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  1. various rocket Robin Hood episodes on youtube
  2. the non violence faction most likely
  3. but wasn't the WB's verson of Godzilla rarely seen ?
  4. the slogan ' I can do anything ' may indicate self confidence but could backfire just ask Kim Possible
  5. the effects to crate Rufus may have cost too much so he was written out BTW this could be a pilot movie for a new version
  6. does a superhero HAVE to look like he came out of a gym ?
  7. except for SIR PRIZE and MISS TERIOUS they had none
  8. or those confused the the super globetrotters were supposed to be the Harlem Gloetrotters as super heroes
  9. ironically I missed it due to a cable malfunction how was it ialready know who won via a local news channel
  10. who ere plans to watch/DVR tonight's affl game ? any questions or comments ? here is the thread for them
  11. my idea of a multiverse is one world has pulp level heroes another has heroes that are all gun carrying vigilantes one has martial artists another has TV level supers one has NO supers as far as the public knows and one has supers that have been recuited one way or another as FBI agents
  12. you did good Edith your heart was In the right place but your brain was out to lunch
  13. wouldn't BL ted to consider helping them a waste of time [to simulate the comics]
  14. I thik he excretes through his fire and laser beams
  15. who else wants to give the AAFL a try out of fairness ?
  16. you mea likw an evil Billy Batson ?
  17. the super bowl I've had SNACKS that were more super
  18. you mlght have a point I didn't consider they might be free to join another league when I first posted
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