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  1. Looking, "hazy" is just how onlookers can see that the character is Desolid. If the character is invisible, they can't see the character at all, which prevents them from seeing a normally visible power.
  2. IIRC, Trump wasn't big on handshakes even before COVID-19.
  3. For those of you curious about the winner...
  4. "To my critics, and to whom it may concern, f--- you."
  5. You might want to think of a set of effects that he will use often, and work from there. Creating a wall or a shooting platform would be Barrier. A gun would be Blast (possibly with Variable SFX or Variable Advantage, to represent creating different guns). Ropes that tie enemies up would be an Entangle. Think about how the character will use the power, and buy abilities based on those uses.
  6. Champions Powers has Dizzying Spin (6D6 Drain DEX).
  7. You don't need Extra Limbs to carry one or two people out of combat. However, if you want to carry more than that, or carry people and still have your hands free, you need Extra Limbs.
  8. I picked option 3 because it had a very Macross/Robotech feel to it (probably because of the mechs and aliens).
  9. There's such a fine line between, "attempting to kill off" and, "not caring if they die," isn't there?
  10. APG1 also has a, "stunning" option for Change Environment that might be what you want.
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