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  1. Q: For the Guest of Honor we would like to introduce President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Why is Present Biden off to the far left? A: Your job is now done. Here's your quarter.
  2. I placed all the world's leaders on a space station and told them that they have one week to make a world government or the station self destruction will activate. This also includes members of the fortune 300 companies.
  3. One of the more interesting powers is Desolidification. With this power, one can travel through solid materials as though they don't exist, most attacks ignore them, along with a host of other advantages. Many individuals have created several creative ways to use this power beyond the basic ability, such as the well defined phase-strkie or locking others in the ground. What are some rather unique options that you have developed for your games? How have these characters played out in both the long and short term? Other comments and criticisms are always welcome.
  4. Everyone has been following his Life Model Decoy. NT: Revaluation of your five year journey. [Permission to go TOTALLY insane]
  5. Q: Did you think Wolverine was bad news? Try these new guys out for real trouble. A: That went really fast, it only took five years.
  6. Perhaps you would prefer the Troll?
  7. Missing the most important item - the Flake
  8. Q: That is the Doctor. The terminal patient is three floors down. What good do you believe you will perform here? A: This crazy, mixed up reality that you throw everyone into.
  9. They trick you into installing a program that flashes the term самоубийство in 1/100 seconds every minute.
  10. Board members go straight from #1 to #final. Any discussion is disallowed.
  11. Of course, there has to be the "nyk, nyk" at some point in the attack to make everything proper and official.
  12. Cities starting with K don't exist, so I will jump to L: Lleida, Spain
  13. We could generate some form of hive mind. Numerous examples abound but the most (in)famous has to be the Borg from Star Trek.
  14. How can I represent the Three Stooges Eye Poke?
  15. They provide a seat at the table. They just neglect to mention that it's the kindergarten table. NT: How to realize that you are the but of the joke at the IAA conference.
  16. Q: What is the meaning of epipoeias? A: That was one long string of consonants in that word.
  17. I would say that the transit system for the entire U.S. is messed up, but it really doesn't exist to be messed up. It only exists in extremely large cities and then one will quickly discover that it is faster and easier to use personal transport than public. If travel beyond a given distance from city center, then public transit becomes not even an option. I am aware of Amtrak, but they are so full of problems and restrictions that they are only available for those who can plan WEEKS ahead and not at the spur of the moment. The U.S. needs something that will allow people to go between cities, then travel the public system all on the same money, no exchange needed.
  18. This is a modern witch riding her broom.
  19. Anytime you are involved in any debate, everyone gets to talk, except you.
  20. They are planning on making a monopoly on the space program by creating the Kessler Syndrome that will only allow them through. NT: What the true plans of the USPS are (stranger and crazier the better).
  21. Q: What made you bring this AA gun to the Toastmasters Club? A: Your research is completely valid in every situation, except this case.
  22. lie [and increase that fire]
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