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  1. Re: Looking for a Hardcover Copy of Pulp Hero - Help!!! Edsel Pope Ennui I Member Edsel, Thanks a bunch. Please let me know when it happens or if they want to sell it to me directly. Thanks, Bob aquabob at hotmail dot com
  2. Re: Looking for a Hardcover Copy of Pulp Hero - Help!!! Steve, Have you considered lulu.com? That way we could print books at our demand - no stock to sell off - the books are printed as they are ordered. I have gotten a few great game books in hardcover there (Spirit of the Century & Reign). These are both "for profit" books. They must have been priced high enough ($50 each, but most worth it) that the designers are making money. You could figure what money you would make off of the regular books and add that to the lulu price - don't underestimate what some of us would pay for a hardcover copy of some of the hero books. Perhaps you could make other classics of Hero Games available too (Champions, Dark Champions, Space Hero, etc). Let us all know - I am sure that we would be interested. Thanks, Bob P.S. Thanks for making Spacedock available! P.P.S. Dark Continent is a great game.
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