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  1. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  2. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign I am going to chime in my "pre" approval of the character. The inter party conflict may arrise, but it is nothing extreme. Salem Dislikes Bigots (or species-ists), it does not matter where they come from or what they are. Job (the previously un-named Pure) had it locked down in his background too, "He has no prejudices against any group... and sees no difference between pures, beasts, muts or weeds. They are all just trying to live." I find it odd that the two of the three Pures spout racial equality. Maybe the trend is carried over in
  3. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  4. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign I am going to state the obvious here You can take the Concealable for being a Beast to Not Concealable. You are 7'3" 250+ lbs fur covered nightmare The term Garu finds a home in your new form I would take the 5 points and drop your DNPC down a peg... make her more skilled. I like that you stuck to your guns on the outcast, being your size and with your background it makes sense. Considering your immense size do you think the 15 STR is still ok? I could easily see a 7'3" tall werewolf walking around with a 20 STR. If I were to sha
  5. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Can you post the newest version? I can look it over tonight and see if we can ADD a new player to HeroCentral
  6. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  7. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Stats look fine. Power look fine too. Again, fine. 1. You have come city knowledge but not the area knowledge of the land between them. Considering you spent a lot of time travelling, I would drop the CK: Lo and replace it with AK: Lo Road. Lo Road + the Waste Plains + Mountains gets you just about the entire region. 2. Replace "Common" with Amrikana. It is the common tounge. It should also be the language you spoke, since Trade Sign is not actually a spoken tounge. 6 ft 2 would have a Large Size disad for a Gg
  8. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign 1. ok 2. I dont think you took away from the Ggaru "powers" you just removed their disad for speach (which is ok). I was refering to the few abilities that you have: armor, mind link, smell disease 3. PS: Cartography - sounds fine, I just did not see any logic or char history for the power. I dont mind weaponsmith, I just did not see it in the background. You had "Shaman" and then weaponsmith... seemed like a streatch. However, if you wanted Weaponsmith: Primitive Weapons then that would make a lot of sense in context. I was jus
  9. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Ok, I will run down some of the numbers BUT I am in a time crunch. I want to be more through BUT I want to give a starting point. A few points I see. 1. Just buy up your basic stats, no need to define them as a mutation. If you want to break the normal char max, then a power would be the way to go. I don't want to split hairs (its kinda anal on my part really ), it just makes things easier to group for little ole me 2. The true mutations I see are Protective Hide, Smell Disease and Mystic Bond. You also did not get the Ggaru "
  10. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Fed is handling all the dirt on Fedrex and Cassock (or what is left of Cassock), while I am handling the remainder of the towns. So, I will have to defer to him.
  11. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Here is a map of the "known" lands in the campaign. There is no scale to speak of, everything is measured in days BUT a day on an Ancient Highway on flat ground is a sight bit different than a day in the mountains on a modern road. In some places that modern road may be little more than an improved goat trail!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]34641[/ATTACH] Area Knowledge, Specific AK: City – Cassock AK: City – Fedrex AK: City – Lo AK: City – Seven Wells AK: City – Undertown AK: City – Unirad (Sulfur Springs is an off limits a
  12. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Here is the list of Languages "Common" to the campaign area. This is subject to change as we tighten up new species or other groups in the area. At the minimum these are on the list: Literacy - 1 point. If you take this, any language that has a written component the player can use at the level purchased for the original language. Ancient - most a character can purchase at the start of the game is Basic Conversion (1 point). Most knowledge is going to come out of the Book of Gideon, what little is left on ancient signs, etc. This language
  13. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Sounds fine. A few questions: 1. Do you still have the bird? If so, do you want to make it a pet? If so, is it for looks or does it have some usable abilities? 2. How old do you want to be? Ggaru are considered adults by the time they are around 10, past their prime in their 30s and very old would be around 45 or so. And to clarify, we are using the standard 75/75 Heroic norm for characters with Normal Char Maxima in play.
  14. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  15. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign I am going to defer to Fed on a lot of this. We both came up with a modified Rite of Passage and melded it into its current form. However.... Yes. The end result is the goods benefit the community. As long as the cargo continue to provide benefit then the community benefits. Lets say the character brought back a working solar array. The town decided to hook the solar array up to a watchtower equiped with a set for four fixed lights on a turret chasse (they took the front end off an 2059 Impala). As long as the solar array provided p
  16. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Fed and I have not made a "go to ground" rule on this but as I see it... Nightvision is defined as being able to see in total darkness just like it was daylight. Low Light would be the close same, but some ambient light is still necessary. Also, low light tends to be shades of monochrome (black and white for biological, black and green for tech -- like NVGs). Most of the time I will not be hitting players with the "modifiers" unless it is serious, my mantra will just be to Role Play though it. If you have standard vision and decide to
  17. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  18. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign I finished the game map today, Fed and I will be going over scale tonight. Right now the trip from Unirad at the top of the map to Lo at the bottom would take around two to three weeks. We are also finalizing the barter system with our central currency (ha ha!) Gun Powder, or Powder, is measured in Horns. One Horn of powder is enough to make 20 shots. This is produced in Lo though with the destruction of Cassock it has become hard to get a hold of lately. Most people don't have the black powder weapons or can't afford the shot.
  19. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign
  20. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign The Great Var is an Ancient City decimated during the Final War. It is now overgrown with all manner of flora climbing though and amid the buildings. Very few people who trek into the Var looking for Cargo ever come out again. Those who survive tell tales of ground to hot to walk on, carnivorous flying plants and horrific wild beasts. Most believe these tales are just nonsense talk from people who have drank to much Bad Water and yet, no one you know has even entered into the Var and returned. From a character creation point the Great
  21. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign I have not "created" any true shape shifter at this point. I have a few plants that have the ability to mimic, but a 'were' critter is currently an unknown. Ggaru, Aiogs and Cinders are all Beasts. Ggaru are Coyote/Dog crossbreeds that mutated, where the Aiogs are mutated Prairie Dogs. Cinders are basically very large ants, with the soldier varity being able to vomit forth a gout of chemical flame. Players can play Ggaru and Aiogs but the Cinders are currently just a monster. I am still working on the Aiogs but here is the "Mons
  22. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Yes, players can have characters that have come from other area. I am working on the "known lands" now and hope to have PDF up in the next few days. I will also be posting some info on some of the other species common to the area, as well as additional languages. Currently Fed and I are discussing a form of currency, but the barter/trade system is going to be a huge part of the game. There are no such thing as Cryptic Alliances. You must be paranoid There is a group known as the Purists, but how much you know
  23. Re: Starfall - A Gamma HERO campaign Fed and I have discussed a number of these regarding cybernetics, wetware, chemical enhancers (like a Sandevistian speed boost via inhaler), etc... most of this is going to be a NO at the start of the game with a big HOWEVER. However, if you wanted to set some points aside at character creation with a cavet A Pure sets aside 25 points of disads asking for cybernetics (so he is a 75/50 character at the start of the game). After discussion it is determined the players wants a blaster stuck into his arm (just like the cover of the ole Gamma World
  24. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" I took your midwording and wish to redact my "snarky" statements. No offense taken and I hope none were in kind. If so, my sincerest appologies.
  25. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" Please, don't make assumptions about my knowledge. I don't assume to know anything about your knowledge or your manners. Asking anyone to ask someone else about something when that someone else is present is childish to the nth degree. My 5 year old daughter does that when she is upset with one of her friends. "Dad, tell Tina that I am not her friend." Tina looks at my daughter and then me, "Well, you tell her...", I throw up my hands and tell them to settle it amongst themselves. I really don't want to liken anyone on this board to
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