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  1. Re: Rehabilitating 'evil' Super powers In the comic I am talking about 'irredeemable' the rebuilding takes place after the Superman expy of that universe went insane. He destroyed his home city,flooded Singapore (think it was Singapore) and killed millions worldwide as he kept the world in fear. So yes, it is quite a big deal.
  2. Re: Rehabilitating 'evil' Super powers
  3. Re: Rehabilitating 'evil' Super powers
  4. Hey true believers. I came across an interesting idea while reading Irredemable yesterday. The leader of the Justice League equivalent, offered full pardons to supervillains who helped with the rebuilding effort. The resident team genius argued that certain villain's powers made them impossible to have a constructive use for the team or society as a whole.Taking that challenge, I wonder if, taking the role of career advisors we (myself and you genii who use this forum) could offer alternative employment opportunities to supervillains with destructive or 'evil' powers. Some rules: you can't recommend 'being a superhero' or 'joining the military' as jobs. We are attempting to take them out of a life of violence and stress. By that same logic, you can't recommend government jobs that involve the term, "Wetworks" or "interrogation". Those are too similar to their existing professions, and just bring back old habits. Also, you can't assume the power grants them something that relies on them having other skills or training. For example while some Telepaths have training as Psychologists like Emma Frost, being able to repair a psyche doesn't come automatically with the powers. We presume that the individual has no other skills or training besides their powers-otherwise scientist villains like The U-Foes could easily find employment in their respective fields. However, do not be afraid of recommending a profession that usually requires training-Microbe the bacteria manipulating New Warrior for example, would have done a lot of good as a doctor or research scientist. Despite the time required to train in medical school and expense. Here are our first three villains-I'm sorry 'Empowered Individuals'.First is the Melter. He has been a supervillain for several years-his ability is the power to melt everything he touches without wearing a suit. Quite the Midas touch-he can't turn off his powers, but luckily he is immune to his own touch, or things could get awkward. Note, this is melting not disintegration like Dr Manhatten. Second is an individual who refused to give me his name, and after what I saw him do with a knife, I felt it would be rude to pry. His power is, in his own words, "Super Murder". From what I can tell it is similar to what the Killer (I&II) can do in Wanted (the comic book). So what can we do for this young man? Finally we have a young woman (she has a variety of aliases but the least profane one is 'Legs')whose ability is to inspire arrousal and attraction in men. Similar women with this power include Pretty Persuasions (Heidi P. Franklin), Stacy X and Alisha Bailey one of several unfortunate British 'Misfits' who were struck by lightning over 3 years ago. Now I think it is fair to say, that prostitution is not legal in either Britain or the US, but even if it was we would not recommend that. So what can we do for these poor souls? Do you know of any other powers that could make an empowered being unemployable? Who else can we save from a life of crime?
  5. Re: World-building: When what works for the heroes works for everyone? My Mistake, did not see that part of history remaining the same. Thought 20th century super heroes would make things very different.
  6. Re: World-building: When what works for the heroes works for everyone? Actually, if powers started showing up in the 20th century, you've forgotten one important fact. Hitler would be less able to exterminate jews in concentration camps, given the fact more could escape (teleportation, bend metal etc) or throw off the oppression. So infact, there might be more jews, thus Israel could have a larger population. Also Israel has both compulsory military conscription, and their commandos and Mossad are some of the most well trained fighters in the world (unless you've got balls of steel, Krav Maga still hurts). So don't count Israel out yet. Also, if we consider technological superiority, what about the genius level inventors in Israel? If they could build half the stuff Reed Richards or Dr Doom could make, numbers is not as much of an issue. Or, they could be elected in repeatedly, if a super is incredibly charismatic as a power.
  7. Re: A super school If I remember Harry Potters, people in different houses still attended the same classes. Malfoy is in a lot of Harry's classes, especially in the early years. And in Britain, you pick your classes, so it doesn't matter which house you belong to, there are only a limited amount of teachers. So there could be members from all the houses in the same Meta-human Martial Defense class, or even Temporal Physics class. Some schools make the houses a big deal, cause that's where you spend a lot of your time, but rarely are you not allowed to visit each other's houses before curfew begins. This might count as thread necromancy.
  8. Re: Experiment-Comic collision I was actually going to combine him with Bronze Tiger, but then again there are Two Daredevils. And I have done nothing with Nightwing...
