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  1. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  2. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Character portraits are very nice. And forget about the rash... you keep it concealed because you don't want people to think you are into Asphexia In case you were wondering, this is a trick that people have been using "in bed" for a few thousand years. Cut off the oxygen to your brain, makes the sensations stronger You were a villian after all... you bad boy you
  3. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central I recommend taking a bit away from the contact. Get at least +1 with your multipower (3 points).
  4. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central I personally shy away from making character names that immediately put me on a pedistal. The final name is up to you.
  5. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Stats are fine. Powers: Put the Power Defense in you Force Field slot and take it down to 5 points. Were are you going to spend your 2 remaining points and xp?
  6. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Sorry, I am still taking 7.5 mg Hydrocodens. I mean a grab or entangle will keep you from performing your gestures (as long as the special effects of the grab or entangle include the hands).
  7. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central
  8. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Each time you activate the power it is going to take Gestures. So, Gesture for a water blast, gesture for another water blast while Force field would just be a gesture to start. Imagine it like a spell caster... each new spell... more gestures.
  9. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central The way you had it was fine, fog and whatnot would not do it. Sprinkler system, rain, having to get through a water force wall... not happening. Disads: Protect the Weak is anywhere. You stomping grounds are the Rookery, fine. But you see it anywhere and you will step in to stop it. Give you an example: Agent X says let me go or this kid get it... you let Agent X go. You see a thug robbing a lady on the street, you step in. Powers: 3 points of Power Defense is not enough to protect from an NND where Power Defense
  10. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central If its YOUR foci, oridinary folk would not be able to use. It takes that certain knack to use foci: luck, expermentation, specific knowledge, etc. I dont mind gestures on the armor abilities, but it means a grab or entangle is going to keep you from using them. Adding extra time to activate is also fine. If you go from Water power (extra time) to melee and back to water power... you are going to need extra time again. Also, you get you power up and running THEN someone drops an entangle/hold on you... poof.
  11. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central You realize this wont frighten agents right. Recommend changing this to a NND. It would be EVEN BETTER if you put it in you elemental control. Then you could have your damage shield up all the time and still hurl out attacks. This is a 70 active point power. A TAD high for an 11 DC. Now, I dont mind 11 DC with 1/2 enduarnce. Bring this down to a 7d6 explosion without the indirect. Now for: Powers do not work through or into water -1/4. Just letting you know that your powers will not work in a rain storm. Your powers wo
  12. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central With your NEW history (which is better BTW) a force field is very appropriate. I can see flash defense (sight) attached to your force field. Power Defense (weak), Mental Defense (No), Lack of Weakness (No). It comes from the Master List of Disadvantages. Use it. Love it. I dont agree with all the point breakdowns, but it is great source material. Re-work Requiem with your new history. I would either put in an elemental control (Fire Body) for your force field and movement power. I would put all your attack p
  13. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Requires a skill roll (Like Acrobatics) gives you the you the use of a skill and a limiter. Anything more than a 14- is not really a limiter (a 15- is pretty much a shoe in). Now, we have not thrown in the active point penalty in the past (we saw it as an optional rule really). With the Active point penalty the roll (as you described) is fine. You can take the Activation 14- and get more of a flat -1/2 limiter (and no secondary benifit of a skill). However, I dont see many heroes take a activation roll off a power, skill
  14. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Looks good over all. Lets look at some mechanics 1st: 1. You could drop in an elemental control for some of you defenses. It does not have to be full points, a 15 pointer for deflection and such. I personally see you defense as more force field than armor. You could drop a force field into an elemental control, reducing the cost again. If you are using heat to melt/whatever attacks as they come in... force field. Armor would just be you are hard. 2. You dump a lot of points into not having any sort of weakness. I can s
  15. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Ok, lets take a peek at post #87: I am dropping the skill set minimum to 30. Other than that, all the nuts and bolts for game mechanics remain the same. Some points to ponder: 1. There USE to be a group of Primes that defended the city. They died 10 years ago. There has not been significant Prime activity since then, the Guardsmen are relatively new (last six months or so). 2. The Sentry Initative is all the bad dreams you have ever had about government surviellance. It is a mixture of surviellance systems and def
  16. Re: I need a simple Bank map I found out a long time ago to grab maps of places when I saw them. Apartment complexes have floorplans of the various units AND a community layout too. Malls usually have maps, just ask the information desk (if the maps are not out in the open). Large parks, zoos, and amusement parks (ie Six Flags, Disney, etc). As soon as you start keeping your eyes open for maps free ones pop up all over. The real trick for saving time as a GM is planning on the front end. Get some posterboard and cut out common items to scale (cars, fire hydrants, manhole cov
  17. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central (Posting under the influence of 7.5 mg Loritabs from home) I am not entirely sure if I want a wimisical game. I am planning some more silver age material and some of it could seem corney in todays comics (Mole Man not with standing ) The campaign will be drawn from "todays" headline, some of it some me and the remainder from character submissions. You make a hunted then I make a villian/villian orgainization. I am hoping some of them will overlap but some just won't. Right now I am looking to fill 6 slots. If I don'
  18. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Why not just Cut-lass?
