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  1. I tend to buy body armor and such as Unbreakable Foci. They can still be destroyed deliberately out of combat (or by excessive damage in combat, GM's prerogative), but they don't stop working simply because a little bit of damage gets through.
  2. Generally speaking, this would be a -0 in most campaigns - CON rolls and Mental Powers based on CON simply aren't all that common. Even in a game where they are (relatively) common, Stunning resistance would probably still be the primary use of CON so it would be -1/4. OTOH, if the GM is doing something weird like building poisons as AVAD (CON), it might be worth -1/2.
  3. Sometimes a Naked Advantage is the only way to build a power. For example, Guardian's glitterbombs (Darkness) don't affect himself or his clients, because they're wearing special polarizing glasses that counteract the sparkling dust. I decided to model this with Personal Immunity, Usable by Other as a Naked Advantage.
  4. Barrier is probably overkill here. Change Environment (Precipitating to Non-Precipitating, AoE: 1m radius) for 1 point seems about right.
  5. I've often wondered aloud about why Hero doesn't run a Patreon similar to what Evil Hat did with FATE. (Last I heard, they were at least breaking even.) I'd certainly be willing to pay $5/month for a Hero product, even with minimalist production values. Lack of material? No obvious interest from the fan base? They ran the numbers privately and decided it wouldn't work? Only DoJ knows.
  6. It wouldn't even do that. China holds ~5% of US government debt. If they sold all their T-bills and refused to buy more, they'd lose money and some other government would buy it instead.
  7. For those that have been hesitant about making the investment, Tabletop Simulator is on sale for $10 until 12/3.
  8. I think that's the same guy Adam Savage used for his, "Iron Man" suit build.
  9. "Ultimate" is the 5e version. For 6e it's Hero System Archetypes. This book could provide a lot of value. You can fit a lot of templates and archetypes into 120 pages (for ~$20-25).
  10. This sounds very much like the, "Superhero Gallery" section of the Champions genre book, only scaled down to 300 points. I've toyed around with this idea as well but never got far. The archetypes I selected were: Blaster (Energy Projector) Brick Martial Artist Mentalist Powered Armor Weaponmaster I also wanted to add more detail to some of the skill and martial arts templates (no more, "30 points worth of...").
  11. Probably. Watch some of the 2-Gun Action Challenge videos at In Range TV. It's not actual combat, but they do try to impose physical or mental stress.
  12. It wasn't aliens. It was Foxbat! (All part of his master plan...)
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