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  1. Re: Looking for a Hardcover Copy of Pulp Hero - Help!!! Is the binding/ printing bad or something? Were they just really slow to get it to you? I'm curious as if I ever see one (keeping an eye on ebay...) I was willing to go $100 for a copy if it was well printed...
  2. Re: Western Hero Well, I bought it today (EBAY!). Hopefully the gun info will be of good use. I'm planning on running a 1870s game set in Montana near the Canadian border.
  3. Re: Western Hero So, I have the opportunity to pick up Western Hero.....should I? Will it easly translate to 5th edition?
  4. Re: Western Hero So Steve, I dont know what you think of the old WH, but is the info in there (as far as gun damage) still good for 5th revised characters?
  5. Re: Western Hero HERO gun info . Any suggestions on fan websites that might support campaigns? Extras?
  6. Re: Western Hero Anyone know of any websites with Western Hero stuff? Also, where should I look for gun stats?
  7. Any chance of this making 6th edition or being released as a PDF? I'd love to have a copy....
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