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  1. Q: Are you claiming that this parchment grants you permission to print money? It is written in pure Sumerian. A: He went to the Kenobi School of Negotiations.
  2. Q: What is this lifeform? We have Vulcans, Gauld, Rhemians, but these do not match anything that we have discovered. A: That is a battle for the ants.
  3. Q: What do you possibility expect from me? This moon does not just form itself. A: The cat was our mystery man.
  4. Q: What is going on with my pudding? I could have sworn that every time I attempted to eat it I heard an oink. A: When they said they were headhunters I had no idea what they were meaning.
  5. Q: What made you the most desirable being in the galaxy? A: This is one strange bird.
  6. Q: Now that we are about to encounter the big-bad, are you seriously wanting to use the the restroom? A: These credits are no good here. You will need to make the approved exchange.
  7. Q: There is a Mr. Bezos at the door. What should I say to him? A: That is one interesting chicken.
  8. Q: I would like everyone to meet my date, the USS Milwaukee. What does everyone mean that there could be some problem with this? A: Do that and you will literally be fanning the flames.
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