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    Opal reacted to Nekkidcarpenter in Motorcyle as Power   
    Have it cost an appropriate amount of points per its usefulness in your game.  If it's basically a plot device to let him travel between scenes faster, ask yourself if that's more valuable to him as a player or you as a gm?  Sometimes the journey IS the adventure (see the Middle Earth Travelogue; LotR) but usually in supers games you want that part finished with the least fuss necessary.
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    Opal reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Champions Adventures Reboot   
    Since these adventures are from 40 years ago and have been out of print for decades, plus they are for the very first editions (as Bolo notes) and are very simple, rebooting them not only makes them available to a whole new audience, but can recreate them to a standard modern players are looking for.  Some of these adventures are extremely difficult to find now.  I'm fine with new stuff too, but the response to rebooting The Island of Dr Destroyer proves that there's a fairly significant market out there for reboots.
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    Opal got a reaction from Drhoz in Quote of the Week from my gaming group...   
    The way it was phrased, it sounded like that was part of the ceremony, like how could you have a beautiful wedding without a scarab to symbolize Ra's journey across the sky?  Of course, since it's a royal wedding, we got you a reaaaally big scarab...
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    Opal reacted to SKJAM! in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Pure Fire aka Mary Eve Wyman is a mutant whose powers revolve around emitting a bright white flame that she can adjust not to burn any specific substance she chooses.  This is usually human flesh, but has other useful settings.  Mary Eve was also a right-wing Evangelical Christian (and in most respects still is) and hung out with a group of other conservative Christian superheroes.  Or antiheroes if you don't like their politics/ideology.  They clash a lot with more liberal/inclusive hero groups.
    Which was all well and good until one day Pure Fire received what she believed to be a revelation from God after prayer and Biblical study.  Forbidding the ordination of women was wrong, and women should be allowed to teach men in the church and elsewhere!  Used to a free hand in her interviews and appearances, Pure Fire began speaking out about her beliefs.
    When the male leadership of her group and the male leadership of her denomination told her to recant, and then be silent, Mary Eve refused.  She was labeled as "controversial" and forbidden access to the media outlets she usually appeared on, and finally kicked out of her team (a bad decision on their part, as her unpaid volunteer work had kept them from having to do things like their own laundry or bookkeeping.)
    But because Pure Fire remains a right-wing Evangelical Christian (and kinda racist in a means well but is tone-deaf way), no other hero groups want to pick her up.  "Cancel Culture" strikes again!
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    Opal got a reaction from Lord Liaden in Any Good 4th or 5th edition versions of Silver Surfer or similar character?   
    Paradigm is just a major concept in Mage.  Each Mage tradition - and their foes the Technocracy - is pushing their own paradigm, it's how their magick works (including technology, which is the technocracy's paradigm of magick).
    Unless Paradigm's secret Id is Bill Frucato or something, I doubt the reference is personal - even if the M:tA reference was intentional.
    *Full disclosure:  "Bill Frucato" and "Jessica Heinous" just may have been used in Mage parody back on usenet alt.games.white-wolf days... I'm sure they weren't the only ones working for "Black  Dog Game Factory" .... 
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    Opal got a reaction from Christopher R Taylor in My son's 1st encounter   
    Here's a scarf that leads a life of danger
    To everyone he beats, he stays a stangler
    With every loop he makes
    Another stain he takes
    Odds are he'll be laundered on the morrow
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    Opal reacted to Quackhell in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    Germán Torres was a hero who operated in Los Angeles in the late 90s and was well known for his cocky wise cracking swagger and for being a charming flirtous ladies man. The press often seemed more interested in who he was involved with romantically than what supervillain he fought. Even back then however there were some rumors of unsavory and possibly sexual aggressive behavior. These came to nothing however as his fame and status allowed him to dodge any ramifications or consequences. This all changed in 2009 when his former sidekick Bravura spoke out about how he had groomed her as a teen and this led to a sexual relationship. This opened the floodgates with many of his former fans, and even women he had rescued from danger telling similar stories of predatory behavior. Rumor has it that when this news broke his Hero Force teammate Headstrong attempted to attack Bravado and only the intervention of Gold Rush and Jetwyld staved off any violence. Hero Force management attempted damage control by transferring him to a European branch of the team, but his reputation followed and he was forcibly removed from the premises by Scarlet Fury...via the 10th floor window. Disgraced and shunned by the hero community, media, his former agents, sponsors and general public he retreated from society. Now he is a shameful black mark in heroic history that earned a rightful spot in the Legion of Cancelled Heroes.
