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    Woo-hoo! Thanks for the updates.
  2. We do not have cable and have not for about 8 years, specifically so that we don't find a lot of shows to fill our time with. Flash was the only show that I had a set time to stream (Wed night after church) when I let only actual emergencies interfere. As this season wore on, I became less and less thrilled. Every character had the chance to carry the idiot ball and most episodes had them fighting for it. So may plot holes, so little time. Nolgroth has his 5 episode probation beginning next season. For me, it entered probation a couple of episodes from the end of this season. I had high hopes no that's too strong a term. I fervently wished they would bring it all together and wow me (be the geniuses the writers think they are when you listen to them on the special features). They did not. The episode had moments when I really thought they were going to make it happen. Then the ending came. And at this point in time, I just can't care enough to give season 4 a chance. Even as they swear the next villain won't be a speedster, a wish I've had since the end of season 1, I can't care anymore. Will I care enough in the fall? Maybe. But as we say on earth, c'est la vie.
  3. And for an episode that started so well in restoring my hope for season 4, after that ending, I don't feel the need to watch the next season.
  4. I'll just say that if next week's finale does not restore hope, I will have one less hour of television next season.
  5. True. Unless Barry 2024 lied, they are in uncharted waters, and Savitar knows it. I'd rather Savitar be a doppleganger from Earth-X but I doubt they go that way. I've been wondering when Barry '24 becomes Savitar. Savitar had scars or something on his face that '24 did not but still looks similar to '24 (whom I have been calling Emo Barry) as if he's only a few years older. I took from Jay earlier in the season that Savitar had been around for years, but time travel can render that moot (if the writers even remember it). There was also the point in '24 when Barry gave '17 the info on the doctor. Everything from the info (and the Team in 24) indicates they didn't use her back in '17. B'24 bifurcated the timeline then. BUT Savitar knew exactly where the doc would be and that Barry would be present when Killer Frost arrived. He knew about Vibe being in the rafters and everything B'17 would say. To quote Geordi La Forge, "this is why time travel gives me nose bleeds." Though since the writers and editors at least twice messed up their math in Future Flash by saying 2024 was 8 years after 2017, I cut them no slack whatsoever.
  6. You might not have noticed because the writers were subtle as serpents with this, but Barry and team were attempting to change the future earlier in the season, you know, all the talk about headlines. Well, Barry had a definite way to change the future this week, and ran right past it. I don't know if future Barry (from Once and Future Flash) really knew who Savatar was and lied to his past self or not. I do know that Julian, HR, Cisco, and Joe did not know. I don't know that any of the four could have lied to Barry (especially not HR), but certainly not all of them could have kept it a secret. To change the future for sure, all Barry had to do was assemble the team and tell them "I know who Savatar is." Heck, he was sitting near Joe, Iris, and Wally when he figured it out. Tell them, and the time line bifurcates right then.
  7. Two British brothers were riding on a train when a general sat down across from them. One of the brothers was hard of hearing and said, "Ask the general is he's ever been to India." The other brother says, "Pardon me, sir, but my brother is just wondering if you've ever been to India?" The general says, "India? Why yes, marvelous place full of wonderful people!" The first brother says, "What did he say?" The second brother replies, "He said he's been to India." A few minutes later, the first brother says, "Ask him if he's ever been to Punjab?" The second brother asks, "Pardon me again, general, but my brother wants to know if you've ever been to Punjab?" The general says, "Punjab! Oh, magnificent curry in Punjab!" The first brother says, "What did he say?" The second brother replies, "He said he's been in Punjab." A few minutes later, the first brother says, "Ask him if he knows a Lady Elanor?" The second brother asks, "Pardon me again, general, I promise this is the last question, but my brother wants to know if when you were in Punjab, you knew a Lady Elanor?" The general says, "Lady Elanor! Why, oh yes! Beautiful woman! My bedroom window looked right into her bathtub!" The first brother says, "What did he say?" The second brother replies, "He said he knows Mother."
  8. And time travel is being done to death. My wife became a fan of the show shortly after I did in season 1. We are both feeling the fatigue right now. She's gone so far as to say if they don't end this season well, she'll simply refuse to watch season 4. I'm tending to agree with her. I believe this exemplifies the lack of creativity in Hollywood (rumor in the link below says S4 won't be a speedster). Since Flash is a speedster, all his seasonal big bads have to be speedsters. That's like saying all Iron Man villains have to wear suits. No! It doesn't have to be like against like. Let the juices flow and show us Barry vs. Gideon the supercomputer for a season or Barry vs... oh goody somebody has already thought this out. I've recently rewatched season 1, and the number of times Barry says "how fast do I have to run to do...?" is nauseating.
  9. Why do programmers give gifts on Halloween? Because 31-oct = 25-dec.
  10. Wife: So I've entered a broth challenge. Me: Really?! Wife: Yes. Are you interested. Me: Most definitely! Wife: I'm surprised. Me: Why are you surprised? Wife: Well, you just aren't a fan of broth most days. Me: Broth? Like chicken broth? Wife: Yeah. I make different recipes of broth each weekend, and drink 8 ounces a day. What did you think I said? Me: Bra. Wife: Bra? How would a bra challenge work? Me: I don't know, but I really want to find out!
  11. Tonight, while looking for something else, I found a file I knew I had made 10ish years ago but had lost. 43 pages, single spaced, almost 17,000 words of dialog, debate, research notes, and analysis I had done on Psalm 22 with most citations complete enough to find again in academic tools if needed! Giddy! SO MUCH WIN!
  12. Written by one of my seminary professors and the man I did my student teaching with. http://penews.org/features/secrets-unlocked-from-ancient-scroll
  13. If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey. Even if it's got a monkey kinda shape. If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey, It's an ape!
  14. As a father, I too, get where Dig is coming from. It would be a shocker and throw me for a loop... for a time. I can easily see being angry at Barry in the first reaction. Holding it as a grudge would be too much. But it would hit me like a brick at first.
  15. If you removed an angel statue from a fountain, what would you have? A sans seraph font
  16. At least it isn't apocryphal.
  17. My wife will hate that pun. I can't wait to share it with her!
  18. The first Tuesday following the first Monday in November, 1984? (The 27th amendment was ratified in 1992, but I wanted to throw Reagan's 49-state blitzkreig win in for lolz.)
  19. If there was any doubt as to if my youngest is me done-over, it was done away with on Saturday. That afternoon, he designed his first game. It was a Ghostbusters board game where each player advances on a track and you have to defeat a ghost on the way to the winner's square. We gave it a playtest and said it was fun. The next day after church, he said, "My game was fun but fast. How can we slow it down to give us more turns?" I suggested going to 1d6 instead of 2d6. He came up with the idea of SORRY-style movement; draw a card with the advancement listed. Less than half (but he didn't tell me how much less) would be "go back X" squares.
  20. My youngest last night when we were discussing speedsters. "Why is he called Reverse Flash? That sounds like he's a slowpoke."
  21. Agreed. "Dad knows we're dating" and "Dad wants to see us kissing" are two whole different worlds.
  22. Seeing that I lay back down and went back to sleep after the second awakening, that's actually a valid question.
  23. Had a small surgery on my nose last week. Before it could be done, I had to stop taking one of my daily nutrient supplements and could not start back on it for a week after surgery. I have found over the last few days that taking this supplement drastically improves my mood. I can feel my temper shortening and want to say things that will cause fights with friends and family. This was the first morning I could take it again. Now, I'm trying to hold out until things get normal again. And I have to go off it again next month before and after a colonoscopy!
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