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  1. Nice to see some new pics after all these months! I did manage to find a link to a purchasable version of FH16, and bought it for c. £2.40: http://www.fabricadeherois.com.br/p/compre-aqui.html Sadly, there are no female bodies in it, as he appears to have run stopped working on the project for the time being. Ned
  2. I've had a good search for something similar and can't find anything free... The files for Hero Machine appear to be available, but I've no idea what to do with them.
  3. Looks like this handy tool is no more - what are people using to generate costumes these days?
  4. Remarkble idiocy. Although... I guess deportation of all U.S. jews to Israel would give the Israeli army a sizeable boost...
  5. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iOYMzdh_Io
  6. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Sandiya Kalpana is the forty year-old daughter of an Indian musical star of the 1960s. Beauty, wealth, and an inherited mutant ability to soothe and calm with her voice did nothing to make her a better person: she grew up bitter of her father's success, jealous of the easy happiness of her peers, and resentful of her business obligations. By 25, she'd joined DEMON, working as a destabilising influence within Indian high society and scouting for rare Sanskrit mystical texts. A competent sorceress and ruthless manipulator, she's well regarded by the organisation, becoming known by the codename Mahendri. Unfortunately, the DEMON agent behind The Infused project was, unknown to Sandiya, a North American rival who she'd clashed with during an unsuccessful mission in Nepal in 1998. Consequently she's been bonded with the hideous, lumpen, carnivorous and violent Kabandha. Her two forms allow a brutally effective tactic: her soft, enticing mutant voice drawing assailants close to her, before she unleashes her enormous, blue, many-armed, scythe-clawed demonic form in a burst of bloody wrath. She finds it difficult to return to her human form until the demon has sated its appetite for flesh.
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine
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