity and it couldn't bear to be - or even think of itself as - anything but entirely evil. Heck, demons probably get all angsty and conflicted when they accidentally do something that has a good consequence for someone. (I know that's whacked morality that doesn't work, and there's probably a category error in there somewhere, but demons aren't real, so...)
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