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  1. I have to deal with convoluted delivery instructions all the time. Try explaining, "the rectory side porch with the BBQ grill" to UPS.
  2. I work in the shipping department of my company. Every delivery service sucks. All of them. Even the courier services we use.
  3. In the Fallen Empire setting that I'm noodling with, fighters, mystics (clerics), and wizards all have their own sorts of healing, with different restrictions and effects. Fighters have what amounts to Hollywood-style first aid that allows for rapid recovery while resting. A wizard's arcane mending can patch someone up quickly, but it will fade (because arcane power requires a mind to focus it). The mystic's ability to channel divine power allows for rapid, true healing.
  4. I've seen a video where someone paints miniatures in Mosou Black. They look like shadows.
  5. I definitely like the multi-tier approach. The lowest tier will be effective against normals, but useless against superheroes. The second tier is a credible threat to superheroes, but the heroes should be able to beat them in a straight fight. (Whether the agents will stick around for that is another question.)
  6. We got ~5" of rain here in CT, but no other issues.
  7. Its value would depend on how many people can hear it. If only a few oddball characters can, it's probably not worth anything. If all the major characters can, it's probably considered an uncommonly-used sense.
  8. There are feats ("exploits") that let you self-heal, strike multiple opponents, move allies or opponents around the battlefield, impair their movement, or increase your damage.
  9. FWIW, D&D 4e had a lot of martial feats that went beyond the various flavors of, "I hit it with my sword."
  10. Any 3 skills would be 3 points, and, "broad groups" are 4 points. (6e1 89) I'm inclined to say 3 points, as long as the group is tightly defined.
  11. I think that accumulated wealth vs credit is probably more detail than is necessary for most games. You can live a pretty nice lifestyle even if you are nominally in debt up to your eyeballs. If you're rich (worth, say, $20 million) but have outsize debts (owe $50 million to the Russian mob), that might be a separate Social Complication (or Hunted).
  12. They're aliens, like Superman. Everyone from their species has these powers (or would if they came to Earth).
  13. The system is supposedly able to distinguish between fireworks and gunshots, but there are other problems. Police Are Telling ShotSpotter to Alter Evidence From Gunshot-Detecting AI
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