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  1. The sidebar on 6e1 pg 375 seems relevant. "Half phase, only to activate" might be worth -1/4 under certain circumstances. Constant should be required, and the power shuts off when you change targets (not mentioned in your description, but that's how Find Weakness worked). Having to burn a half Phase every time you switch targets and want to use the power is significant. Linking the Penetrating aspect to the Armor Piercing aspect is nominally a -1/4 Limitation. That said, I'm not sure there's any mechanical benefit to making at attack both Armor Piercing and Penetrating.
  2. How do you see this working, mechanically? "SPD 3, with a free Abort once/Turn" is a lot more powerful than, "SPD 4, but Phase 6 can only be used for Abortable actions." The first is probably a -0 Limitation, while the second is probably -1.
  3. I disagree. Many of the standard maneuvers are fairly straightforward, both in concept and mechanic (Block, Dodge, Grab, Throw, etc). I expect players will ask how to do them at some point in the demonstration, even if you don't mention them.
  4. 6e1 374-375. I'm building a Vancian magic system. It uses Extra Time to simulate memorization, and Delayed Effect so memorized spells can be cast instantly. It's very OG D&D, down to wizards sucking in melee combat because their spellbook sucks up so many points.
  5. I'm not talking about the total number that can be prepared. I mean the number that can be prepared at one time. Found it! It was relating to the Extra Time Limitation, not the Delayed Effect Advantage. (The magic system I'm working on requires spells to have both.)
  6. I remember a rule saying that a character can only prepare one attack power at a time, but I can't find it. I'm pretty sure my memory is accurate, because I have a note in my Vancian magic system saying that non-attack spells also have to take this Limitation. Does anyone know where it is?
  7. Biden isn't the (presumptive) nominee because a small cabal of party insiders considered him the, "most electable" - it's because he got more votes than any other candidate.
  8. IMHO, the character templates need some ability to customize them. It can be as simple as, "Pick one of these three extra abilities."
  9. "Complex Gestures" are in Fantasy Hero pg 285. It's a skill roll penalty, or forces a DEX roll if the spell does not require a skill roll.
  10. I don't think that, "Football" as a martial art made it past 4e.
  11. The energy's gotta come from somewhere. I'm guessing that would reduce the velocity of the plasma and, therefore, the thrust.
  12. Your argument is ignoring a few relevant points. 9d6 Mind Control is 45 points. The game mechanics may be simple, but it is a very powerful spell, butting up against (or exceeding) heroic campaign limits. Fighters may have access to constructs the mage does not (pushing, haymaker, martial arts, etc). Depending on how the magic system is designed, the mage may not have access to all of their spells simultaneously. My Vancian system, while it uses a Multipower, still requires wizards to memorize their spells in advance and restricts how many spells can be memorized at once. Charm Person (the above-described Mind Control) would take an hour to memorize and take up a substantial portion of most caster's spell pool.
  13. Naked Advantages can't be in a framework without GM permission.
  14. Multipowers are a point-efficient way to have a lot of powers, if you don't mind only being able to use one at a time. If this doesn't suit your magic system, don't use them.
  15. By default, characters weigh 100 kg and require 10 STR to lift. Growth, Density Increase, some SFX of Knockback Resistance, and some Physical Limitations may affect this.
  16. Perhaps something like 2-Gun Action Challenge, only with blasters.
  17. I think a loincloth is technically, "outerwear" (like swimming trunks).
  18. I came across some in-period guidelines about handling sex/nudity. Editorial guidelines from Spicy Detective magazine, 1935
  19. I think 300/60 is a good level, especially for new players. It's enough points to build the core of most concepts, but the players will need to focus on what's important to them.
  20. There are two major arguments against a lab release. A bioweapon would have been developed from a known infectious agent, rather than a random virus. If the virus had been studied in a lab, there would be research material on it (at least raw data). The lack of such material indicates that the virus was not from a lab.
  21. The Real Reason to Wear A Mask (TL;DR: It's to protect others in case you have an asymptomatic infection.)
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