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  1. They've done several similar builds, and they'd noted the resemblence to the protosaber.
  2. I'm seeing the same problem everyone else is. Casters, supposedly so skilled that they automatically succeed in casting any spell they know, are suddenly worse than a journeyman mage when faced with a particular adverse condition. This violates common and dramatic sense, so we have to fix it. My suggestion is to use the different levels of penalties for RSR to represent how well the caster knows a particular spell, from -1/5 AP for a spell they don't know very well, all the way down to not requiring a roll at all for a spell they know very well. If the caster is in an anti-magic fi
  3. I've used a HtH Damage Shield on a mobile Barrier to allow it to run into things and push them aside.
  4. Some further analysis, indicating that the emails were forged. https://eddiekrassenstein.medium.com/alleged-hunter-biden-email-from-giuliani-appears-forged-2d55b08140cc
  5. Would being a mechanic be a good analogy? Some people repair cars for a living (wizards). Some people fix their own cars (dabblers). Most people just pump their own gas and change the brake light when it burns out (amulets and daily prayers).
  6. Your description of, "high school girls casting love spells" gives the impression that magic is common, perhaps to the point where not using magic is noteworthy.
  7. I know Lucius Alexander did a build and posted it to the board, but I don't think it was ever used in a game.
  8. One question we haven't asked yet is, "Is being one gender a Social Complication?" A Minor Transform can only add 10 points of Complications, but an Major Transform can add 20.
  9. OK, I think I see what you're trying to accomplish here. The power will work at least once. After that, it has a reset roll that is a zero-phase action that does not commit to actually using the power. After the power is reset it will function normally the next time it is used, and then must be reset again. This seems significantly less limiting than a standard activation roll. I'd say the Limitation would be 1/2 less than a normal activation roll, with a minimum value of -0.
  10. Things will balance out until one side does something unexpected. Figure out what than unexpected thing was and work from there.
  11. This sounds like the Burnout option for Requires A Roll.
  12. There are many possible answers to that question. Maybe the character I want to play just hits things with a stick. Maybe mages have too much book-keeping involved. Maybe the system nerfs wizards in some fashion, and they aren't viable PCs. The question, "Why don't more people in this setting become wizards?" has a seperate set of answers, but that's not what you asked.
  13. In 6e, I've used Damage Negation for a similar effect. Size Matters: Damage Negation (-3 DCs Physical, -3 DCs Energy) (30 Active Points); Limited Power Not vs AoE or attacks specifically designed for use against large targets) (-1/4)
  14. One idea that I've seen is that a critical is +4DC, just like a Haymaker. It's nice, but you're not going to one-shot (or get one-shot by) anything.
  15. If you want cheap, it's hard to beat FATE Accelerated. The rules are only $5, and you only need 4 dice and some tokens (like glass crafting beads) to play.
  16. The last campaign I ran had an absolute CV ceiling (including levels), and restrictions on PSLs. You couldn't have more than two, "stacking" levels. For example, you could have 2 PSLs vs hit locations, and two vs range modifiers, but not 4 vs hit locations.
  17. Looking, "hazy" is just how onlookers can see that the character is Desolid. If the character is invisible, they can't see the character at all, which prevents them from seeing a normally visible power.
  18. IIRC, Trump wasn't big on handshakes even before COVID-19.
  19. For those of you curious about the winner...
  20. "To my critics, and to whom it may concern, f--- you."
  21. You might want to think of a set of effects that he will use often, and work from there. Creating a wall or a shooting platform would be Barrier. A gun would be Blast (possibly with Variable SFX or Variable Advantage, to represent creating different guns). Ropes that tie enemies up would be an Entangle. Think about how the character will use the power, and buy abilities based on those uses.
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