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  1. Chuk

    Grond vs. A Cow

    Re: Grond vs. A Cow
  2. Re: How To: The Bejing Cocktail from "Crank"
  3. Re: THE ULTIMATE MENTALIST -- What Do *You* Want To See? Not only is this Damn Cool, it's also almost the exact same cost if you want to use the Standard Effect Rule.
  4. Re: Casual Survey: Age of players and Hero's utility vs. other games 35 until October, started playing Hero back in '85 as Champions. It's probably my favourite crunchy generic game (I also like GURPS), but I also play a couple of light games (a fair bit of Fudge and some Risus) -- I go back and forth between them. With 5th and some of the options, I'd use Hero for almost anything, if I had the time and players who would put up with it. I've even recently gotten my 13 year old son and his friend into it (I think they like Fudge better, though).
  5. Re: Sci-Fi Game or Porno Flick? I did that for a while (although I'd also factor in song titles). Only twice did I get an album I wouldn't listen to again, and most of the time they turned out pretty good. I think you'd get pretty hosed if you tried that with RPGs, though, unless you really like d20.
  6. Re: Where's Amelia Earhart? For a fun fictional look at where she might have ended up, check out Max Allan Collins' book Flying Blind (a Nate Heller book, any of which are great modern day "pulp hero" style books, although a lot of them are on the late side for pulp).
  7. Re: Billy Deighton Way cool! And nice to see some local colour. Fits right into the pulp genre, too. (Although part of the PDF says he was "a air hero", should probably be "an air hero".)
  8. Re: Best Section Header *Ever* Animalia (and Graeme Base in general) rocks. We had it out from the library so many times that it was easier just to buy it, and I think we've read almost all his other books except the first one (although IIRC there's a picture of that one under "G" in Animalia.)
  9. Re: Person of Steel, Significant Other of Tissue paper Link to the Niven story (from his website) is here
  10. Re: Just testing interest:Would you would you be interested in this game?
  11. Re: Sexuality and the Silver Age
  12. Re: "Ya better talk Oculon, or you'll get the spike!" (A Super law question) Hmm, sounds like someone's been playing Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.
  13. Re: "Ya better talk Oculon, or you'll get the spike!" (A Super law question) Everyone interested in comic book law should read "The Law is A Ass", Bob Ingersoll's column. It starts here: http://www.worldfamouscomics.com/law/back19990629.shtml
  14. Re: Say somthing clever... PLEASE! Did I make the cutoff?
  15. Re: Say somthing clever... PLEASE! He did? What did he misspell?
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