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  1. Q: Where are you taking the Sun? A: That is a solution for the dust mites.
  2. Q: With this COVID problem, what is the biggest complaint that most people are making now? A: The time for that is last week.
  3. Q: Are you certain that you want to broadcast this game of buzkashi? A: We are the inputters. You want the outputters.
  4. The way that I have always seen the Transform \Multiform argument is that they are effectively the same thing. Transform targeted at self would be multiform and multiform UAA (or any of its various forms) would be transform. Shapeshift is effectively a form of multiform that allows one to shift while maintaining the same form.
  5. Q: Tell me Batman, why do you and Joker go after each other the way that you do? A: This is one bright night. 🙄
  6. At present, most people don't realize exactly what is happening both politically and within and out of corporate society to think about what is actually happening on both sides of the U.S. border. While there are a lot of microcorps being created every year, most of all of them combined have less power than one mid sized corp. And I have not gotten anywhere close to the megacorp level that most people think of. 🙇. One megacorp could eat all those microcorps without even trying. The only thing that is currently stopping this is they are giving credence to federal laws. It is only a matter of time before one decides for some reason that they are the law. When that happens, it will be a surprise to most people (even their own shareholders). Since the corp will now be in a position that no other force can deal with them (civil, government, or corporate), the only option will be to take their dictatorship until another corp arises that has the ability to deal with them on their terms. I would like to say this would be the start of a true global society, but they will only enforce the areas that they are doing business in and leave out everyone else. It will truly be a hackneyed "country" that has locations in random places, overriding all else.
  7. Halfway between sorcerer and artificer. I mostly enjoy the spirit of the game and everyone having a good time creating problems and props are wonderful bonuses that go along with this.
  8. The main possible method that I can foresee when dealing with any upcoming war, it will not be the traditional state v state that we saw in the past. Instead, there will only be one type of company that exists in the world. This corporation will be so large and powerful that no current term exists for them yet. I will call them ubercorporations. The smallest of these will be many times larger than anything that currently exist today. They will literary replace the existing social structure that we have today and their weaponry will not be physical but market driven. Since they will literally be the government, anything they say will carry the power of law, no challenge, unless the challenger is another ubercorp. There is no business of any other size or type allowed. People will either work for the corp or not at all, no other choice allowed.
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