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  1. Q: Mr. Angel, what do you say is your best feature? A: Tomorrow we will have our Legends.
  2. Q: Thanos just got a smile. What is Death up to now? A: That is one strange wardrobe.
  3. Q: Can anyone find any Joker around? I have explored the entire area and found none. A: When dealing with the ultimate limit, take your foot off the brake.
  4. Q: Have you heard about the massive strike at Hostess? A: This product is 100% Death approved.
  5. Q: What do you think of my new invention - the Inverness Drive. A: That is the family that zombies together.
  6. Q: So Chief White, what do you think of Johnny Dune reporting? A: That was the Fan of Time.
  7. I have always had the belief that noncombat tech that is commonly available should be given at no CP. This will include things such as the smart phone, unmodified vehicles and buildings, CCTV system, ordinary dining sets, standard playing cards (Gambit anyone), or any of the millions of conventional items that one can come up with. If any of these items get modifications, then the player will need to pay the full CP of the item, including the modifications and base costs.
  8. Q: Why is Odo so mad at Major Kira? A: That is quite a Story of Farce.
  9. Q: Of all the job assignments, what is the best position that one can perform? A: When death is only the start.
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