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    Opal reacted to Sundog in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    The American Soldier!
    You've all heard of the guy who was desperate to serve, who volunteered for a super-soldier program, who became a paragon of the virtues of his nation and of moral and ethical probity?
    Yeah, that's not this guy.
    Peter Briggs was drafted in '67. He intended to run away to Canada, but he was too stoned to make the trip. He was stoned all through boot camp too. At least until his sergeant found out he was financing his own habits by selling drugs to his fellow recruits. 
    So, they gave him an offer, participate in a new super-soldier program or get locked up in a military prison forever. Peter probably should have read the fine print...but he was stoned.
    The (cut-price) super drugs mixed with Peter's already severely altered neural biochemistry in weird ways. Sometimes he was a speedster, minutes later he'd be a brick, a little while later everybody in a one-kilometer radius was experiencing whatever sort of high Peter was enjoying at the time. After about a year, they managed to get something of a handle on what powers he'd have at a given time, by giving him more drugs. Peter was having the time of his stoned-out life.
    They worked up a stupid looking but very nationalistic costume, and set up a few (staged) battles with NVA "supers". Problem was, they really had made Peter into a quite powerful superbeing, but one that was continuously out of his gourd and darn near uncontrollable. Several of the actors in the filmed propaganda pieces were seriously injured, and the one attempt to use "The American Soldier!" in the field resulted in massive casualties on BOTH sides. Peter apparently had hallucinated an attack by "Cadillac Men", and had used a spontaneously manifesting Napalm Cannon to drive them away. 
    By now the Vietnam war was coming to an end, and the super-soldier program was an embarrassment and a liability. It's sole success being even worse. Peter now lives at an isolated base in Nevada, still out of his alleged mind and apparently no older then he was in '67. His minders just keep him doped to the gills and watching continuous daytime TV. He's broken out a few times, causing major property damage each time, but he can usually be tempted back by promises of more drugs. And the American Soldier! has been well and truly cancelled.
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    Opal reacted to steriaca in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    William "Bill" Goldstock was a mutant with some odd abilities. He could transform himself into a man made of organic "living gold". Which pleased him because he is a greedy son of a bastard. He made his living getting into superfights, collecting gorged out pieces of his golden flesh to sell for steep prices (away from his body, the pieces stay in whatever mode he was in). He also wasn't above taking bribes from villains, letting them "just" get away. Another part of his wicked plans involved selling promises of protection to businesses and the city's idol rich. One day he did his pitch to the wrong millionaire (one who is also a superhero detective with a love for justice). Soon it was all over the news, evidence of all his crimes. He had to go underground as he fell from being an eccentric superhero with the regenerating golden skin and super strength into the golden bum who doesn't have a penny to his name and knows no shame. This makes him canceled.
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    Opal reacted to death tribble in Create a Villain Theme Team!   
    If it worked once, why not again ? The same people who destroyed the man who became Bald Eagle in Visgoth's Enforcers went after Graydon Fellows the Blue Aegis. They played up the dangers to the public during fights he had and property destruction caused. They did not go as far as the poll they had done with Bald Eagle i.e. that being raped and murdered was preferable to being saved by the hero but in some ways they did something worse. They found out that Aegis was Fellows and gave his identity and personal details to the villains he was chasing. Said villains promptly caught him and threw him into a chemical vat in an industrial park.
    Hours later Graydon got out of the vat as the indestructible brick The Purple Beast. Effectively brainless Bravado found him and uses him as the muscle and meat shield of the team. He is careful though as mental effects make Graydon berserk or enraged.
    But what of the people who leaked the information ? No happy ever after for them. The Corruption passed on details to Visgoth who let Bald Eagle lead an attack on them. The results were pretty final.
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    Opal got a reaction from Ockham's Spoon in Need a MacGuffin - help please   
    Maybe a little silly, but...
    A precursor race - Atlanteans, ancients, proticultures, slavers, olympians, whatever - created planetary defenses for the earth thousands of years ago.  
    To modern human eyes, though they just look like piles of rocks - pyramids, zigurats, Neolithic megaliths, etc - attacking the components directly with advanced alien weapons would activate them, so, instead, the invaders have been trying to get humans to demolish them piecemeal.
