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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Remembered one from a game years ago. I was running a villain who is unstable temporaly and has a whole time-delay theme. His name is Countdown. He breaks into the PC's company's warehouse one night to steal some tech. The next morning, the PC's assistant tells him; "It will take a while to take a proper inventory. Some of the things he stole are still here."
  2. Re: Complicate the Person Above Death Tribble was briefly jailed (Charges were dropped on a technicality) after being found in a compromising position with the remains of Spiro Agnew.
  3. Is there a case in which you would apply BOTH "Inherent" AND "Always On" to a power? -Or are they mutually exclusive?
  4. I don't have FrEd either (that's a nickname for the 5th Edition Rulebook here on the board), but I would build this using a limitation I made up for just this kind of occasion. Power requires another character: the bonus is +1/2 for each specific character required (after the first). If any character will do, it's 1/4. Example: a Magician and a Pyrokinet use Multiform to combine into a Dragon. Captian Planet could be built using Duplication with this limitation.
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