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  1. Q: Why does everyone assume that I have the ultimate answer for the greatest assassination of all time? A: The United States is closed. Please leave a message at the tone and never expect a call back.
  2. The first thing that I would do would be to talk with the other players and discover what their attitudes toward the game is. If it turns out that your opinion is contrary to everyone else, then it would be a good idea to find some other activity for while this game is going on. However, if several others feel similar to you, then it would be a good idea to confront the GM as a group and figure out some other game or activity that could be performed in its place.
  3. In the most middle age, the peasants who tend their fields would usually pay their taxes by giving the Lord a portion of whatever they produced. This also applied to merchants in town. Only the wealthier members of the society would actually pay their taxes with actual cash. It was in this manner that most people were able to live their entire life without ever seeing money (and this includes the merchants). The concept of every person paying for every item with cash only came about recently. That was mainly due to governments needing more money for more things like wars, roads, social health, personal retirement, favors to "friend", etc. As the desires grew, so did the need for the cash, and the noncash payments became less. Eventually societies got to the point that every person assumes that the only manner to pay for something is with cash in some form.
  4. Q: Why would you sell me this pos iron? There are no internal components or any other way to make it work. A: I have captured Death.
  5. With the proliferation of various levels and types of magic that exist in different fantasy stories these days, I got wondering what stories exist in fantasy that possess absolutely no magic in any form. While GoT may have started off this way, magic did eventually appear both in the books and show, taking it out of the offering. I am looking for books that possess absolutely no magic from the start to the end, regardless if it is a solo or series. There can be references to higher beings, alchemical works (since that is more science than magic), or rumors of great deeds done in ancient time that has been lost. In any case, various magic users will need to rely upon tricks to make people believe that their "magic" is real instead of the hocus pocus that it really is.
  6. Q: What are you waiting for? There is no one else and all is clear. A: I will regret dying in the morning.
  7. Q: We have just dealt with Ragnaroc and went to this beat-up restaurant. Now you are complaining about dirty dishes? A: I just graduated from the University of Oa.
  8. Q: What are all the drunken sailors going to do when they read your sign? A: The necromancers are looking for some victims guests.
  9. Battlestar Night at the Museum
  10. Q: What do you mean by the Vesuvius treatment on the dishes? A: Those speed shoes definitely did there job.
  11. Asperion

    Dome City

    Regarding the dome, if it is going to be something used by the GM to stop every one from entering and going, then simply make it a mcguffin. Anytime anyone attempts to pull an attack on it, move through it (including t-porting) then the GM will come up with some form of counter to what was attempted. No writeup is needed for the dome at any point.
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