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  1. It's built as a combination of Extradimensional Movement (UAA) to put stuff into the bag and Stretching (Extradimensional) to pull stuff out. (FHC 243).
  2. Forgotten Weapons had this 10-gauge revolver a few days ago.
  3. Aren't a large number of charitable non-profit organizations also tax-exempt?
  4. This is pretty well-developed technology. The first Pegasus was launched in 1990.
  5. Darth Vader's laundry is the dark load of the Sith.
  6. I think the relevant difference (at least with this example) is the consequences for failure. The guests may not notice (or care) if there is dust under the couch or smudges on the coffee table, but the cops will be looking everywhere for evidence and dusting for prints.
  7. Oh. Right. I prefer the Multipower version because it's a clean build and RAW. If that won't work (because it has to fit inside another Power Framework), the custom Advantage is probably the cleaner option.
  8. Late to the party, but here are my suggestions for a hypothetical 7e. Create an SRD. This will be less of a functional game than a statement of principles and default assumptions. The core rules will follow these. Heavily prune the skill list. It's bloated and overly specific in many cases. Some skills may be rebuilt as Talents. Change Environment can be used to add or remove penalties, but only for defined environmental effects. "Create Light" is now here. Images will only be used to create an image of something. No, "Images, only to create light." That's an environmental effect. I am debating whether Size Change Powers would be better suited as Multiform. Power Defense will be replaced by GM-defined, "Exotic Defense." If poisons or magic are prominent in a campaign, then the GM can define Poison or Magic Defense. There will be a new section for, "Composite Powers." It is, fundamentally, powers built from other powers. Transfer would be one example, Reach would be another. I'd probably also completely redo the default setting. Hero needs to be in charge of its own universe.
  9. You could do it as a 6d6 Blast, +2d6 (0 END (+1/2), only vs Entangles (-2)) or similar construct. It's 8d6 vs Entangles and 6d6 against other targets.
  10. "Clairsentience, UBO, Mobile, Only through original character's senses" seems to fit. What is the issue you have with perception points?
  11. No. "+1 OCV with a single attack" still exists, but is probably fairly-costed at 2 pts.
  12. Heck, they might be able to afford a smart phone even if they are poor. Mine was only $20.
  13. The indifferent ones probably aren't commenting because they're indifferent.
  14. Are we talking moo-dos or techni-cows?
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