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    Control Machines

    Re: Control Machines I was not really worried about the pets/followers. In Mechanix's heyday he had a huge pool of followers (army of robots) and some nice bases. After the fall, he is not in as good a shape. However, he still has a LOT to pull from. I was really likening his control to the old Stephen King, the machines take over the world book/movie. Now, in no way are most cars contol boards tied into stearing/brake/acceleration BUT they were in the movie/book. Same kind of thought for Mechanix. Mechanix is really scary when he can get ahold of a factory, when he can start
  2. Zac

    Control Machines

    I have a question to the community at large concerning a new Villian: Mechanix, aka the Machine Master. Here is his game bio: Mechanix – aka The Machine Master, weilds almost total control of technology. He is somehow able to corrupt computer logic and reprogram technology on the fly. Time and time again his schemes for domination were thwarted by the Ministry of Justice. His last plan was to attach his floating sky fortress to the industrial section of the city. This would give him a huge supply of raw materials and power to produce an immense robot army. He vanished after the Battle of
  3. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  4. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Ok... you have multiple forms and some of them have foci'? So, they come into being equiped with all manner of tech?! How is the armored suit a dis advantage? Will the duplicate EVER have to worry about the suit being disabled? Now if you had a transforming suit that enabled the duplicates, that I could see (lose the suit, loose the powers). As it stands now if a form somehow lost the suit, you would just switch forms. The recurring problem with duplicates (no pun intended) is players try to make a character that can cov
  5. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central As an FYI, Totem already exists. He is a villian and a really BIG one. What about Animaul (An-i-maul)? Zac
  6. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Some neat stuff and some scarry stuff. 1st Visible for a -1/4?! I can see you character having an "outline" or whatever showing the power effect. Do you really think that is worth a 1/4? Plus, some of you abilities have effects (like a HTH Killing Attack), which is already visible. So you are taking a disad on a power that already has the disad inate. Second, some of your Rhino charge is going to allow a 6 speed and over 30 defense. They way I am trying to read this is the forcefield is only for moveby/move thrus OR i
  7. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Not to offend Hawk, but could the person just THINK they are from other dimensions/times? Sort of a way to come to grips with what he can become.
  8. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  9. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  10. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  11. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Let me throw a bone out to all the people currently submitting characters, Catalyst is not a one campaign game. I will be starting a second campaign a few weeks after this one goes live. It is Catalyst: Thebes, a fictional city south west of Mephis along the Mississippi River. While Silverstone is a new city for Primes, Thebes has been a playground for them for almost 20 years. IF you do not get accepted into this game don't throw away your character!!! Finish ironing out the kinks and I will see if we can fit you in. Thebes will nee
  12. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  13. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit Oh! That sounds exciting AND tasty
  14. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit That is a nice way to roll the dice on the AI. If that is the case, how would you go about purchasing the stats? For instance, I want my total speed to be a 3. Would I purchase 3 for Jess and 2 for the suit? If the suit is solo, its a 2 speed but when Jess climbs in she is bumped to 5.
  15. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit That would definately work but I don't want a support team following me around, just in case The Mutant Master of Mars attacks the city. That said, Jess did not build the suit... she is just piloting the thing. Now, she is learning how to maintain the suit but the brains behind the outfit is someone else (DNPC with mad science skills). The original American Steel was used in WWII but the pilot was hurt pretty bad near the end of the war. They mothballed the suit when they could not find someone with the skills to pilot it. It has recently r
  16. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit Fedifensor is taking about one of my concept toons - American Steel. The actually "suit" looks like a 8' to 9' tall man (one or two levels of growth) but is piloted by a 5'3", female, ex-army chopper pilot named Jessica Holt (you can call her Jess). I was pondering the suit as something smaller than a mini-mech but larger than your traditional powersuit. It comes equiped with all the standard party favors: blaster on one arm, point-to-point multi-weapon pod in the other arm (gatling laser, flamer, cryo spray), mortar on one shoulder (indirect attacks but wi
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