    I just liked the idea if the mcguffins not being little portable things hidden away.
    For the control system to use the weapon proactively, it's not a bunch of hidden items,  either, it's coded into human genes.  Some from each human population.  Unfortunately humans are kinda into genocide, so some of those ancient populations have been dispersed or all but whiped out.  Others have mixed.
    So it's necessary for a diverse set of human representatives to unite and defend the planet by consensus control of the ancient weapon.
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    Opal reacted to archer in Need a MacGuffin - help please   
    You could try a Rod with seven parts.
    I don't think anyone would mistake that for ripping off the Infinity Stones.
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    Opal got a reaction from Sketchpad in History question: Marksman's Guardians   
    Oh, I also meant to mention that another thing that's been going on over on the D&D side of the hobby (which is, of course, the lion's, or even the T-rex's, share of the hobby), is the old fogies of the game's early days coming out and sharing their memories.  Like Rob Kuntz, I think it was, was on ENWorld just chatting with people about his relationship with Gygax back when D&D was being developed. 
    That seems to energize some fans.
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    Opal got a reaction from Scott Ruggels in History question: Marksman's Guardians   
    "The Edition War" went beyond just that one bit of misinformation, but yes, the point being that D&D strayed from tradition for a bit and did much better when it reached back to it's earlier incarnations. 
    So, yes, there are gamers out there who can be rdawn in by appeals to tradition/nostalgia/originalism.
    Fuzion was also analogous to 3e D&D, in that it was an attempt at an open-source RPG, and while it changed the game cosmetically, it left the core balances (and imbalances) - the system-mastery dynamics - very much the same.  It was also in addition to Hero, rather than a replacement for it.
    4e D&D, though,  was also analogous to Hero 6th, in that both changed significant, long-standing elements of the rules that impacted dynamics especially, in terms of system mastery, and for legal reasons changed around IP & lore.  Of course, D&D had a lot further to go in a single ed than just eliminating a few 'cost breaks,' and Wizards'  'legal reasons' were self-inflicted. 
    It just seems like D&D fans were a lot more vindictive about it.  Fuzion wasn't really quite Hero, so I kept playing Hero; 6th kinda lost me, but I just stopped paying attention for a while.  3.x & old-school D&Ders went off on 4e like it was an E′phraimite trying to sneak into Gilead without saying "Shibboleth."
    Opal was the first Champions! character I got to play long-term, and the single character I played the most, so when I found Red October I used her name, and that just became my handle for Hero discussions.  She was inspired by an image from an 80s video of a strange-looking platinum-haired woman in a mirror-like silver costume that reminded me of the flared-shoulder look of old sci-fi costumes.  I'm not sure what else went into her, but I did decide to give her 'Unearthly Beauty' since she was an alien, and Barbara Bain fit the bill - beautiful, but not an approachable beauty - when I visualized her.   At least, the way 18yo me remembered her from Mission: Impossible re-runs and Space:1999 10 years prior. 
    And, yes, I loved Space:1999 and UFO and what other Gerry Anderson shows I got to see as a child - even the supermarionation. 
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    Opal reacted to Nekkidcarpenter in Need a MacGuffin - help please   
    Yes, the planet Earth is the Maguffin and the Empress has NO idea.  She knows it's a living organism (the whole Earth is a very complex organism for Maguffin purposes) but thinks it's something in the Earth, or made by people, or maybe animals, or aliens brought it or whatever.
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    Opal got a reaction from Sketchpad in History question: Marksman's Guardians   
    Wizards o/t Coast could barely get anyone to buy modern/balanced/accessible 4e D&D, but as soon as they brought back the familiar brokednessity of 80s D&D and recycled the Red Box cover, they had a full scale comeback on their hands and D&D sold faster than ever.
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    Opal got a reaction from armadillo in History question: Marksman's Guardians   
    Wizards o/t Coast could barely get anyone to buy modern/balanced/accessible 4e D&D, but as soon as they brought back the familiar brokednessity of 80s D&D and recycled the Red Box cover, they had a full scale comeback on their hands and D&D sold faster than ever.
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    Opal reacted to tiger in TPP Villain Compendium I   
    Jason has given me permission to include Gremlin with WITCH as well
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    Opal reacted to tiger in TPP Villain Compendium I   
    Magical & cult like elements. Gonna add WITCH for ya too
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    Opal reacted to Juan Sanchez in My Speedster Name Ideas   
    If their some math genius I think X-Axis is a good name because speedster usually go horizontal also because anything with the letter X is cool

    if you’re going for funny and if they use the power of thunder or are really loud when running it would be a funny name to have Thunder Thighs 
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    Opal reacted to Chris Goodwin in Spirits and Spirit Magic for 6E?   
