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  1. Foxbat would have Trump all lunny in no time. Contest of 90's animated: Animanics vs. Freckizoid
  2. Q: Does she believe that this role will strike be her rise to fame? A: That was Frankenstein with Medusa.
  3. Anything that was made in China gets a nasty message sticky on it. NT: Those nasty stickies - what do they say?
  4. Q: Can you believe that Clark Kent is attempting to rescue everyone on that boat? A: Nature is taking a holiday.
  5. For Sheridan: a baton - "sleek softly and carry a big stick".
  6. Q: What do you truly think of your Christmas Bonus? A: The Christmas Bonus is years of nothing to show for it.
  7. Q: What are you doing with all those diameters? A: That elf deals with your Klaus.
  8. Q: Does he actually believe that plan for bringing back the dinosaurs is going to work? A: That is what happens when you release a dinosaur across Wall Street.
  9. Since you did not state next: Terminator T-800 vs Star Wars Droidika
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