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  1. Q: Did I hear that you are building a TARDIS? A: The Doctor will be your wingman.
  2. Q: Why did the Flash just zoom off like that? A: That was some spectacular light show.
  3. Q: What are you doing with all those nails? This is supposed to be a friendly game. A: When we said we were going to view the Sun, I did not realize that it was going to be this close.
  4. Q: There is this one corner that no criminal will touch. Who is the master that rules around here? A: My get-up-and-go has died.
  5. Q: Are you positive that this is the best place to play hangman with actual living humans? A: For this demo, we will need real live zombies.
  6. Q: When you were talking about banking, did you mean in more abstract terms? A: That was an honest dishonest thief.
  7. Yogi the Bear meet Smoky the Bandit: Yogi the Bandit
  8. Q: What is Porky Pig eating over in that corner? A: He was killed by paper.
  9. Something that I considered was to make it either RP or DR with ablative. As the char gains xp, ubo can be added to this ability (to represent that the drones are going to others).
  10. Q: Whatever made you think selling heaters in hell was a great concept? A: Better be careful with all that clean energy.
  11. Here is an idea to end the series - Galaticus comes and eats the planet. 😨. 😲. 😱. 💀
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