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  1. My wife and I have discussed this. She wants hers to say, "Darn, it's over." I want mine to say, "DON'T PANIC" (in large, friendly letters).
  2. Duke Bushido isn't the only one with a standard rant about the creation of light. But, carry on anyways. 😁
  3. I wound up with one of the original CR-48s, back in the day. It was fine for everyday browsing, if you don't mind being tied into Google's ecosystem. I haven't bothered replacing it, though.
  4. On an abstract level, I agree with you. Athletes should be a lower priority than healthcare workers, first responders, and other vulnerable groups. However, on a more practical level, there aren't enough Olympic athletes to affect distribution. There were 14,000 Olympic athletes in the last cycle (summer and winter combined). Even if you need to vaccinate 50,000 people (coaches, trainers, personal chefs, etc), it's still a drop in the global bucket.
  5. https://worldradiohistory.com/Electrical_Experimenter.htm Edited by Hugo Gernsback
  6. I've been slowly working on a similar idea. I call it Champions Lite. I keep getting distracted with other things, so it's still a work in progress.
  7. McConnell has decided that Trump is ruining the GOP's long game.
  8. With that much money, I would have different, probably less severe, headaches. There are steps I can take to protect my identity (at least in my state). And I'd be able to afford to pay someone to tell people who wanted my money to go away. I wonder if one could reduce global poverty significantly with that kind of money?
  9. Hero has the problem of being a toolkit system, which means that any vehicle rules will need to cover diverse settings, everything from Traveller to Spelljammer. Adapting the (extremely flexible) character creation rules isn't a bad approach. I agree that there could be a lot more advice about taking the basic vehicle rules and adapting them to a given setting.
  10. Bald Eagle Doesn’t Want To Fly, Just Walk Like A Dog LOL https://youtu.be/QqDHGnBEdMc
  11. Funny that they're vandalizing Pelosi's house and not McConnell's about this.
  12. I agree. This isn't a major game effect, so it doesn't need a complicated build and shouldn't cost many points.
  13. The distinction between, "efficient character building" and, "powergaming" can be pretty fine. I consider powergaming to be exploiting the rules to create a character more combat-effective than the campaign guidelines would normally allow.
  14. Except for penalties caused by high winds. 😁
  15. Assorted cookbooks (Cookish, Mary Berry's Baking Bible, An Unexpected Cookbook, official cookbooks from WoW and ESO) Assorted sleepwear a Blossom Bundt pan and an astronomy-themed knife set from Chefs Visions
  16. I have a memory of the Shazaam! movie with Sinbad, but not the same one other people do. I remember hearing a vague bit about it being in development, but nothing further. I assumed it had been cancelled or had gone straight to video without me hearing any more of it. (I'm not a fan of the comedian.) I was surprised to find out that even that fragmentary memory was imaginary.
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