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  1. I've been trying to think of ways to keep the supposed benefit of the EC (keeps the candidates from pandering to densely populated areas), while making it harder to game the system and win the EC while losing the popular vote. My current suggestion would be to divide the US into Presidential Voting Blocks. These would be 53 special districts, with borders drawn to be both compact and equal in population. The candidate winning the majority of those districts (or, in the case of multiple candidates, at least a plurality) of those districts wins the Presidency.
  2. They all poll pretty well among American voters, less so with political pundits.
  3. What radical elements? The ones that think that taxation should return to Eisenhower levels? The ones that think that cops should be penalized for bad behavior? That health care shouldn't be for-profit? That violent people shouldn't have access to guns? That corporations shouldn't be allowed to ruin the environment (or the economy) for their own profit? That the government should provide some sort of post-secondary education? That we fight in too many damn wars? That corporations get subsidized for doing what they would do anyway? That government should help people that need help? That all US citizens should be allowed to vote?
  4. I am (slowly) writing, as a fan project, Champions Lite. It is intended to be a free, simplified version of Champions. It will, naturally, be incomplete, with abridged lists of skills, powers, power modifiers, and complications. However, the core will be Hero, and every Champions Lite character will be usable, unmodified, with the full version.
  5. From last Sunday's Cyrodil raid (Elder Scrolls Online PvP): "Exploding chickens FTW!"
  6. I'll say, "probably." The design exercise was, "Can I create a viable superhero concept on 175 points?" I don't think I could have had all four powers, at an effective level, without using the Multipower.
  7. I once created a character with a telekinetic Multipower. It had a Blast, TK, Flight, and a force field. The blast and TK were fixed slots, but the Flight and force field were variable. I don't remember exactly how large the pool was, but it was not large enough to run both fixed slots at the same time. The idea was that he would be using either the blast or TK in combat, and balancing mobility with defense for the remainder of the pool. I don't know how it would have worked in play (it was a design exercise), but the concept seemed viable.
  8. I ran into the same problem with Light spells in my Vancian magic system. Each individual spell is a slot in the Spellbook multipower. High-AP spells take up more points in the pool, restricting the amount of other spells the mage can have memorized.
  9. If a character has paid character points for a weapon, do they need to buy a Weapon Element to use martial art maneuvers both barehand and with that weapon? (Assume a superheroic setting, if it makes a difference.)
  10. It's much the same. The book doesn't have anything that the Youtube channel doesn't. Of course, when civilization collapses, the book will be much more accessible.
  11. Doubtful. A substantial number of them are there because they promised to be silly twits. (I suspect we disagree on which ones they are.)
  12. I received an Instant Pot and John Plant's Primitive Technology. I'm ready for anything.
  13. Depends on the player and the group. "Photoreactive visor" (Flash Defense) and, "Thermal Imaging" (IR Vision) are both part of my standard, "Combat Helmet" powers.
  14. The flip side to this is, "Are these skills sufficiently useful to be worth three points each?" From Phil's example, Breakfall is almost certainly worth three points. Characters get knocked down all the time. Is Acrobatics as useful? If not, maybe they should be combined. I feel that there has been a lot of, "splitting skills for concept" without analyzing if the resulting parts are actually worth the extra cost.
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