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  1. I've seen a video where someone paints miniatures in Mosou Black. They look like shadows.
  2. I definitely like the multi-tier approach. The lowest tier will be effective against normals, but useless against superheroes. The second tier is a credible threat to superheroes, but the heroes should be able to beat them in a straight fight. (Whether the agents will stick around for that is another question.)
  3. We got ~5" of rain here in CT, but no other issues.
  4. Its value would depend on how many people can hear it. If only a few oddball characters can, it's probably not worth anything. If all the major characters can, it's probably considered an uncommonly-used sense.
  5. There are feats ("exploits") that let you self-heal, strike multiple opponents, move allies or opponents around the battlefield, impair their movement, or increase your damage.
  6. FWIW, D&D 4e had a lot of martial feats that went beyond the various flavors of, "I hit it with my sword."
  7. Any 3 skills would be 3 points, and, "broad groups" are 4 points. (6e1 89) I'm inclined to say 3 points, as long as the group is tightly defined.
  8. I think that accumulated wealth vs credit is probably more detail than is necessary for most games. You can live a pretty nice lifestyle even if you are nominally in debt up to your eyeballs. If you're rich (worth, say, $20 million) but have outsize debts (owe $50 million to the Russian mob), that might be a separate Social Complication (or Hunted).
  9. They're aliens, like Superman. Everyone from their species has these powers (or would if they came to Earth).
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