  19. Re: The Joker Scenario Kinda reminds me of 10 Nights of the Beast where Batman has several run-ins with the KGBeast. By the end of the 4th issue, Batman has the Beast cornered in a room, in an abdonded section of Gotham sewers. The KGBeast is shouting at Batman to come get some. Batman knows they are pretty evently matched, and the KGBeast has notihing to loose (animal backed in a corner). So Batman gives a short speach as he closes the door on the KGBeast, something to the effect that in his younger days he would have taken the KGBeast up on the offer, however he is wiser and has
  20. Re: Changing Into The Powersuit I wanted to give a nod of thanks to everyone who gave their two cents for my suit character. Here is the completed character for your reading pleasure: American Steel Player: Zac Val Char Cost 15/40 STR 5 20 DEX 30 19 CON 18 13/17 BODY 6 13 INT 3 14 EGO 8 15 PRE 5 16 COM 3 12/29 PD 2 13/28 ED 2 4 SPD 10 8 REC 2 32 END -3 31/36 STUN 0 6" RUN 0 2" SWIM 0 3"/19" LEAP 0 Characteristics Cost: 91 Cost Power Resolve Mk III Combat Chasse, all slots OIF (-1/2) 12 1) Servomotors: +25 STR (25 Active
  21. Re: The Joker Scenario Apparition - has a Code vs Killing and Protect the Innocent. The gothic horror is simply a flesh robot, and he would drop a particle laser blast into his skull without much though. I could easily see Apparition slamming his knee into the spine of Caine, paralyzing him. If a victem was a friend, then he might break the spine a bit higher or he could spend the rest of his life eating through a tube. American Steel (new untested character) - has no compunction about killing in defense (she is a war vet) . The military has a saying that if you are going to
  22. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Don't despair, Fed will make his picks for Silverstone this Friday. However, you have almost another month to submit characters for Thebes. I honestly think character creation in a point based system is very much like writing. Don't fall in love with the first thing you put down on paper. You go back, edit you own work and it changes a bit. Then you have someone else look over your work and it changes again. The you go back and look over what your editor did and it changes again, and so on. The base concept of the four armed
  23. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central Sounds good.
  24. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central I like all of it. Now, you just need to determine if the Chinese Media is labeling you a "criminal" in a true sense, or are you a revolutionary? If the true purpose of your organization was to push towards an end of Chinese Communsist rule, you could be a hero in very sense of the word. OR you could just be trying to topple their regime to put your own in its stead. Or you could have a dozen other interests in doing what you did. The BIG picture is how are you going to interact with the party once it is formed? Somone who is pla
  25. Re: Catalyst: A Champions campaign on Hero Central As the GM it is our job to make sure the villians powers/abilities succe... oh snap... I mean... In the current set of applicants I do not think anyone has even come forward with a desolidification character, and I can only think of one with teleport (and that would be in a VPP). Its just the way I envisoned the critters. That said, I have encounted Promethus as a player in the past. I had a powesuit/martial artist (Apparition - The Spirit of the City) hero who had desolidification. I recall getting attacked by a big wig fro
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