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  1. When Knight Rider crosses paths with Airwolf - AirRider
  2. Q: What is this new law - everyone must carry a load of bricks with them? A: The retcon went into the past.
  3. An all-krypton copy of Superboy.
  4. Here's an old favorite of mine: I could spend many volumes on this.
  5. Galactus, you have multiple universes theory and are down $1500.
  6. Using the public library to get your books, information, public hangout,and educate children.
  7. Whenever you attempt to place it on your account, they recommend that it be placed upon some site no one has ever heard of. NT: Reasons that this interplanetary trip might actually be worth it (crazier the better).
  8. You convince them that they will play in the next Super Bowl - located on Mars.
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