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  1. I think the OP is complaining about a lack of export templates, not any problem with HD.
  2. I wonder if something like the old, "Choose Your Own Adventure" books would work as a an adventure design, with options for common character choices.
  3. There's also the Superhero Gallery from the Champions genre book (and its seperate expansion).
  4. "Are You there, Ceiling Cat? It's me, Garfield."
  5. That's not really a system problem, though. Hand out 20 XP per session in a Fantasy Hero game and watch the power levels escalate rapidly.
  6. I'm going to speculate that you are white, male, heterosexual, cisgendered, nominally Christian, and have a reasonable job. (I apologize if I got any of that wrong.) You don't have to worry about being discriminated against because of your religion, ethnicity, or gender. You are well-fed, clothed, have a roof over your head, and have no more than a theoretical worry about how you're going to pay for these things. Of course things are going pretty well for you. Unfortunately, for people not like you, Trump is making everything worse.
  7. There's also an 8-foot deep trench across the road, which needs to be rebuilt. CO DOT probably doesn't have a boulder removal team on standby. They would need to either interrupt an existing project, or wait for labor and equipment to become available. Other projects may have a higher priority. There were two rocks. The photo with the guy standing in front is the smaller one.
  8. Undocumented immigrants are clearly subject to US laws. Therefore, their US-born children are US citizens.
  9. Adding. "Must Follow Block" to a Bind maneuver seems reasonable.
  10. I assume you mean, "the segment before the character's next Phase." That seems close enough to Extra Segment to be worth the same value (-1/2). If you want, "directly before my character's action in it's next Phase," that's a lot more complex (and probably should require an Advantage to get two Actions in one Phase, even if one of them is delayed from earlier).
  11. That doesn't do what I want, which is to have combat skill with weapons and combat skill with magic completely separate.
  12. I've fiddled around with repurposing MCV, and have been unsatisfied. It works OK, but it muddles magic and psionics. I do like the idea of a seperate characteristic (under 6e). Start it at 0 or 1 (so no selling back OACV for the sword-swingers), 3 points per. Spells will, obviously, default to OACV vs DACV. Should this be an advantage?
  13. Has anyone ever experimented with adding an Arcane Combat Value (aka, "spell hit") to their game?
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