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  1. He's still active on FB, and hasn't mentioned anything drastic going wrong. I suspect he's busy with, "stuff" right now and doesn't have much time for answering Hero questions.
  2. If the media gave her the name, it would probably be the, "[adjective] Witch" or the, "[adjective] Sorceress."
  3. I'd draw on the X-Files for inspiration. Have some things that should be explainable, but aren't. How does your Ravenna setting (urban fantasy?) differ from reality? What would it look like from the perspective of someone who wasn't in on the secret? (Assuming that magic is secret, of course.)
  4. I keep suggesting that character generation should be modeled on the, "Superhero Gallery" in the Champions genre book. Pick an archetype, a characteristic set, your class abilities, a background skill set, a Complication package, and you're done.
  5. I did a poll. "Standard superheroic" (400/75) was by far the most popular option.
  6. The Ranged Duplicate/Recombine trick would be 160 active points for a 400-point character. That's awfully inefficient.
  7. The possible existence of invisible turtles is above your clearance level, citizen.
  8. It's reasonably easy to remove or replace the firing pin on most modern weapons. It does not require a gunsmith or special tools (or, frequently, any tools). I suspect that the condition of the gun would be ruled inadmissable, because there is no way to confirm that it hadn't been changed between the incident and when it was turned over to the police.
  9. What should the main power level for this shared world be? Naturally, there will be a mix of power levels, but what should the default power level be? The difference between, "no default level" and, "mix" can be a bit vague, but I'll try to explain. "No default" means that characters can be any level. "Mix" means that characters can be submitted multiple times, at different power levels. There may be an in-game reason for this, or the creator might just want to offer more options. I picked, "Mix" because I like the idea of a game-within-a-game, where characters can be different levels but in the same setting. Maybe there are in-game comic books (Marvelous Comics?) where the characters have powers they don't have in the main setting, or team-up in ways they don't in the main setting.
  10. Buy some of their movement with RSR and Side Effect. Drive too fast, and you need to make a driving check. Miss the driving check, and you have an accident and take damage.
  11. It would be interesting if this establishment was virtual, instead of physical. It would make enforcing the relevant tropes much easier.
  12. Earth probably has a ridiculous amount of Damage Negation versus any attack with less than the +2 level of Mega Area.
  13. I think it would be best to explicitly use one of the existing CC licenses (probably CC BY-NC-SA), so we don't get ambushed by some schmuck with a lawyer who thinks he can appropriate the material that's in the wiki because the terms in the license were vague. It may also protect Hero Games if The Mouse decides that one of the characters posted is a little too close to something they've published.
  14. It might be useful to look at the problem from the other end - what, "attacks" has the Earth survived? The biggest one coming to mind is the Chicxulb Impact. This was estimated at between 10^24 and 5*10^25 joules, which works out to 86 DC (if I've done the math right). While that devastated the biosphere, it wasn't even close to enough to destroy the planet.
  15. The ranges are deliberately vague. Feel free to explain your choice in the comments. I'm going with modern because it allows the world to feel familiar, without requiring explanation of why all these super-gadgets and strange powers haven't greatly affected history.
  16. OK, I want to get this out there so I can stop thinking about it before bed. One cubic meter of stone has 19 BODY. Assume that doubling the volume adds 5 BODY. Earth has a volume of ~10^21 cubic meters. That is about 70 doublings, which gives us 369 BODY for Earth. Figuring out how much Damage Negation Earth has is left as an exercise for the reader.
  17. Setting the IP issues aside for the moment... In this setting, have superpowers always existed (at least, since the 1930s), or did they develop more recently?
  18. Losing their IP rights will discourage people from participating. I'm on board with authors submitting their work under a Creative Commons license (probably CC BY-NC, which allows for redistribution for non-commercial purposes only). Hero Games would have to negotiate a seperate license if they wanted to publish it as a commercial product, but the original author would be able to do whatever they wanted.
  19. I had a martial artist who owned a dojo. He didn't need to be there all the time, or on a regular schedule, but if he was absent too much he would have problems. This would probably work with other small, independent businesses as well. A YouTube channel sounds like a good way to monetize being a hero.
  20. OTOH, public mask use in CT seems to be near 100% (at least in my usual shopping).
  21. I use Hero Designer most of the time, but I'll use pencil and paper if I'm at a session and not at a computer.
  22. China is more than happy to see the US weakened. Why should they interfere to elect a man likely to strengthen the US?
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