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  1. Losing their IP rights will discourage people from participating. I'm on board with authors submitting their work under a Creative Commons license (probably CC BY-NC, which allows for redistribution for non-commercial purposes only). Hero Games would have to negotiate a seperate license if they wanted to publish it as a commercial product, but the original author would be able to do whatever they wanted.
  2. I had a martial artist who owned a dojo. He didn't need to be there all the time, or on a regular schedule, but if he was absent too much he would have problems. This would probably work with other small, independent businesses as well. A YouTube channel sounds like a good way to monetize being a hero.
  3. OTOH, public mask use in CT seems to be near 100% (at least in my usual shopping).
  4. I use Hero Designer most of the time, but I'll use pencil and paper if I'm at a session and not at a computer.
  5. China is more than happy to see the US weakened. Why should they interfere to elect a man likely to strengthen the US?
  6. There is a character conversion guide here, but it's rather scant.
  7. With the biggest rolled-up newspaper in the universe.
  8. Add my name to the list of people who think this would be unnecessary. I see AoE and UBO as fundamentally different, even if (in some scenarios) the effect is similar. With AoE, the original user is the only one with the power, even though it affects an area. With UBO, the recipients actually possess the power. This distinction is most clear with Attack powers.
  9. It's better than Fisty McFistface.
  10. I was specifically discussing powers without Limitations. I guess the context got lost.
  11. I don't think that -1 is enough of a penalty to really bite. The standard deviation of 3d6 is (IIRC) 2.96, so a -3 penalty gives the players real incentive to take the sub-skills.
  12. I like the idea of keeping the sub-skills as a toolkit option. If it's used, you take a -3 penalty if you don't have an appropriate sub-skill at at least a Familiarity. (KS: Deserts for a Survival roll in the Sahara, for example.)
  13. Well, yeah, you can act before him and prevent him from acting. I'm not sure if that counts as an interrupt for purposes of this thread, though. You could hit him and still not do enough damage to Stun or KO him.
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