  9. Re: Experiment-Comic collision Batman (bronze age) Bruce Wayne cleared up the streets of Gotham, by taking the name of Batman and associating it with fear instead of comedy. In his early years, he managed to avoid the limelight, acting as an urban myth. People even began to think there were multiple batmen, working in unison internationally. Crime rates began to fall, as people feared batman was watching them all the time. Batman adopted a young boy named Jason Todd, whose parents had been killed by loan sharks, when they couldn't pay them back. Batman had just managed to save Jason, who was clearly traumatised. He was only 10 at the time. At first Bruce wanted to keep him out of the crime fighting lifestyle, but when Jason began to start fights with kids who didn't go to his new private school, Bruce started teaching him discipline and self defence. When Batman discovered Jason, having taken the name Red Robin, was fighting gangs and criminals (age 12), Bruce extended his training to all areas of vigilanteism, including detective work and stealth. The training was harsh, and Bruce wasn't an easy taskmaster (it wasn't how he was trained in the league of shadows) but Jason never showed the true toll on his psyche the training was having on him. Batman was not ready for the sudden wave of meta-humans in Gotham. These were not normal criminals, and Batman would often have to improvise on the spot ways to deal with these wannabe criminal depots. But he managed, but it became more obvious he was only one man to the public. More often than not he would be seen tiring, and the mystery of Batman began to disintegrate. And with the rise of meta-human crime distracting Batman, normal crime doubled. The final moment came, when Bruce was almost 50, a new challenger arrived. His name was Bane, born into a mexican prison to serve his father's term, he had also been trained by the League of Shadows. He pushed Bruce to the brink, even releasing the inmates of Arkham Asylum on Gotham. This released the likes of Jack White (the self proclaimed Clown Prince of Crime), The Two-Faced Goblin and more. Finally, tracking Bruce to the Batcave, Bane proceeded to snap his spine, and then blew up the batcave. Jason had been away that night, but came back to find the batcave and Wayne Manor (which it was under) destroyed. He found the corpse of his beloved mentor, and screamed to the skies in fury. He was no longer Jason Todd. He was no longer Red Robin. He was Batman. He has his revenge on Bane. He had his revenge on Falcone. He had his revenge against the street punks who weren't smart enough to not jack a car in Gotham. And the man who called himself the Joker...well, "whose laughing now?" Iron Age- Jason Wayne Batman discovered Jack Drake had let a criminal go in exchange for information to go after Falcone. He also discovered Mr Drake's son Tim had impressive detective skills, helped by his girlfriend Stephanie Brown. Jack died in an explosion while Tim was on a field trip. Jason adopted Tim and convincing him Falcone's men had killed his father, and trained him to be a vigilante. However his methods were far more brutal than Bruce's (think All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder by Frank Millar for Jason), and often Tim would starve if he got the slightest thing wrong. Besides training, Tim more or less spent all his time working with Stephanie to take down Falcone's organisation. However the two discovered some odd details; such as the method of Jack Drake's murder. The assaultant had to be expertly trained to sneak in, break the spine with a simple punch, and then have enough military grade explosives to torch the place. Soon after this discovery, Tim spoke to Jason about this, but Jason stated "you can't trust criminals. It's in her blood to mislead. Remember who her father was. Batmen never works with criminals, we stand above them. Never compromise, never surrender." That night on an impulse Tim went to meet Stephanie, but he saw her house was broken into. He found her and her father shot in the head, with numerous concussion marks across their bodies. It was clear the weapon was a nearby broken table. It looked like a mob hit. Except for the door... The door was on the inside, so it looked like it was kicked in. But the door was equally damaged on both sides of the door. Someone was already in the house, before they kicked the door down, and then kicked it again to make it seem like a break in. Only one man could have ambushed the Clue Fixer (Cluemaster mixed with The Fixer)..."Batman." Tim said with hatred. When he went after Jason, Tim was Red Hood, wearing a stolen motor cycle helmet and jacket. He found Jason waiting for him at an old chemical plant, where the two had their first mission, stopping a shipment of Ven-Oz which Bane had funded. Jason stood wearing the suit he wore in his secret identity as Jason Wayne, playboy extranordinaire. He looked at Tim with a smirk. "You think you know what it means to be batman? Batman is a symbol of fear, Batman is the nightmare that haunts criminals. Batman is what keeps people safe from themselves. Batman can never be defeated. So this battle is not a fight between Batman and an intruder. It is between two men, and only one will be strong enough to not only wear the mantle, but be the cowl." He adopted a fighting form and stated, "You have no limitations left. No one to hold you back or corrupt you. You can be Justice Incarnate. Be Batman! Or fall like a mortal." The two men fought hard, no gadgets or suits, just skill and wit. When Jason seemed to have the upper hand, Tim threw his torn off helmet and broke a chain causing the platform Jason stood on to break, and the mentor nearly fell to his death, before Tim grabbed his wrist. The man who was Batman looked up confused. "You forgot the one limitation. My one rule." Jason stared at Tim with surprise, then fury, before he started laughing. "Well, then to stop me, that's the one you will have to break! HAHAHA!" With a series of pinches, Jason caused Tim's hand to go numb and release him. Tim's last sight was his suited mentor falling into a chemical vat, roaring with glee. There was a new Batman now. And a new threat. Gotham is divided in fear, of both Justice and Chaos... Next time: What kind of story will Booster Gold and Iron Man share? And who would win in a fight between Thor and Black Adam? Find out next time, on DC and Marvel Amalgamation!
