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  1. Or actually. A Fantasy Hero Complete, and a Fantasy Hero Companion. A tight set of 2 that expand and gives examples. Grimore, Beastiary, etc stuff beyond the core Fantasy hero with build examples and prebuilt stuff. Fantasy Hero Complete - Core rules, genre aids. Fantasy Hero Companion - Build examples, races, spells, etc,
  2. What I'd love to see in a Fantasy Hero book (or better line of books) for 6E is: A complete guide that opens with some talk about heroic tier play, that changes from Champion style game and why. Then the Complete series of concise rules, however I'd love linked (indexes ) when you hit some powers that point you at later sections in the book for advanced magic, class, race options. So say you show off Aid, after explaining the power, have a line of (See the spell "Healing Prayer on Page XX for example). When covering skills include some talk about different racial everyman packages
  3. Nowadays, I'm happy with Champions Complete as my physical core and I'm collecting the supplimens, Fantasy Hero, Star Hero on pdf. However I would LOVE to get a Fantasy Hero Complete book for easy reference. Maybe a POD copy of Grimore.
  4. Burning with options.

  5. Re: HERO System Grimoire Was I seeing things or did the print version show on the order page and now it's gone?
  6. Re: Dungeon World (working title) As a RPG.net regular I remember that old thread but I've actually got another going with more current info. No, I'm doing work in the more HERO system specific number space.
  7. I'm in the early brainstorming stages of a Fantasy HERO based Urban Fantasy game. I'm trying to hash out some details about characters/magic items/and world management. Here is the setting pitch: 10 years ago a great seal was opened and all the hidden places on our world opened up. Dark corners opened into hellish pits, abandoned buildings became golbin markets, and the grand Labyrinth opened betneath us. The Labyrinth in a nutshell is a vast underworld of interconnected dimensonal layers that seem towards the "Golden Realm". (That's us btw: We're the prize at the end. The lost civilizati
  8. Re: Running a Dark Golden Age? I agree that the 1917 to 1927 era is great to play in, but that's the focus of the previous generation. The key to this game would be Golden Age characters as the 'new kids' learning from the pros that fought during that previous era. Now I can see a character as someone who was in their prime during that era as the 'mentor' character or the old vet coming back to duke it out. In a way this is a flipping the Golden Agers are the pros to the Silver Agers plots in comics. I'm going back a generation.
  9. I've been thinking about a weird little hybrid. Part Pulp Hero (since why it's here), Part Golden Age Comicbooks, and Part Dark Champions style game. I could have put this sucker on any 3 of these boards but I think the Pulp post WWI setting is key. The idea is to take desidably Golden Age characters and thrust them into an ongoing cold war the Pulp era heroes have been fighting since the beginning of WWI. Basically the spy game taken to a super-science and mysticism extreme. Germany's true power after the war with the rise of the Nazi party is super-scientists that grew vengful at the fa
  10. Re: Champions Well, I picked up my copy at Sci-Fi City after MegaCon. Wow. Love the full color work!
  11. Re: Game Master Lament I'm with G-A on this one. Coming up with a very nice period game was good work. But demanding that the players take time out of their lives (besides what they're already commiting to the game) to do homework for the game...a bit much. Now, if you dedicated the 1st session of said game to a beer & pretzels movie night to get everyone warmed up to the game. There you go.
  12. Re: The Golden Apple Brand X - Would be seriously curious how everyone found out he had the data. It most likely is a setup by one of his old foes. He'd consider blasting the intel onto the web and letting them sort it out...but in hindsight would turn it over to to the government agent and then call in help for the resulting storm to follow. Red Moutain - Would bury it in the ground somewhere dry and cool. Then he would go find Hammer and beat the ever loving crud out of him. Red don't like people threating him.
  13. Re: The Envelope Brand X - Since he has a public ID would just put on his street clothing and go retrieve the package after reconing the area. He'd also call in back up. Red Moutain - Would shrug, put in a bright Hawaiian shirt and walk in there with out a care in the world. The first person who tries to attack him is going to get a molten hot fist to the face. Business as usual.
  14. Re: My Name Is Morty Brand X - Arrests Morty since he commited another crime. "Morty old buddy, I don't mind you making amends. But how about you first pay your debt to society, eh? Shouldn't be too long, especially if you admit everything to the Police." Red Moutain - Tags along. Morty a 'nice guy' and Red likes nice guys. If Morty goes back to his bad ways he'll tuck him under his shoulder and carry him off to the Police.
  15. You've been out in the reaches of space for quite some time. The shipboard A.I. has been a constant companion. A lovely, charming, friendly companion who keeps you from dealing with the isolation and the bordom. Only, he/she's been extra special nice of late. Very flirty, very perky whenever you have to deal with them. It's nice, but a little unsettling. Then one night after a quiet conversation about vintage movies you've been watching...they admit their feelings for you! Now, it hasn't hampered their work ethic, after all they're were programed to be professional, but it could comp
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