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  1. An exchange between Aston Martin F1 driver Lance Stroll and his race engineer. Engineer: No start, no start. Stroll: The brakes are on fire. Engineer: Go one and no start, go one and no start. Stroll: The whole thing's on fire, Brad. Engineer: Drive quickly to put it out.
  2. These all sound like they're Combined Attacks (6e2 74). Basically, they are using multiple powers, but with the same attack action on the same target.
  3. This is the canonical example for not needing a Perception roll. The target is by itself, in the open. There's nothing to interfere with LOS. Now, move to an environment where the target might be behind cover, or confused with a bystander. How do you know that you have LOS and that it's the right target? Because you've made a Perception roll.
  4. Depending on circumstances, it might be appropriate for the GM to require the attacker to make a Perception roll to establish LOS to the target. That Perception roll would be subject to range modifiers.
  5. Before starting your car, be sure to set the automatic choke by pushing the gas pedal to the floor.
  6. I hope you had a version of, "Don't Be Cruel" ready.
  7. I disagree. Hero has mechanics for both escaping grabs, and damaging objects. Escaping an Entangle (usually) uses the rules for damaging objects. Therefore, it is an an attack (using the Strike maneuver) and can be Haymakered.
  8. Shot #1 (Moderna) is in the books. No significant side effects (for good or ill) so far. I'm feeling fatigued but that might just be because the mochachino I made myself this morning has worn off. I also have a weird taste in my mouth but it's probably unrelated,
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