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  1. Q: How are you going to be paying for the Dyson Swarm? A: By traveling through time, obviously.
  2. I have never seen the alignment system as absolute. In any game (even rl) everyone possesses a code that they will live by and to some point controls their actions. This code is not mandated by some outside force but rather by their own past experiences and beliefs. This code can be considered to be that person's position on the alignment chart. It will state of I determine if some being will be good, neutral, or evil (basically the position it and I have on the alignment system). I can make a successful attack on someone who sees himself as good with a spell that only targets evil because I see that target as evil, not because they are evil.
  3. Overall this is a good move for WotC. In reality, one will not find anything that is purely good of evil. Case in point, in America we claimed that the USSR was evil yet they were basically doing the same thing that we were doing only in a different manner. We refused to accept our own evil and placed them on the USSR (until it dissolved then looked for a New target). We still posses the same evil yet we see ourselves as virtuous (in most things). The USSR did the same thing to is actually. In dnd, those "evil" races could actually be the same way and those spells that target "evil" races could actually be driven by the Carter's perception of good and evil father than what is grisly good or evil.
  4. When they arrive, they believe that they are looking into a funhouse mirror. That scares them so much that they decide to flee.
  5. Borrow a term from sci-fi - Warp Speed You can get crazy - HyperFractalus
  6. Q: Who do you think you are - the great master Qui Gunn? A: We now have Death by the Planet.
  7. Suppose that people discover an exoplanet that is totally water. In and of this itself is nothing unusual since we have discovered great quantities of it in Sol System already. The strange thing is that we send probes there and discover life - and some turns out to be intelligent! Some questions come to mind: Appearance - What will they look like? Food - How do they consume their food: cooked or raw? If cooked, how do they cook it underwater? Religion(s) - What form of religious belief systems will they possess: primary, secondary, etc gods, angels, demons, heavens, hells, afterlife, etc. Tools - If they use tools, what form do they take and how are they used? Misc - Anything else that anyone would like to mention? Greatly appreciate all your comments and inputs.
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