    6e powers haven't changed enough to make them irrelevant.  If you wanted to simulate them through 6e powers, you'd pretty much use the same route as you would have used in 4e.  I'd also recommend the Incomplete Character rules by James Jandebeur, which can be seen in Digital Hero #10 (or on the Wayback Machine here.  He started with the Spirits rules as a basis, looked at what they had in common with Vehicles, Bases, Computers, AI, and so on, and synthesized them into a pretty decent rules package.  
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    Opal got a reaction from Jhamin in Champions Begins, The writening   
    You're also doing a male & female version of each, I take it.  
    The male Apex upthread and female one you linked both look 'sweet' to me, like they're each on the gentler side of heroing.  The male is all muscled and may even be flexing, but not in a way that looks aggressive, and his facial expression is just... sweet, maybe a trifle sad.  The female version's pose is less serious, though.
    The male vs female Dr Nope, OTOH, you have an aggressive pose for the male and suggestive for the female - if that were consistent throughout your artwork you might stop and think about it.    
    Please, note, I'm not saying every female illo has to be aggressive or heroic, just a reasonable proportion of them. That and some males need to be depicted in other ways, too - maybe  even including suggestive ones.  And I know that last bit it tricky.
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    Opal reacted to freakboy6117 in Create a Hero Theme Team!   
    Scarlet Star Samurai
    A popular multi media title Scarlet Star Samurai is eponymous main character A holographic techno magic girl defending a futuristic Japanese space station.
    The latest version of the Anime was about to Launch so most people thought it was Just a Publicity stunt when the Holographic Display facing the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo stepped down from the plinth and stopped a speeding car that was about to plow into the pedestrians with a holographic shield.
    S3 or Akasuki Hoshi wasn't a publicity stunt in fact she doesn't know what she is she has all the memories of her fictional counterpart a dead girl resurrected by her scientist father in the form of a hard light hologram generated by a floating drone she has been welcomed by the Seven samurai while she tries to work out where she came from bet that  another dimension where her character is real or created by some super-scientist Otaku. She lives as a normal school student to learn about modern Japan while using her powers to defend it and the world.
    her powers are all based around her hard light holograms which protect her core can make energy shields  from personal to the size of bus she's also able to make incredibly sharp blades usually Katanas but she can manifest any kind of historic weapon she also can make energy beams with a power range from a beanbag round to a main battle tank mostly she will make her arm into an energy weapon but it just depends how she's feeling sometimes she does Eye beams or Kamehameha/ spirit ball style attacks.
    her holographic body allows her to change everything about her appearance while she mostly uses it to have a constantly changing range of Kawaii outfits when the team needs an infiltrator she can duplicate anyone's appearance or even create energy shields that disguise whole areas.
    she's also a skilled hacker able to interface with most unshielded technology and control it.
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    Opal reacted to death tribble in Create a Hero Theme Team!   
    The Chef
    Chicago is also known for food and that is where The Chef comes in. He uses food and cooking to fight crime. It seems weird and non-sensical but it works although the police will shrug their shoulders as they don't know why. They cannot argue with the results as villains have stopped to have a pizza or a hot dog or Polish sausage and are captivated by the recipe or taste and stay to talk which allows the police to arrest him. Villains have also been distracted watching The Chef at work.
    Several other heroes have said 'If it is stupid but it works then it ain't stupid' 
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    Opal reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Micronauts!   
    I was wondering what had happened to Bill Mantlo since he wrote a lot of the stuff I liked in 80s Marvel.  Turns out he got a law degree, got accepted to the bar, then got into a terrible accident that left him in a coma.  When he woke up, he had severe brain damage, and couldn't do any of the creative stuff or law work that he used to. Its really tragic
    The story behind the comics is interesting.  Mantlo got a bunch of the Micronauts toys for his son, and became interested in the characters, imagining their personalities and stories for them.  He got then-Editor in Chief Shooter to set up a licensing deal where he could do their stories.
    Michael Golden was uncomfortable with fame and left comics to do advertising art, which he found much more interesting (??).  Dude was one of the best artists alive in comics.
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