  10. Re: Super Powered nation: 40 Days and 40 nights It has no affect on those with DNA alterations. It only affected base line humans. Also it didn't linger in the air, so anyone in powered armor would have missed his chance. Basically Meta-humans (very few) and aliens (which there are none [or so I here]) in the country were unaffected.
  11. Re: Super Powered nation: 40 Days and 40 nights It has no effects on animals (but those with powers might be able to give animals' powers ala B'wana Beast). Concerning immigrants, this land is very bad. Car bombs and bombing, most foreign businesses have removed their companies. Most visitors are either reporters or charity workers. However the generals are very violent, and most charites are discouraged/intimidated into not coming. You can count the number of foreign aid workers on one hand. Similar to reporters. Also when the DNA activator was released, some of the more confused and frightened citizens of the nations took their 'revenge' on the foreigners, who were there by choice. Most died, usually by accidents involving powers (not just the immigrants, a lot of people died by accidental use of powers) or the generals who systematically targeted reporters and foreigners, either for racially motivated reasons or because they didn't want the outside world from finding out about the extent of their power. About 3 foreigners had escaped by the third day, 2 French aid workers (one can turn into a Griffin now and carried the other away) and an American who literally tunneled to China. He is being held there on fears of espionage, but public support and international pressure for his release probably means they won't execute him. Probably. And the French workers are considering joining the French super team, after one finishes writing his tell-all book about the experience. After Red Jaguar took over, there were only two immigrants left in the country, both female British charity workers. 1 who seemed to be able to see ghosts had become mad, while the other gained the power to summon a lightning bolt from the sky, and strike a target. This takes time, and she is a sworn pacifist. However while the medium has been sent back home (Red Jaguar insisted) the lighting summoner has actually stayed in the country. She believes more good can be done, and that Red Jaguar (who helped protect her and her friend in the early days) it the best one to lead the country. She is proclaimed an official member of the new nation.
  12. Re: Super Powered nation: 40 Days and 40 nights Who are the characters swearing at? The government who wants them to go to the meeting, or just life in general? Also, I think cheetah is safe, unless his DNA is partially feline (due to powers being from a drug which is extract of super cat etc), he is immune to mind control. Unless he is turned of course.
  13. Re: Super Powered nation: 40 Days and 40 nights Do you mean that in a good way (Oh dear god, we have hit Defcon 1!) or a bad way (This is a terrible scenario, you suck as a GM, I am going to go play Starcraft)? The Red Jaguar said all are welcome, and if you bring any guests he is very surprised, but a seperate room is made for them. They can watch the meeting, but he will not address them directly, preferring to talk to your characters, trying to find out more about your ideas, and the biochemist who caused all this. Remember, you only find the envelope, after you come to the hotel. If you refuse to come to the nation, you won't find the envelope. However your team mates who do go might inform you somehow. Red Jaguar nods at this, before saying, "I am only following the example set by the US. Have you ever heard of the Suez Canal? The Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalised the canal in 1956, despite it being built and owned by the British and French. The European nations retaliated, but they were forced to back down, despite it being their property. Do you know who told them to do this?" He leans towards you and you sense he is smiling under his mask. "The United States. And this is a similar event, except we don't want our nation polluted by the US' dirty by products. So the US should be on our side, or be deemed hypocrites. It is not legal for them to profit from a war torn country." "Regarding the other nations, of course they want to be part of our world. Who wouldn't want to be connected and cared for by a nation with the ability to change the world for the better, where we are not intimidated by finances and greed of other nations. Where all can contribute to society." When you enter the room, you see the person with the White Jaguar is Firstborn, the child telepath. As you try to read his mind, you are overwhelmed by a flood of psionic energy. It takes almost all your power to maintain a tough enough shield to keep it out. You have discovered 3 things: 1. Firstborn's sheer mental strength is unlike anything you have ever experienced. His power rivals Charles Xavier when he uses Cerebro. 2. He has no idea how to use it. All he is doing is reading minds. He could be so much more powerful, control minds or even telekinesis. However he doesn't know how to turn off or reduce the strength of his telepathy to focus on other pursuits. 3. His power is still growing. If you try and read Red Jaguar's mind, you leave yourself open to Firstborn getting past your mind shields and learning everything you know.
  14. Re: Super powered Nation-The Lightning strikes
  15. Re: Super Powered nation: 40 Days and 40 nights Well what can he do? The biochemist is dead. What, Telios is gonna clone the bio-chemist, just to turn him into an actual DNA bomb, and release him over the whole of Africa, with some horrific mutations occuring? Who would do that? Wait... :0 That's just a theory. He hasn't acted though.
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