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  1. Q: Why did the Klingons get defeated in the last war? A: A mower built for Superman.
  2. I will get into my TARDIS and visit them as soon as possible. πŸ€ͺπŸ‘ΎπŸ€‘πŸ“πŸ…πŸ₯“πŸ₯“
  3. Extreme speed skating 😀😱
  4. NASA should keep the JWST name. Not only is there the point that it's been people have been calling it for years now, but also everyone has things that others can use to say is a negative. If people attempt to only do what is universally popular, then they will end up doing nothing. This is because people can't ever agree on one thing and will always be divided on what they want, so those attempting to work the public will end up at a point where they are only reading the pools and not really getting work done.
  5. Despite decades of probes, scans, and other forms of information gathering that say this place is a lifeless husk, Perseverance has stumbled upon a cliff that is difficult to explain by the local geological features. When attempting to get samples, a portal opens and inside it discovers a strange complex featuring unknown lifeforms. Beyond the rough human type body and general ability to use tools, very little can be found out about them at this time. Newest Find: Centari Prime
  6. I believe that you should take the Question. This way (especially if it's kept for several months) whenever there is a problem, question, argument, discussion, or controversy (when isn't there) all that you need to do is point to your avatar and say "there is your response ".
  7. I have been on both sides of the GM screen when it comes to the RSR argument and most of the best experiences (both char and game) were centered around the proper use of this annoying roll. At the time it's made, your gritting your teeth hoping for that success. If success comes, then the power does what it's supposed to do. The fun is found (with both players and GM) on the occasion of the failed roll. Great hilarity will befall everyone as they figure out what the aftereffects shall be.
  8. As they say, only Death will keep you away from the aspect of gaming.
  9. Think of the nature of how people will use the magic. As with any tool, there will be the offensive, def8, and utilian functions. Under offensive, we can get things like bolt, strike, missile, etc. With the offensive, there's wall, armor, shield, etc. Utility shall have uses along the lines of heal, holes, visions, grabbing, traveling, etc. Instead of thinking individual spells, attempt to think of how to spell fits into the larger picture than go from there to generate the spell. Also, just because a spell is in one category doesn't mean that it is locked there. Walls (example) can provide defense and security as well as make transit easier (last two utility).
  10. Q: What do you mean that I can only use my powers when I am asleep? A: Those powers are only a picture here.
  11. I tend to use more the practical side - I will know what the character's race, beliefs, and general attitudes are. Other than that, (even the name) will have to be created in the moment as I am playing the character.
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